Ravenous Romance Books by Ryan Field…and a List of All Other Titles

Ravenous Romance Books by Ryan Field…and a List of All Other Titles
I had over 50 various titles with the now closed forevermore publisher, Ravenous Romance, and all the rights were reverted back to me last December. In fact, most of the e-publishers I’ve worked with have shuttered their doors, which is why I was forced to start Ryan Field Press. Frankly, I prefer working with publishers. But I didn’t have much of a choice, not if I wanted my books to remain out there. The problem is finding time to do everything. I’ve been working on current indie books, and working with another publisher, so I’ve been taking my time getting the Ravenous books back up online.
With that said, all of the Ravenous Romance books will be available through Ryan Field Press very soon. I’ll keep posting each one that is released here on the blog. If you have any questions please e-mail me and I’ll answer them as best I can. I get a lot of reader feedback that way, it’s always discreet, and I love hearing from readers.

Here’s a list of all my published works. I think it’s almost totally up to date. But it might not be perfect. I have a tech person who does this and I noticed a few missing, so I added them myself. And I’ll continue to add the links to the Ravenous books as I get them.


Now, if you’re looking for previous books in which I’ve been published, I did a few posts here on the blog a while back that lists everything according to the anthology and/or publisher. I started getting published in college, so the list dates back a few years. And some of the short stories have been republished with Ryan Field Press. Here’s part one, here’s part two, and this is part three.  You have to understand that at one time, not too long ago, there were only several publishers that concentrated on LGBT fiction. And Alyson Publications, which was one of the largest, isn’t even in business anymore. So many of these books are out of print now, which is why I re-published some of them.


Ryan Field Press Titles
Altered Parts
An Officer and His Gentleman
Big Bad And On Top
Billabong Bang
Field of Dreams
Four Gay Weddings and a Funeral
Gay Pride and Prejudice
He’s Bewitched
Hot Italian Lover
It’s Nice to be Naughty
My Fair Laddie
Pretty Man
Ricky’s Business
Rough Naked and in Love
Sleepless in San Francisco
Take Me Always
The Bachelor
The Buckhampton Country Club
The Ghost and Mr. Moore
The Mile High Club
The Way We Almost Were
Then Harry Met Sal
That Cowboy In the Window
Young Hung and Hitched
Glendora Hill Series
The Sheriff And The Outlaw
Cowboy Christmas Miracle
The Preacher’s Husband
Too Hard To Handle
When a Man Loves a Man

Bad Boy Billionaire Series
Cowboy in Love
Palm Beach Sex Scandal
Silicon Valley Sex Scandal
Small Town Romance Writer
The Actor Learning to Love
The Arrangement
The Ivy League Rake
The Vegas Shark
The Wall Street Shark

Chase Series
Chase of an Adventure: Fifty Shades of Gay

Down The Basement Series
Second Chance Series
The Rainbow Detective Agency Series
The Virgin Billionaire Series
The Virgin Billionaire
The Virgin Billionaire and the Evil Twin
The Virgin Billionaire: Revenge
The Virgin Billionaire’s Dream House
The Virgin Billionaire’s Hot Amish Escapade
The Virgin Billionaire’s Little Angel
The Virgin Billionaire’s Reversal of Fortune
The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby
The Virgin Billionaire’s Sexcellent Adventure
The Virgin Billionaire’s Wedding

A Christmas Carl

Valley of the Dudes
Dancing Dirty
Stepbrothers In the Attic
Fangsters Book 1
Fangsters Book 2

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