Woman Impersonated A Man To Have Sex; Overweight Bankrupt Gambler Transforms His Body;More On Ben Affleck’s Comments About Playing A Gay Character

Woman Impersonated A Man To Have Sex

The original story to all this dates back to 2015, but I don’t remember it at all. Evidently, a woman named Gayle Newland pretended to be a man and tricked her female friend into having sex with her…and, Newland will serve six and a half years in prison for it.

Newland created a fake online profile for a man she named Kye Fortune, a male persona she created when she was 13 years old. She hid behind the Kye Fortune identity while she communicated with girls in online chat rooms and eventually created profiles for Fortune on MySpace and Facebook.

The victim, whose name has been withheld for legal reasons, testified that she struck up an online relationship with Fortune on Facebook unaware that she was being catfished. 

Here’s the rest. It gets even more peculiar.

Overweight Bankrupt Gambler Transforms His Body

I love stories like this. It shows strength of character and tenacity.

Fisher was “broke, big, and isolated,” he tells the New York Post. “People dream of what I had accomplished, and I lost control.”

That’s when one of his gambler friends made an outrageously cinematic proposition: He was bet $500,000 that he couldn’t lose all the excess weight and cut his body fat to 10% in six months. (Um, who the hell are these people?) 

More here. There are photos and the results are truly amazing.

More On Ben Affleck’s Comments About Playing A Gay Character

I’m not going to comment on this one again. Everyone else seems to be doing such a good job at it. And from what I know to be true, Ben Affleck may or may not have even made these comments. So far, this is all hearsay. 

 Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood is mightily unimpressed by Ben Affleck’s recently revealed claim that kissing a man was his “greatest acting challenge.”

Wood, who’s been openly bisexual since 2011, suggested the Gone Girl star should “try getting raped in a scene,” tweeting, “Grow up, Ben.”

Kevin Smith, who directed Affleck in Chasing Amy, recently claimed the actor said: “A man kissing another man is the greatest acting challenge an actor can ever face.”

You can read more here. She’s not backing down on this one, and she’s been facing her own backlash over it.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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