Colton Haynes Talks About Anxiety; Lesbian Couple Are Prom King and Queen; Modern Family Renewed For 9th and 10th Season

Colton Haynes Talks About Anxiety

With all the frustrating news these days about politics, and people either shouting pejoratives or spinning things in all kinds of directions, it’s nice to read something like this for a change. Colton Haynes never seems to disappoint, and he always keeps things positive. I think that’s one of the reasons why he’s so well loved and so successful in everything he does.

‘Some advice I would give to myself when I was younger – especially about anxiety – would be that it’s okay to be anxious. Also a really good way to help yourself get over anxiety is to tell yourself that you’re excited  instead of that you’re anxious. Because if you’re excited it’s almost the same feeling but obviously without the panic part.’

There’s more here. It’s well worth the effort to click this link.

Lesbian Couple Are Prom King and Queen

Here’s something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime, and I think it shows how fast things have been changing.

Two teen girls recently made local history after becoming the first same-sex couple to be crowned prom king and queen at their school.

Students at Leon High School in Tallahassee, Florida, crowned lesbian teens Brie Grimes, 17, and Lindsey Creel, 18, at their dance last month. 

You can check this one out here, where there is a photo.

Modern Family Renewed For 9th and 10th Seasons

For those of you who love Modern Family and gay couple, Mitch and Cam, here’s some good news.

The adventures of Modern Family’s Mitch and Cam will continue.

It was announced Wednesday (10 May) that the ensemble comedy featuring the gay couple and their family has been renewed by ABC for two more seasons.

The show is currently in season eight. 

Here’s the rest. Modern Family may not be part of gay culture, but it is part of gay history. And that’s something positive.

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field 

A 90k Word Novel About Love Amazon

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