Teacher Can’t Teach About Gay Bottoms; Gay Bathhouses Teach Gay Men To Love Themselves; Straight Guy Making Out with Gay Guy Video

Teacher Can’t Teach About Gay Bottoms

I’ve often stated here on this blog that gay kids get no sex education whatsoever. In spite of the fact that their adult sex lives are going to be markedly different from heteronormative kids, no one teaches gay kids a thing. And most of us know we’re gay when we’re kids…or at least by the time we reach middle school.

I guess my general point is that gay kids grow up knowing nothing about gay sex and they often find out through trial and error, which is a dangerous way to learn anything. Or even worse, through unrealistic porn. So if you are a parent of a gay kid, keep that in mind. 

Well, this teacher found out she can’t teach kids about gay bottoms…not even if she’s doing it in a responsible, professional way.

Also on the list was the word “bottom,” which the handout defined as “a person who is said to take a more submissive role during sexual interactions.”

Understandably, some parents weren’t so cool with their pre-teens being taught what a “bottom” is in a gay relationship.
Sirrell Fiel, a father of one of the students, tells NBC News: “This is something my 11-year-old definitely does not need to know in health class. … I understand there’s gays, there’s straights, but I don’t need it being brought into a classroom, to where we pay our tax dollars for you to teach stuff, to my kids years before they should even know about this stuff.”
Gay Bathhouses Teach Gay Men To Love Themselves
The thing that always surprises me is how little people know about gay bathhouses. They serve many purposes in the gay community. They’ve never been just for sex. More often than not they’ve been places for gay men to meet and congregate safely, without having to worry. 
Finally, here’s something honest being written and shared about self-love and self-esteem with respect to gay bathhouses.
Though I have always enjoyed nudity, I used to think of my body as unattractive. I’m now 64, and encounters in the sauna have taught me that not everyone else finds it so, which has enhanced my confidence. For years I disliked my given name. I have made a point of telling it to those I have met in the sauna; hearing it repeated with tenderness and passion has taught me to love it.
Straight Guy Making Out With Gay Guy Video
This video has been going around the Internet for a while, but it’s interesting and I thought it was worth sharing again. Mainly because it shows how so many young people these days are more open to new experiences…including gay sex.  
Any number of things could happen, really. But we prefer an ending like this, wherein the straight dude not only complies with the dare, but ends up turning the experiment into a tongue-heavy make out sesh that ends with smiles all around.
Altered Parts

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care

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