The S#%T Gays Have To Deal With; Trans Woman Turned Away At Soup Kitchen; Five Tips For Gay Open Relationships

The S#%T Gays Have To Deal With

Google just released a new ad with a gay family that has two dads. And the far left is cheering us on as if we’re lab rats and the far right is condemning us as if we committed a crime.

This is the kind of shit we deal with on a daily basis.

What neither of them know is that just because google decided to do an ad like this to get more attention for google, it’s not something new. I’ve known gay dads all my adult life.

The 33-second ad titled Carpool features a family headed by two dads. In it, one of the dads asks Google Home for his schedule, then the other. Based on the results, the couple decides who will take the kids.

You can check that out here. Unfortunately, those of us stuck in the middle don’t get to comment either way.

Trans Woman Turned Away At Soup Kitchen

This one is making me curious. Allegedly, a trans woman was turned away at a soup kitchen because she was wearing a dress.

But there are all kinds of red flags…

Stenberg said his mission was acting according to the Bible. “Christianity is dependent on our obedience to God.” It’s interesting to note that on the mission’s website the founder is listed as Thomas F. Morse, a convicted felon who served time for murder.

You can read more here, but I can’t help wondering if we’re getting the entire story.

I obviously can’t comment on this particular incident, however, I knew a trans woman once who was one of the most dangerous people I have ever met. She caused trouble wherever she went. And it’s not because she was trans. Her gender had nothing to do with it. It’s because she was absolutely rotten to the core.

Five Tips For Open Gay Relationships

I normally don’t like anything that gives “tips.” I don’t even like writing “tips.” I think they’re a waste of time…especially writing tips. Writing tips always seem to be coming from someone who has some kind of personal, ambitious agenda. You rarely see them coming from a place of pure good-natured sharing. Of course ambitious people will never tell you this. It stands to reason.

But I digress. I do think the open gay relationship is an interesting topic. Keep in mind this isn’t about having a 3-way on occasion. This is about getting permission to have sex with other people while you are either married or in a relationship.

Here’s one of the tips…

Once you’ve agreed to move forward and open up a relationship, it’s important to set clear rules. The more detailed, the better. This will help prevent unexpected consequences later on. When exactly is it OK to hookup with another sex partner? Is it something you will always notify the other about, or no? Are you agreeing to always do something together, or being on your own is OK too? How far can things go? Some couples might say oral sex is OK, but anal intercourse is too personal and, therefore, off-limits. Again, details are key!

You can read the rest here. 

What they don’t mention are the gay couples who have explored open relationships and found themselves in the middle of a divorce because their spouse fell in love with someone else. And that someone else is usually a lot younger, he knows how to play the game a lot better, and he isn’t worried about breaking up your home. In fact, he can’t wait to break up your home. It’s not all that different from straight relationships and you should proceed with caution. 

And check out the comments. For the most part, they are spot on this time. 

Not All Gay Novels Have Sex

In Their Prime by Ryan Field


3 thoughts on “The S#%T Gays Have To Deal With; Trans Woman Turned Away At Soup Kitchen; Five Tips For Gay Open Relationships

  1. “What the literal fuck?! Another gay guy throwing us under the bus, what a surprise”

    People throw themselves under buses, too. There's good and bad everywhere.

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