The Queer and Trans Gun Club; This Andy Cohen Dude on Cooper and Griffin’s Feud; Back When Dirty Words Were Illegal

The Queer and Trans Gun Club

Just when you think things can’t get more peculiar out there, you read this…

A group of LGBTI people in Rochester, New York have been learning how to properly shoot guns.
Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club was founded this past year as a response to the rise of extremist groups like the Alt-Right. The 18 dues-paying members are all LGBTI, and many are just learning about guns for the first time. Members meet once a month to shoot at still targets and clay pigeons.
Here’s more. The article states there are more clubs just like this in other places. I hope they’re careful, and I’m serious. This one worries me. 
Andy Cohen on Cooper and Griffin’s Feud 
I honestly still do not know who this dude, Andy Cohen, actually is. I’m not being snarky about that. I don’t know who the hell he is. I have never seen him on TV…or anywhere for that matter. All I know is he seems to be a gayer gay man than me or most people I know, and he’s friends with Anderson Cooper. In fact, from what I’m reading, he’s the gayest of us all. And now he’s fanning the proverbial flames in the ongoing feud between Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper. 
Still, Griffin didn’t let the moment pass her by. This morning (27 October), she tweeted about the exchange, calling Cohen ‘deeply misogynistic’. She also claimed he treated her ‘like a dog’ the 10 years he was her boss.
Here’s the rest. There’s some back story there. But I always tell people to remember one thing when it comes to this Kathy Griffin thing: Lenny Bruce. Lenny Bruce was a stand up comic who was once arrested for using the word cocksucker.  I may not like what Griffin did, and I would certainly never do that myself, but I support her right to do that with my last ounce of breath and I’m not even one of her biggest fans. 
Back When Dirty Words Were Illegal
Speaking of free speech and comics, here’s an article I found that talks about Lenny Bruce and his obscenity arrests. You couldn’t say cocksucker in public for fear of being locked up in jail. 
This is a fascinating article that someone like this Andy Cohen person will never promote. I can do this because I’m not selling out to anyone or anything when it comes to free speech in any venue. 
San Francisco was the perfect city for a performer looking to break down social mores; everything representing bohemia in 1961 America could be found along Broadway’s six blocks in North Beach: strip joints, gay bars and nightly jazz billowing out of murky doorways.
Not everyone was enamored, however. The local police and concerned citizens were looking to clean the place up, especially after the popularization of the Beat movement, of which North Beach was the West Cost epicenter. Tensions between police and artists grew quickly; interracial couples were targeted heavily, then the popular hangouts. In 1957, poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti was arrested for allowing copies of Allen Ginsberg’s epic poem, Howl, to be sold at his North Beach bookstore, City Lights Books. 
You can read this in full here, and I highly suggest you do that. 

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Said With Care

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