Two Women Realize Their Husbands Are Sleeping Together; Gay Couples Who Slayed Halloween; Judge Refused To Touch HIV Positive Man’s Documents

Two Women Realize Their Husbands Are Sleeping Together

My first thought about this one is that it’s really creepy. I know there are a lot of people out there dealing with marriages like this, and it IS painful to deal with, but I wouldn’t have eavesdropped on a private conversation and then live tweeted it to the world. 

To make a long story short: The two women suspected that their husbands, Richard and Jeffrey, were cheating on them… with each other. So they booked a flight together to crash the men’s alleged “business trip” in Chicago and hopefully get to the bottom of things.
Lucky for us, the woman eavesdropping live tweeted the entire conversation…
You can read the tweets here.  I did do some investigating, and I found there’s a network for people dealing with marriages where one person is gay and one is not. 
Gay Couples Who Slayed Halloween

I have to admit that articles like this really make me feel like the Halloween Grinch. I like Halloween, and I love this time of year, but I never really got into it enough to actually take the time out of my schedule to dress up as anything. Not once, at least as a full grown adult. And a lot of that is because I really don’t have time to do these things.

But I do like watching other people do it. So there’s this…

This week saw the arrival of the spookiest night of the year – Halloween – and as expected, gay men around the globe took the opportunity to go all out and look as cute as possible with their outfits.
Thanks to the power of social media, we’ve been granted a window into some of the most creative, sexy, and downright adorable costumes that same-sex couples have been wearing this year.

Here’s the rest. There are some great pics, and my hat is off to anyone who does take the time to do these things. Maybe next year I’ll re-think this for myself.

Judge Refused To Touch HIV Positive Man’s Documents

This is scary…that a judge would actually be so ignorant about HIV. And even worse, he’s from Riverside County, CA, which is our county where Tony and I live part time, in Palm Springs, CA.

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – A convicted murderer who preyed upon a lonely socialite nine years ago could get a new trial because a judge may have been caught in a secret recording saying he ignored court motions submitted by the gay, HIV-positive defendant.
Riverside County Superior Court Judge David B. Downing, who has since retired, was allegedly recorded saying he didn’t read motions from Kaushal Niroula specifically because Niroula has HIV and his documents came in envelopes that were licked closed.

Here’s the rest.

Altered Parts

Kendle’s Fire
A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care

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