YouTuber Laci Green Goes After Trans Rights Activist; Writing Tip: Tools of Characterization "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf"; The Huge Cost of Atlanta’s Rainbow Crosswalks

YouTuber Laci Green Goes After Trans Rights Activist

This is something I’ve seen happen before, personally. I follow someone on social media who has somewhat of a public profile. In short, this person is a master of self promotion and public manipulation.

This person has always had strong political beliefs. And then, all of sudden, this person did a drastic turn around. During the most recent Presidential election this person did a complete about face.

This person stood to gain a lot more public attention by following one particular candidate, and probably even monetary gain. It wasn’t about core beliefs, issues, or all the important “stuff” the rest of us care about. This person is in if for personal gain. It’s all about business, not beliefs, for some.

And I think that could be what’s happening with this YouTuber now….

Well-known YouTuber Laci Green once posted many feminist, sex-positive, and LGBTI-friendly videos. From educational content about being intersex, to transgender bathroom bills, to the harms of conversion therapy, Green was an important resource for many young LGBTI people. But as of late, she’s ‘taken the red pill.’

Green is reportedly in a relationship with ‘anti-Social Justice Warrior’ YouTuber Chris Ray Gun. Gun’s YouTube videos are known to mock feminism, LGBTI issues, and other hot-button sociopolitical topics.

In a recent two-part video series called ‘HOW MANY FREAKIN GENDERS,’ Green seems to change her perspective on the existence of more than two sexes. This thought process was later continued in a series of Tweets bashing Teen Vogue’s recent gender-neutral anal sex guide.

You can check out the rest here. I don’t know why Laci Green has changed so much and I’m not speculating on her. I don’t even follow her, so I would never do that. And in her defense the stupid anal sex article did spark a lot of emotions in people. But I do know there are other people out there who will do anything, say anything, and pretend to believe in anything if they think it’s going to advance their own brand.

I’m just not sure how well this works out in the end, though.

Writing Tip: Tools of Characterization “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”

I don’t post any writing advice anymore unless I find a good link. This is a good link. I usually see amateur authors and ambitious bloggers posting writing tips that are ALL wrong, and I pity the newbies who take them seriously.

I think this is helpful…

As in most drama, the characters of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? are defined by their actions. George spends most of his time trying and failing to get the upper-hand with Martha. These failures reflect the overall failure of his life. In the end, though, he is triumphant winning the battle of wills by “killing” the imaginary son.

You can read it in full, here. 

The Huge Cost of Atlanta’s Rainbow Crosswalks

This is something I never thought about until now.

11Alive, an Atlanta-based news service, recently discovered the cost of these crosswalks: $196,000 (€170,920.80; £149,709.75). This money was from the city’s budget, which is funded by taxpayers.

‘To be clear, the crosswalk is actually made up of thermoplastic tiles, not paint. And while they did cost $196,000 to install, that cost actually makes up 0.3 of 1 percent of the city’s transportation budget. Plus, they’re expected to last for 10 years before any heavy maintenance is required,’ 11Alive stated.

Here’s the rest. The news channel did ask residents of Atlanta what they thought about it, and whether or not it was worth the money. The replies have been mixed. Frankly, I think that if the government is going to waste huge sums of money on all kinds of other things, which is exactly what they do, I see nothing wrong with them wasting it on rainbow crosswalks. And the crosswalks do look nice,  
Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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