Armie Hammer Is Sick of This Question; Steve Grand’s Two Beefcake Calendars; You Have to See Channing Tatum In Drag

Armie Hammer Is Sick of This Question

And I’m sick of Armie Hammer.

No links.

No comments.

End of rant.

Steve Grand’s Two Beefcake Calendars

Steve Grand didn’t just make one calendar with half naked selfies. He made two.

Steve Grand, the openly gay country singer who gleefully parades around in superior jockstraps, is giving fans exactly what they want this holiday season: He’s releasing not one but two fleshy calendars to ring in the New Year.

You can read the rest here. I’m not sure if the proceeds from these calendars are going to charity or not. Other calendars of this kind usually raise money for charities that benefit important causes. I’m not sure who benefits from this one.

You Have To See Channing Tatum In Drag

This is amusing and brilliant. I like it because it challenges the norm with a different kind of gender bending. I think we need that, without shame or judgment.

The actor, no stranger to parading around in drag, is prominently featured in the new video for Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma,” which features the duo playing a button-up couple experimenting outside their comfort zone with various transgressive delights: crossdressing, BDSM, dancing….

Here’s more.  You can’t watch the video at that link, though. But you can see it on You Tube. I think it’s fantastic. Just the sets alone are excellent.

Altered Parts

 Said With Care
A PG Rated Gay Romance

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