Heroes Actor Allegedly Refused Playing Gay; Trump and Chelsea Clinton Reaching Their Base With Social Media; His Last Facebook Status Was A Love Letter To His Boyfriend

Heroes Actor Allegedly Refused Playing Gay

I’ve never seen this TV show, so I can’t comment at all.

Keep in mind this is all alleged.

Bryan Fuller, former Heroes exec, let it spill that Heroes once ditched a gay storyline because of an offstage fracas involving petulant actorly sorts.

The TV series, which ran for four and a half seasons between 2006 and 2010, made Zachary Quinto a household name and launched the career of many other stars. 

Here’s the rest. It’s all conjecture. But 11 people did comment.

Trump and Chelsea Clinton Reaching Their Base With Social Media

I actually saw this trending on Twitter today. It’s an exchange on Twitter between Donald Trump and Chelsea Clinton.

I only glanced at it because I don’t get political on social media unless it involves something LGBT+. But I do think it’s interesting to see how social media is now such an important part of communication in our world. Even Chelsea Clinton is using Twitter as a means of communication, and rightly so. She’s bypassing the mainstream media in doing so, and she’s going directly to her support base with just one tweet.

Here’s a link to this one. I’m not excerpting because the article is political and I’m only looking at this from a social media POV. I think more and more public figures will, indeed, begin to reach their base support through social media, and I’m not sure where that will leave the mainstream media who used to depend on getting stories like this out.

In fact, I was following a local crime scene today and I found more information from people I know locally on social media than from local news sources.

Social media has come a long way since the days when the most interesting tweet was what someone had for lunch. In fact, I remember that used to be the running joke when Twitter first launched. Who’s laughing now?

His Last Facebook Status Was A Love Letter To His Boyfriend

Speaking of social media and communication, this one is another good (but sad) example of how some people are using Facebook these days.

An acrobat in Madrid named Pedro Aunion Monroy plunged to his death on Friday night at the Mad Cow Festival.

The last message he wrote on Facebook was on Thursday night; a love letter to his “beautiful boyfriend”: 

You can check this out in full, here.  It’s heartbreaking.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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