Hong Kong Supports Marriage In Australia; A Woman Totally Dependent On Gay Erotica; Ecosexuals Get Turned On by Sex With the Earth

Hong Kong Supports Marriage In Australia

It’s getting closer to a final count in the infamous postal vote for same sex marriage in Australia, and now expats in Hong Kong are offering their support from afar.

Having never been to Hong Kong or even hosted an event like this, I reached out to the leaders of expat groups Hong Kong Aussies and Kennedy Town Expats to help with the promotion of the event.
So many people who had never helped me, threw their support behind me to find a venue, promote the event and make it all happen.
Here’s more. The results should be out by Wednesday and I’ll be posting something about them. I’m truly hoping for the best with this one. 
A Woman Totally Dependent On Gay Erotica 
I think women enjoying gay erotica is more widespread than we can even imagine. It’s such a discreet topic no one really talks about it. You have to go to discreet forums like Reddit to see comments like this one… 
“I’m a ‘straight’ graysexual female and the only thing that turns me on is gay smut. as in man and man. man and woman does nothing for me and I can’t get aroused, even with a partner, without thinking about gay smut. nothing else has ever done it. that is the only way I can get aroused at all.”
Ecosexuals Get Turned On by Sex With the Earth
Now here’s something I honestly never heard of before. 
Ecosexuality is a new sexual subculture used to describe people who are sexually attracted to the Earth.
Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and ecosexual, tells Vice that ecosexuality covers a wide spectrum of sexual behaviors.
Here’s more. Trust me on this, you have to check out more of this one. It goes into way more detail. And, oddly, the photo is more arousing than even I would imagine. It’s SFW.

Altered Parts

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care

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