Sky Penis Follow Up; Sky Penis Christmas Ornament; Max Emerson "Eastsiders" Clip; 17 Movies About AIDS

Sky Penis Follow Up

Here’s the follow up to the sky penis story I posted about a while back.

The two Navy aviators responsible for scrawling a massive sky penis above Okanogan County, Washington, on Nov. 16 have officially been punished by naval aviation chief Vice Adm. Mike Shoemaker, according to documents obtained by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Here’s more.  They won’t lose their careers. I’m glad the punishment was more lenient. These guys work hard for our country. I’m sure they’ve learned their lessons.

Sky Penis Christmas Ornament

You have to have a sense of humor, especially these days with the horrible media throwing us clickbait daily…not to mention the sex abuse scandals that keep surfacing.

Just in time for the holidays, an aviation-themed novelty website is selling a Christmas ornament based on the time two naval aviators drew a penis in the sky.

You can check that out here. This is the vintage antiques/collectible of tomorrow.

Max Emerson EastSiders Clip

Eastsiders is a TV show that I found streaming on Netflix. I fell in love with it on the first episode and I’m looking forward to the new season. It’s really a good show with good LGBT content, and it doesn’t have any of that cheesy network TV content like Modern Family or Will and Grace. In fact, I think that’s what I love about Eastsiders the most: it’s nothing like old time network TV. It doesn’t insult you.

In an exclusive Queerty clip, a stop in Palm Springs finds actor Stephen Guarino, Max Emerson and Willam Belli poolside. Willam has a special request for Emerson if he wants to indulge — will he or won’t he? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

There’s a lot more here.

17 Movies About AIDS

I’ve seen most of these movies and I can’t say anything negative about any of them. I think anything that brings awareness to subjects like AIDS is a positive thing.

 These 17 cinematic breakthroughs represent some of the most interesting, complex and portrayals of the epidemic and the suffering, struggle and inspiration it has engendered. Some are groundbreaking, others are award-winning but all are essential to understanding the impact HIV and AIDS has had on our society.

You can check it out at this link. 

Altered Parts

 Said With Care
A PG Rated Gay Romance

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