Shadowbanning On Social Media; Sam Smith’s Sex Fantasy; Sleeping With Your Cheating Ex’s Brother

Dangers of Shadowbanning On Social Media

I use social media outlets all the time because I’m a writer and I need to stay connected to people in the industry, and with readers. However, this is one of the reasons why I honestly never cared much for social media.

If you haven’t heard of shadowbanning, here’s an interesting article that explains just how easily we are all being manipulated on all social media outlets, especially the most popular. It raises tons of questions about free speech and the direction in which our society is moving.

Shadowbanning, otherwise known as ghost banning or stealth banning, is the name given when a user has been banned, unbeknownst to them, from an online community. From the user’s point of view, they will not have been notified about the ban, and everything will appear to be working normally for them.

You can read the rest here. The alternative to not being shadowbanned is to do and say what they want you to do and say…which is why so many people I know (including me) live in fear of that thing called “Facebook Jail.” 

Sam Smith’s Sex Fantasy

I have always believed that everyone…EVERYONE…has at least several sexual fantasies or kinks that no one else knows about. Or, at the very least one fantasy. Even the Pope.  I would bet money on it. 

Here’s Sam Smith’s fantasy…

For it is the sweetest time.

“I like to take my time,” he confirms on Australian’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “I love to love make…”
I think he’s being honest about that one, and it’s a wonderful fantasy…but I’d also bet he’s got another one (or three) that no one knows about. And it should be a private thing. There’s no reason anyone has to know about it. 
Sleeping With Your Cheating Ex’s Brother
Here’s one where they ask whether or not it’s okay to sleep with your cheating ex’s brother. It’s actually a comment that someone left on one of those UK advice web sites. 
I’m heartbroken by it, but also infuriated and feel like he needs to be taught a lesson. I’ve been chatting with his brother who is also gay and he seems to be fairly up for a meet and muck about… He knows that we’ve split. 
You can read the replies here. My only advice would be if you do sleep with your ex’s brother do it because you really like him and you’re seriously interested in him, not for revenge.  
Altered Parts

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care

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