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Gays Falling For "Call Me By Your Name"; "Queer Places" by Elisa Rolle; Justin Trudeau’s Tearful Apology To Gay People

Gays Falling For “Call Me By Your Name” 

I get DMs on social media all the time from other gay men who want to share something in private because they’re afraid of getting backlash if they share it in public. I do the same thing, too. It’s just easier and more comfortable. We talk about our culture and our lives all the time behind the scenes, which can be cathartic nowadays.

With that said, someone sent me this link the other day and I thought it was pretty much spot on. I’ve been wondering many of the same things myself. It’s a piece about the book and movie, Call Me By Your Name, and it questions why so many gay men are praising it.

The book was penned by a straight author who says that he has never had a gay relationship in his life, and it tells the story of two apparently heteroflexible but largely hetero-leaning men who seem to experiment with same-sex sex only furtively in their lives. The film is even straighter.

And yet this book/movie is being promoted, widely, as the ultimate gay romance movie. I don’t get that. There’s nothing gay about it.

To repeat, this is strange! Why has Call Me by Your Name attained such an iconic “gay” status when it is anything but? When its main characters seem almost aggressively isolated from gay culture or politics? When its precocious protagonist has to be reminded that it’s gauche to make fun of people who are openly gay? 

You can check the rest out here. It’s not a totally negative piece.

My biggest issue with Call Me By Your Name is the barely legal story line with a 17 year old boy.

Queer Places by Elisa Rolle

Now for a completely different topic, and one that totally celebrates queer culture. I rarely read print books these days, but this one just came in and I wanted to share it. I don’t know how Elisa does this or where she finds the time, but it’s amazing. And I’m serious. Amazing.

It’s a comprehensive non-fiction book with facts and history that’s filled with information. Here’s part of the blurb from Amazon.

Queer Places, developed in 3 volumes, United States of America (1), United Kingdom (2), and Rest of the World (3), is a mix of travel guide and historical trivia; while I tried to give as much as possible the necessary info for you to find the queer places to explore, the book is above all a tool to help you deciding if you want to really visit the place. Queer Places gives you the background of the location, who lived there, who loved the place and made it unique. It gives you an address, sometime a website, and other nearby queer places. 

And here’s the link.  This will be on my coffee table for a long, long time.

Justin Trudeau’s Tearful Apology to Gay People

I love this guy, and this is the reason why. Whenever it surfaces that a US politician has “evolved” on gay marriage, that’s not good enough for me. That’s an insult. I want to hear an apology, the same kind of apology other minorities receive for the injustices that have been done to them. Gay people never get that from US politicians.

But this time Justin Trudeau knocked it right out of the proverbial ballpark, and he’s gained a lot more respect as a result.

“It is with shame and sorrow and deep regret for the things we have done that I stand here today and say, We were wrong. We apologize. I am sorry. We are sorry.”

And that’s why I love Justin Trudeau. That’s all it takes, just one honest apology. In fact, I think he may be the first one who ever did apologize.

Here more. 

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Egypt Jails 14 Gay Men; Adam Lambert’s Censored Gender Fluid Cover; Porn Star Hugh Hunter Declines GayVN Nominations

Egypt Jails 14 Gay Men

If you ever wonder why I rarely bother getting into political discussions, this is why. My only focus, and the only thing I’m willing to go up on that hill for, is this kind of injustice against LGBTI people.

Egypt has jailed 14 more men for homosexuality in the continued hunt to eliminate the LGBTI community.
They were all sentenced to jail for three years for ‘abnormal’ sexual relations.

Here’s the rest.  There’s more, and there are more articles that follow it.

Adam Lambert’s Censored Gender Fluid Cover

Lambert explains how his first album cover wasn’t received well, so it was changed.

He continued, explaining the existence of two covers for the album.
‘I was feelin my gender fluid (and fully photoshopped) glam rock fantasy. The powers that be released a second cover for retailers who felt ‘uncomfortable’ w the original. (Even though i was still fully painted.)’

