Straight People Taking Over Woody’s Gay Bar In Philly; What Made Davey Wavey Giggle and Blush; Lady Bunny Says "Let’s Cancel Pride"

Straight People Taking Over Woody’s Gay Bar In Philly

A friend sent me this link earlier today and I was a little surprised when I read it. I used to go to Woody’s bar in Philadelphia and I didn’t know this was happening. Although, I’m not totally shocked either. The entire city of Philadelphia seems to be under housing construction right now and a lot of the long time residents, gay and straight, are claiming it’s the most aggressive kind of gentrification they’ve ever seen. Gays are not the only minority dealing with this.

Of course I’ve posted many times about how gay bars are closing down all over the world, especially in London. I’ve seen it here in New Hope, where there were once 3 gay bars and now there’s only 1. I’m not that shocked this is happening in Philly at Woody’s bar, however, it’s the first time I’ve seen an article this candid.

Go to almost any other bar in the Gayborhood, and you’ll get near-universal agreement that Woody’s has changed. Philly gays are saying that at some point in recent months or years the establishment began seeking too much to be an “it” club, drawing in large numbers of straight women who also brought straight men. Friday and Saturday nights now feature straight people making out on the dance floor, men hanging out with their girlfriends, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” instead of Madonna and bachelorette party after bachelorette party after bachelorette party. As one displeased patron put it in a public Facebook post, it’s “straight gentrification.”

You can read the rest here. The article goes into a lot more detail. As I’ve posted before, I don’t think this kind of thing is going to stop happening, and that’s partly because as more gay people assimilate the less they need to go to gay bars. And I really can’t complain. I’d rather have things this way than the way they were in the old days where the only place a gay person could feel safe was in a gay bar.

The one thing I’m not thrilled about is the whole gentrification issue, as it applies to all minorities.

What Made Davey Wavey Giggle and Blush?

He saw someone eating a big ripe banana.

Of course I’m only joking.  This is one of those promotional interviews with Wavey about his Pride experiences.

What are you working on right now that brings you pride? 

With the political climate being what it is, everything gay brings me pride! In the face of unfriendly headwinds, it’s so important for us to celebrate our queerness – and I do that in all aspects of our work. From creating content on YouTube to our explicit series on exploring pleasure, we’re working to unapologetically, unabashedly lift up queer sex and sexuality.

In any event, here’s the rest. It may or many not improve your life, but you might get a chuckle or a guffaw.

Lady Bunny Says “Let’s Cancel Pride”

In full disclosure, I have no idea who Lady Bunny is, but she recently made some strong comments about the Philadelphia Pride Flag controversy. I posted about that here this week. I see absolutely nothing wrong with adding two more colors to the Rainbow flag, however, some of the very same people who scream about the political environment these days, don’t want the Rainbow flag touched.

That’s a surefire way to make sure we’ll never get equal rights. Let’s boil it down to the tiniest arguments which will mean nothing in six months or even six days. If we took the energy and vitriol we reserved to pounce on one flag variation in one city and turned it on those who seek to destroy our rights, we’d be running the world tomorrow and we’d all have gorgeous new hairstyles to boot. 

You can check out the rest here.   Most people who commented tend to agree with her.

Kendle’s Fire

A PG Rated Gay Romance 

Not All Gay Books Have Sex
In Their Prime by Ryan Field


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