Rent Boys In India; "The Tearoom" Public Bathroom Sex Game; What Some Guys Do To Stay In the Closet

Rent Boys In India

This one is about what it’s like to be a so-called “male sex worker” in India.

Rohit, who identifies as gay, quickly learned sex work was a quick and relatively easy way to make extra money. He joined a gym to get in better shape and began building a small client base. At first he only accepted male customers, but over time, he started accepting older female clients, as well, many of whom were looking for companionship rather than sex.

So if it’s not all about sex why are they referring to this as “sex worker?” Did I miss something?

Here’s the rest.

“The Tearoom” Public Bathroom Sex Game

Back when gay men had to remain closeted, or else suffer all kinds of consequences, they met up secretly in public places like rest rooms, state parks, and highway rest stops. It was, and still is in some places, quite common. The public bathrooms were referred to as “tearooms.” Cruising this way for sex in public was dangerous and usually left men emotionally unfulfilled. But I also know people who made friends in these places, too. It’s complicated.

Evidently, there’s still a market for it, though…at least in this respect.

It’s a familiar scene vividly recreated in a new video game called The Tearoom, now available — much like the bathroom dwellers at our local watering hole — for a pay-what-you want donation. Designed by subversive video game designer Robert Yang, it’s only the latest in his series of left-field games that explore queer themes of bondage, submission, and rough trade. 

There’s more here.

What Some Guys Do To Stay In the Closet

I think this is interesting because I’m working on this topic right now in my next novel, Tread With Care. It’s a love story between two young men, one of whom is closeted and the other isn’t. It’s also about a family with a few deep dark secrets.

A new Reddit thread asks users: What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve done to conceal that you are gay? And the responses vary from funny to sad to downright ridiculous.

“Married a woman,” one person writes.

“Same,” someone else replies, “but now I have two kids who I would never give up for anything… so, I’m conflicted. My ex has an awesome boyfriend (so do I), and we all get along together. It’s worked out great, but I wouldn’t recommend it.” 

This is a lot more common than most people realize. But I did add a little twist in my book that isn’t always recognized either. No spoilers.

Here’s more. 

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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