You can check this out, here. I’ve had this kind of censorship happen to me with publishers…who either don’t understand gay men, or they only know what they’ve been told about gay men. It’s interesting. It’s usually very harmless, and a few years later we laugh about it.

Porn Star Hugh Hunter Declines GayVN Nominations

Hunter wants nothing to do with the GayVN nominations, and he is calling them out on racism for a variety of reasons.

“It now appears as if the GayVN Awards have chosen to make this racism and bigotry more blatant in their return to the awards arena. As I browsed through the GayVN award nomination categories and its endless list of nominees I noticed a category which immediately struck my sensibilities as wrong and, quite frankly, turned my stomach.”

Here’s more. There are over 35 comments with this one. 

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Armie Hammer Is Sick of This Question; Steve Grand’s Two Beefcake Calendars; You Have to See Channing Tatum In Drag

Armie Hammer Is Sick of This Question

And I’m sick of Armie Hammer.

No links.

No comments.

End of rant.

Steve Grand’s Two Beefcake Calendars

Steve Grand didn’t just make one calendar with half naked selfies. He made two.

Steve Grand, the openly gay country singer who gleefully parades around in superior jockstraps, is giving fans exactly what they want this holiday season: He’s releasing not one but two fleshy calendars to ring in the New Year.

You can read the rest here. I’m not sure if the proceeds from these calendars are going to charity or not. Other calendars of this kind usually raise money for charities that benefit important causes. I’m not sure who benefits from this one.

You Have To See Channing Tatum In Drag

This is amusing and brilliant. I like it because it challenges the norm with a different kind of gender bending. I think we need that, without shame or judgment.

The actor, no stranger to parading around in drag, is prominently featured in the new video for Pink’s “Beautiful Trauma,” which features the duo playing a button-up couple experimenting outside their comfort zone with various transgressive delights: crossdressing, BDSM, dancing….

Here’s more.  You can’t watch the video at that link, though. But you can see it on You Tube. I think it’s fantastic. Just the sets alone are excellent.

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Russell Tovey’s Sexy Feet; Married Gay Couple Have Sex With A Woman; Straight Guys Who Love To Be Bottoms

Russell Tovey’s Sexy Feet

This is actually a link to one of those multiple news items that cover several different stories at once, but one is a photo of Russell Tovey giving a foot massage to another guy.

Russell Tovey didn’t mind the feet

Here’s the rest.  Those of you who are into men’s feet will like it, and those of you who pretend that you aren’t into men’s feet will like it even more. You have to scroll down.

Married Gay Couple Have Sex With a Woman

I have to admit this is something I have never seen happen in my entire gay life. And I can promise you that if I went up and down my friend list in real life and asked every gay couple I know if they would do this, they would either scream or laugh in my face.

But I suppose anything is possible…

Chris and Matt had been together for eight years when they decided to it was time spice things up. So they did what any monogamous gay couple does… they invited a woman named Cait into their bedroom. Now, they’re a bisexual thruple and, they say, they couldn’t be happier!

You can check this out here. There are 44 comments from readers as of right now and you don’t want to miss a single one.

Straight Guys Who Love To Be Bottoms

Well, this story I do get. In fact, I’ve seen this several times in my own real life with straight guys.

More and more straight men are into bottoming, at least according to one prominent sexpert.

It’s a phenomenon known as pegging and it’s the idea of a woman performing anal sex on a man, usually with a dildo or strap-on.

Here’s the rest. I don’t understand what’s so shocking about this one. If done correctly, any man, gay or straight, can enjoy bottoming.

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Call Me By Your Name’s Barely Legal Character; The L Word Reboot; Colin Kaepernick’s "Unthanksgiving Day"

Call Me By Your Name’s Barely Legal Character

From now on I’m only linking to articles about this movie. I’m not commenting.

