More About Feminine Gay Men; HIV Undetectable Men Speak Out; A Massive Navy Phallus In the Sky

More About Feminine Gay Men

Here’s another story about the issues feminine gay men deal with all the time. There was a survey done recently (that I posted about last week) that stated over 70% of gay men are turned off by feminine gay men. And a UK blogger decided to address the issue with this…

The concept of masculinity, like most labels, is a bit of an outdated construct that makes people feel alienated and bad about themselves when they don’t fit the mold.
I personally think it’s far more attractive when somebody accepts, loves and owns who they are, rather than portraying a faux masculinity they’ve adopted to appeal to the masses. The irony is, pretending to be someone you’re not isn’t masculine at all. In fact, it takes far bigger balls to learn to love your genuine self.

Here’s the rest. I think he hits on some interesting points. I’ve even talked about this topic at length in my recent novel, Kendle’s Fire. And I’m going to shamelessly plug it right now because I think it’s that important…for all men, gay and straight. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Even though Kendle is an openly gay ex-Marine, he’s been questioning his masculinity all of his life. He’s always been what people expect a man to be, in spite of the fact that he’s never been completely comfortable living up to these expectations.
He also has a few secrets. The kind of secrets a man can only talk about with the most intimate people in his life. One of those people is his best friend and part time lover, Dale. And their relationship is not without a few unusual quirks and ironies either, especially when it comes to the way Kendle explains his relationship with Dale to his own parents. 
After a string of bad career decisions and awkward mistakes, it’s not until Kendle meets a young guy named Walter that his life begins to come together. It’s a journey filled with as much joy as heartbreak, with a few bittersweet twists in between. As Kendle opens himself up to new possibilities, he finds himself in the midst of life altering changes that leave him devastated. And there’s a point where he’s not sure he can get through any of it.

HIV Undetectable Men Speak Out

When it comes to HIV, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what “undetectable” means, so these HIV positive guys are trying to clarify it. It’s an important message.

“We’ve seen major campaigns talking about how people living with HIV and on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus. And this has been wonderful. But many gay and bisexual men are not hearing this message, and if they are, it’s not sticking. This is why we created the video. We wanted to use real people, who are living with HIV and are undetectable, to break down step-by-step what exactly being HIV-undetectable is.”

You can check out the video here. 

A Massive Navy Phallus In the Sky

A huge outline of a penis showed up in the sky earlier this week (literally), and it’s been making the news ever since. 

The atmospheric penis was drawn by U.S. Navy pilots using an EA-18G Growler with Electronic Attack Squadron 130, also known as “The Zappers.”
“The Navy holds its aircrew to the highest standards and we find this absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable,” the Navy told KREM.

There’s more, here. It’s actually an excellent rendition.

 Said With Care

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