How Gay Couples Are Treated On Vacation; A Dog’s Life Lessons; Guy Gets Penis Stuck In Gym Weight Hole; Fire Island Wedding: Gay Vet and Russian

How Gay Couples Are Treated On Vacation

I like articles like this because they validate a lot of the things I post about and add to novels all the time. No matter how far we’ve come, we still do not have the same privilege that straight couples have…or straight people for that matter.

While 84% of straight couples said they’ve never had issues with showing affection to a partner abroad, only one in 20 LGBTQ travelers reported the same. Moreover, 58% of LGBTQ people said they’ve been stared at, 35% said they’ve been laughed at, and a third (29%) said they’ve been verbally abused.

You can read this one here. When Tony and I travel we never lower our guards for a second. We’re always aware of everything around us. It’s called survival for gay couples. 

A Dog’s Life Lessons

Here’s a link to a video about a very clever dog.

“Mosby’s Motto” is a short by Tyler Hudson that shows the life lessons we can learn from our canine companions.

You can view the video here. This one is worth the click. 

Guy Gets Penis Stuck In Gym Weight Hole

They don’t go into all the details with this one, but it’s not difficult to figure it out. 

Firefighters spent three hours using power tools to free a man with his penis trapped in a gym weight.
The crew used an angle-grinder and a circular saw to prise the 2.5kg dumbbell disc off the unfortunate weight-lifter at a hospital in Worms, Germany.
Here’s more. Evidently, they had to sedate the guy while they worked on freeing his penis from the weight. 
Fire Island Wedding: Gay Vet and Russian
Here’s something nice for a change. 
Queerty contributor and author Rob Smith married his husband Misha Safronov on Fire Island Pines, and when we saw the photos we knew we just had to share how proud we are of one of our favorite writers and his beau.

Stepbrothers In the Attic

by Ryan Field

Chase of a Holy Ghost

Chase of a Holy Ghost 
M/M Romance


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