Call My by Your Name is, for all its subtlety and specificity, fundamentally about an erotic relationship between a 17-year-old teenager and a 24-year-old man. It will also be released in a moment of heightened scrutiny around sexual abuse in Hollywood, including the revelations about Kevin Spacey, which, thanks in part to his joint apology/coming-out statement, seemed to renew old and damaging associations of gayness with molestation. It isn’t hard to find more tweets accusing the movie and even Hammer himself of promoting pedophilia, and as more people see the film, these accusations will undoubtedly intensify.

Here’s the rest.  You have to fully understand what barely legal means, ethically and morally.

The L Word Reboot

I never actually watched The L Word, but I’ve heard wonderful things about it.

Showtime’s reboot of their groundbreaking lesbian drama The L Word just took an important step forward.
The network tapped Marja-Lewis Ryan as the new iteration’s showrunner and executive producer.

Here’s more. I think I should look around to see where I can binge watch the entire series.

Colin Kaepernick’s “Unthankgiving Day”

While I don’t totally agree with Kaepernick, I have to admire his tenacity and his passion. At first I thought he might be looking for attention, but it now looks as though he’s serious about what he believes and he’s not afraid to support it. That I admire in anyone even though I don’t necessarily agree with them. Kaepernick is definitely a very strong, dedicated man. And it’s hard to fault a man for having the courage and strength to go up on that proverbial hill.

 GQs 2017 “Citizen of the Year” loaded onto a boat to Alcatraz Island at 4AM alongside Native Americans to take part in the annual “Unthanksgiving Day” celebration, also known as the Indigenous People’s Sunrise Gathering. Earlier this year, Kaepernick donated $50,000 to the to the Mni Wiconi Health Clinic partnership at Standing Rock to help with medical costs for water protectors at the Dakota Access Pipeline site and yesterday, his commitment was celebrated when he received sacred eagle feathers at the ceremony, which is one of the highest honors you can receive from the elders there.

You can find this one, here. 

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The Gay Glitter Stereotype; China’s Trans Study; Tennessee Town Drops Drag Show Ban

The Gay Glitter Stereotype

This one has me stumped. It’s about banning glitter, and they think I should be upset about it.

Now, an environmental anthropologist at Massey University is calling for all the glamour to be gone: She wants glitter to go the way of the Dodo and Dorian Corey.
“I think all glitter should be banned,” Dr. Trisia Farrelly tells The Independent. “Because it’s microplastic.”

Here’s the rest.   I’m stumped because not all gay men love glitter. In fact, we don’t even think about glitter much. I know I never did.

China’s Trans Study

This is disturbing. I think we’ll be seeing more studies like this in the future.

A first of its kind study has revealed trans people in China are at high risks of physical violence and discrimination. They also experience worse mental health outcomes than other members of the population.

Here’s more. Getting decent medical care seems to be a huge issue.

Tennessee Town Drops Drag Show Ban

I remember posting about this ban a while back. Evidently, things have changed.

After receiving much criticism, the town of Portland, Tennessee dropped its ban on drag shows.

You can read this one, here. They do give you all the back story. The ACLU even got involved. I’m glad there’s a follow up to this one. This is a very big deal in small towns.

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FREE Excerpt: Happy Spanksgiving From Riverdale Ave Books In New York; Steve Grand Walks Through New Orleans In His Jock Strap

Happy Spanksgiving From Riverdale Ave Books In New York

I have a short story in this anthology, Spanksgiving, and I wanted to share something different today. A lot of people don’t have the traditional Thanksgiving and I hope things like this give them enjoyment…something different.

This is a very rare, special holiday release from Riverdale Ave Books in New York, and my short story is a very rare heterosexual story with a male and female main characters. This story just came to me and I had to write it down.

I’ve read the book and I love all the stories. There are some familiar names for most people who read erotic romance books.

My story in the book is, Tommy Takes His Boots Off, and I’ve posted and excerpt below.

Here’s the publisher’s link. And I’m sure it will be on Amazon soon.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Steve Grand Walks Through New Orleans In His Jock Strap

This one’s pretty simple to figure out.

