Jay-Z’s Mom Comes Out As Lesbian; A Dumb Comment From A Straight Actor Playing Gay; A Step Backward For Texas Supreme Court and Gay Married Couples

Jay-Z’s Mom Comes Out As Lesbian

Whenever I’m working on a new book and I see a news story that coincides with the topic of the book, I feel validated for some reason. So when I saw that Jay-Z’s mom came out as a lesbian, in public, in a duet, I couldn’t help thinking about the book I’m working on right now where the father and son come out as gay at the same time.

Carter came out as lesbian in “Smile,” the third track off her son’s 13th album. It’s the first time either of the two has publicly addressed her sexual identity.

There’s more here. It’s not that this is something new, just like it’s not something new in my book. But it is new that we’re reading about it and it’s perfectly normal now.

A Dumb Comment From A Straight Actor Playing Gay

I see this all the time on Twitter, especially from straight, white, male actors…in general. They don’t have to even be playing a gay role. It’s the mindset of a straight white male coming from a place of privilege. They can’t help themselves. Their comments aren’t mean; just dumb. I see one all the time who even refers to women as “gals.” And he thinks he’s cool. No joke.

In any event, this dumb comment recently happened….

I think it’s important that we are expressing it. We specifically designed the character to act straight and act normal.

When I say “normal”, I mean he’s not like the characters on Modern Family, where they are flamboyant and camp and they walk around tiptoeing.

That creates separation – that’s us and them. It shouldn’t be like that. It should be all equal and no-one should have a problem with that. The way other characters act around my character is that there is never a problem at all.” 

Not a clue. It’s not mean either. And, in all fairness, I’ve complained about the stereotypes in TV shows like Modern Family because they ignore now diverse gay men are in RL. But I also don’t see anything wrong with that diversity, and I applaud all of the diversity in the gay community. What he’s saying is totally different. Even more, there is separation.Whether you are straight acting gay or fem, most (not all) straight white males will treat you differently.

There’s more here. This straight actor playing gay goes on to apologize, but unfortunately it doesn’t get any better. Oh, and there are quite a few idiots on this comment thread, too. Clueless people who haven’t quite figured a few things out yet…or they never heard of appropriation.

A Step Backward For Texas Supreme Court and Gay Married Couples

When I say the fight isn’t over yet, I’m talking about this.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Friday that it might not be necessary to provide married same-sex couples with the same benefits as their opposite-sex counterparts.

In a unanimous decision, the court reversed a lower court’s ruling in favor of Houston’s decision to extend spousal benefits to the same-sex spouses of city employees, arguing that the “reach and ramifications” of the rights of gay couples have yet to be determined, The Dallas Morning News reports.

Here’s more.  I wonder what the clueless people who want to have #HeterosexualPrideDay think about this one. As far as I know, the rights of heterosexual couples have already been determined.

 Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

 Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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