What Kathy Griffin Called Anderson Cooper; The Babadook and Pennywise Get Married; Ellen Gives A Gay Guy A Big Surprise

What Kathy Griffin Called Anderson Cooper

I actually think that Kathy Griffin will go down in entertainment history as somewhat of a free speech icon…think Lenny Bruce. I’m not getting political about this one way or the other, so please don’t leave comments giving me your political opinion. This is not politics. I’m only talking about free speech and censorship. Of course there were consequences to what Griffin did. There usually are. However, I don’t even think Griffin realizes how much of an example she’s set for anyone interested in writing,  free speech, or comedy. Whether or not I like what she did doesn’t even matter. She made a bold move, she owned it, and I think she’s going to come out looking a lot better in time than she does right now. 

If you don’t agree with me, think Lenny Bruce again. There was a time when someone doing stand up comedy couldn’t even use words like fuck, cunt, or cocksucker. Bruce was actually arrested for using the word Cocksucker. 

Griffin is still speaking out, and good for her. That’s called free speech. In all honesty, I was never a Kathy Griffin fan…until recently when she started crossing the lines. I admire that. 

And given Griffin’s comments this week in a sit-down with The Daily Beast, that friendship (not to mention any remote chance of working together again) seems to be lost forever.
While much of the piece focuses on the comedian’s feud with “fame whore” lawyer Lisa Bloom (her words), Griffin does manage to work in a searing burn at Cooper, referring to him as “The Spineless Heiress.” She attributed the insult to “her gays.”

There’s more here. For the record, I wouldn’t have done what Griffin did. But this cocksucker…me… will defend Griffin’s right to do that with his last breath. And if you don’t know anything about Lenny Bruce, check out the link to wiki above. I’m not a huge fan of Wikipedia for the most part. I find it amateur and questionable at best. However, it’s fast, and there are some things you can trust. 

The Babadook and Pennywise Get Married

I’ve seen both movies and frankly I didn’t find either one the least bit scary. I think they’re amusing. The scariest part for me is that so many people actually think they were scary movies. It obviously doesn’t take much to scare people or get them excited. Facebook is a good example.

In any event, this is a lot funnier than scary. It’s a video and it’s not long.

Enemies of Dorothy wrote: The Babadook may be the newest a gay-icon, but he’s wasting no time before sharing this exciting news! #PennyDook Directed by Michael Varrati Written by and starring Ryan Fisher and Chris Bryant DP: Brandon Smithson Crew: Stephen Schiatta and Michael Cornacchia MUSIC: “The Engagement” by Silent Partner “Rage Black Sun” by TeknoAXE ————– Enemies of Dorothy Now Available on REVRY!

It’s interesting to note that I have not met one single person yet in real life…gay or straight…that thinks the Babadook is a gay icon. Most people don’t even know WTF the Babadook is. They know Pennywise, but the Babadook just passes them by. 

Here’s the link.

Ellen Gives A Gay Guy A Big Surprise

No. Ellen didn’t take off her pants. That’s not the surprise. This is totally different.

When Trent Bauer went to a recent screening of Ellen, he thought he was just going to watch his favorite comedian in the flesh.

What he didn’t know is his best friend Stephanie Knauer, also in attendance, had written Ellen to sing her friends’ praises:

Here’s the rest. If you’re the type of person who gets “the feels,” this should do it.

Said With Care

A PG Rated Gay Romance

Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field

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