The singer just debuted the music video to his song “Walking.” The video was shot in New Orleans back in May but is just now being released.

And he really did do this wearing nothing but his jock strap.

You can check this out here. I like him. Give him a break. He’s working hard.

FREE Excerpt Tommy Takes His Boots Off

It’s a short story so I obviously can’t post too much, but here’s the beginning.

Tommy Takes Off His Boots
By Ryan Field
After the haircut, Gina didn’t waste a minute to ask if her client, Tommy, wanted to go out for a drink that night. She was still standing behind him on the hair covered tiled floor while the beautician in the station next to her plugged in a blow dryer, but the only one who heard her speak was a wide-eyed elderly woman in the next chair.
Gina stared at Tommy in the mirror, and then removed the black plastic cape that covered his lanky body. When he stood to get up from the chair she spoke a little louder. “Hey, are you deaf or something? I’m talking to you, do you want to go for a drink tonight or not, Tommy?”
Tommy only shrugged his shoulders and nodded yes, and all she heard was the hollow whine of a blow dryer while he stared at the floor. He’d never been much of a talker and she wasn’t shocked in the least.
“Then I’ll pick you up at eight?” she said. It sounded more like a direct order than a question as her wrecked, nasal voice rose above the hum of the blow dryer. Her hands rested on her hips and she tapped her right foot. Everyone in town knew that Tommy had lost his drivers license for six months because he’d been stopped for drinking and driving. But that didn’t bother Gina Johnson. She liked being in control as much as she loved needy men.
Tommy nodded yes, raised his right arm to wave her off, and loped toward the exit door without glancing back. As he walked out of the salon in his black cowboy boots, he took small, careful steps. He was an athletic young man but he tended to walk slowly on the balls of his feet as if he wanted to avoid looking clumsy. Gina had always loved running her fingers through his thick sandy blond hair. Tommy had that little boy, puppy dog quality she loved in fully-grown men. Oh, the needier the better as far as she was concerned. And now as she stared at the way his wide shoulders slowly tapered down to a slim waist, she pressed her lips together and smiled at how the small of his back arched inward and then gently jutted out to form a nice round ass. It didn’t bother her at all that Tommy was only 25, and she, 35.
Gina was one of those women that other women didn’t get. Her hair was dyed brassy blond, her nose a little too large, and her chin a little too weak. She had a bulky, solid block of a body that was large, but it wasn’t out of shape; just layered with muscle and strength. Her clothes were simple, tailored no frill affairs: jeans, cotton pullover shirts and no bra. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she had long red fingernails and always wore very high heels, she could have been mistaken for a butch lesbian, which was ironic because she broke most of the stereotypes about women.

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Barely Legal Gay Characters; Cyndi Lauper and LGBT Youth Homelessness; Transgender Professor Wins 1 Million In Court

