Gays Fighting Over Ivanka Trump; Jilted Bride Finds Out Groom Is Gay; Leo Varadkar Openly Gay Leader In Ireland

Gays Fighting Over Ivanka Trump

I think this story shows how divided the US is right now. The other day Ivanka Trump tweeted something in favor of Gay Pride Month, and a lot of people on Twitter shot her down.

In case there were any lingering uncertainties about how the vast majority of LGBTQ people feel about Ivanka Trump, those doubts can now be laid to rest.

Yesterday evening, the first daughter tweeted how “proud” she was to support her LGBTQ friends and Americans and wishing everyone a “joyful” Pride month:

However, as you can see from the comment section with this article not everyone agrees. It’s an interesting discussion that shows how divided we are right now. I’m not sure that’s a bad thing either. At least no one can accuse Americans of apathy anymore.

Here’s the rest, with the comments. 

Jilted Bride Finds Out Groom Is Gay

A lot of people don’t realize that there are successful marriages with straight women and gay men. I know several personally. I never ask about the dynamics because that’s none of my business, but they seem to work. So when I see articles like this I sometimes wonder.

A young woman in the UK is auctioning off an expensive engagement ring because she found out her finance is gay.

Please overlook the fact that the author of this article, Graham Gremore, doesn’t know the difference between they’re and their. I always quote verbatim, as I first see it published.

After doing a little investigating, she learned that Brad and her husband-to-be were, in fact, sleeping together. So she called the wedding off.

To make matters worse, even though their no longer getting married, they ex-fiancés are still stuck living together because neither of them has enough money to move out. 

Here’s the rest. I get into this topic a great deal with my next book, “Treading With Care,” which is about gay men remaining in the closet and still maintaining relationships with straight women.

Leo Varadkar Openly Gay Leader In Ireland

Whenever something like this happens I think it’s important to mention it, and to spread the word. You don’t hear about this from the mainstream media…ever. They will completely ignore it.

Leo Varadkar has become Ireland’s first gay leader.

The 38-year-old, who will also be Ireland’s youngest ever PM, is the new Taoiseach and leader of the ruling Fine Gael party.

He beat Minister for Housing Simon Coveney in the final vote.

The Dubiner previously served as the Minister for Social Protection and Minister for Health, and was first elected to parliament at the age of 27.

Here’s the rest, with a photo. There’s an interesting discussion on the comment thread about the differences between head of state and head of government. All I know is he’s got a great position of leadership and he’s gay. Bravo. This is what Pride Month is all about.

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