Barely Legal Gay Characters

Tony and I have a 16 year old niece who recently came out as gay, and she’s dating a fantastic 16 year old girl. They’re both getting support from all family, including parents. They have their entire lives ahead of them, and it’s so refreshing to see young gay people get a chance to have the youth that gay people (and all gay people up until very recently) like me were denied. 
I think I’m aware of things like this because I have been writing gay erotica and erotic romance for a very long time. One of the things the industry has always frowned upon are barely legal characters. In fact, there is a list of things considered “taboo” that most publishers won’t even go near. And even though the concept of barely legal rides a thin line, it is something I’ve always been concerned about.
First, this is one definition of “barely legal” at Urban Dictionary. 
1) The age at which a girl is just old enough to have sex without getting the older man in trouble with the law. 
It works the same way for barely legal guys, too, gay or straight. 
My bottom line here is that it’s creepy and more than questionable, especially nowadays with a new revelation about sexual abuse in Hollywood and the media coming out almost daily. A lot of these young women (and men) who were/are being sexually abused were/are barely legal.
The only reason I’m posting about it is because there’s a new Hollywood film that’s getting all kinds of critical acclaim for having a straight male character who is a 24 year old predator go after a 17 year old gay boy who is barely legal. And I’m finding that most people are not even aware of the fact that there is this concept of barely legal. I’m thinking (hoping) maybe if they knew they’d see something wrong with this and they wouldn’t support it.
Well now you know. You know that this is not a good thing. Barely legal content is when a 24 year old straight male character goes after a 17 year old boy. If that doesn’t bother you, that’s fine. But you should know that’s really what this is about, and there’s no way to twist it and spin it into something else.   
In any event, I’m not even mentioning the movie. The truth is the movie is up for awards, and people who would normally never support anything barely legal are praising this one. And I think that’s just because it’s gay content. If it were straight content it would be considered Lolita.   
Cyndi Lauper and LGBT Youth Homelessness
On a far more positive note, here’s a story about how Cyndi Lauper wants to help make a world a nicer place for LGBT youth. And there are a lot of LGBT young people who need help. The most vulnerable usually fall prey to older sexual predators. 
Cyndi Lauper’s career got a boost in the LGBTQ community, and she has returned that affection many times over with some serious charity advocacy and action. In 2008 Lauper founded True Colors Fund, a non-profit organization designed to end homelessness among LGBTQ youth. A staggering 40% of all youth experiencing homelessness are LGBTQ. These young people face the struggles of homelessness, in addition to prejudice around their sexual orientation or gender identity – making them less likely to get help and more likely to remain homeless. This is the challenge Lauper’s True Colors Fund hopes to help solve.
Transgender Professor Wins 1 Million In Court
I must have missed this one because I don’t remember reading anything about it, or posting about it here. And it’s definitely something I would have posted about because these cases are changing the way transgender people are treated in the workplace. 
A jury found on Monday that Southeastern Oklahoma State University violated Rachel Tudor’s civil rights in Tudor v. Southeastern Oklahoma State University, under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Here’s the rest.  It sounds as if this was a very painful experience. 

Should You Register Your Book With Library of Congress; A True Blood Star Comes Out Online; Disney’s First Male Princess

Should You Register Your Book With Library of Congress

Well, that all depends.

It’s an age old theory with newbies that they need to register their books with the Library of Congress so no one can steal their work…or whatever. I have seen this come up on author/agent/publisher blogs since the beginning of the Internet, and I’ve always seen the same advice given.

It’s only necessarily to register your book with the Library of Congress if you plan for your physical book to appear in libraries. However, it is free to obtain the number so you may want to go ahead and get one just in case.

As for copyright, your work is your copyright. You don’t need the Library of Congress for that.

It is important to note that a Library of Congress catalog number is not a copyright. 

You can read more about it here. It’s very helpful. If you google this topic there’s a lot of information.

And, this has nothing to do with ASINs or ISBNs. You can read more about that here on Amazon. 

A True Blood Star Comes Out Online

This is timely for me because I’m watching the Margaret Atwood series right now on Netflix, Alias Grace, and I was just thinking about True Blood last night because Anna Paquin is in the cast of Alias Grace. It’s a great series and I highly recommend it.

But I digress…

Actress Rutina Wesley has taken to Instagram to share the news that she’s found the “sunshine of [her] life” in New Orleans’ Chef Shonda.

Wesley played Tara on True Blood, Sookie’s bff.

Here’s more. 

Disney’s First Male Princess

I can just see how this is going to go over with some of the people I see on Facebook. They just don’t seem to get it no matter how it’s explained. The entire concept of gender and how people identify completely stumps them. And it’s really very simple if you just pay attention and listen.

In a recent episode of the Disney animated series Star vs. The Forces of Evil, a boy named Marco creates a female alter-ego — Princess Marco Turdina — in order to infiltrate ‘St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses.’ Once inside, he leads the girls to revolt against the authoritarian headmistress, helping the other princesses to believe they can be themselves.

I think it’s a wonderful story line. I’m working on a gender bending short story right now, and I’m learning something new each day. It should be out before Christmas.

You can check this one out, here.

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