Chechnya and Concentration Camp For Gays; Hollywood Fail With Gays: Kelly Osbourne On Female Celebs Pretending To Be Gay; Vatican Appoints Gay Rights Activist; In Their Prime by Ryan Field

Chechnya and Concentration Camp For Gays

I’ve seen a lot of information going around about this alleged concentration camp for gays in Chechnya. So I did a simple search and found this on Snopes.

When we asked Amnesty International if they could confirm the existence of the concentration camps they responded that it’s preferable, based on what we know, to refer to them as secret detention sites. “We should always be careful about using the language of ‘concentration camps,’” AI spokesperson Alexander Artemyev said.
Artemyev also noted that not all the detainees have been men suspected of being gay:

Although not even Snopes is perfect, they tend to be one of the more reliable sources online. You can check this out here. As of right now there are still conflicting reports, but it definitely sounds as if something shifty is going on. I highly suggest reading this in full.

Hollywood Fail With Gays: Kelly Osbourne On Female Celebs Pretending To Be Gay

According to Kelly Osbourne, there are female celebrities pretending to be gay. I honestly don’t know much about it, but I do have a comment at the end for Ms. Osbourne.

‘There’s this whole generation of young Hollywood girls who can’t find love where they think it’s supposed to be, and then they come out being gay and two weeks later they have a boyfriend. It drives me nuts!’ the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and talk show host Sharon Osbourne tells PrideSource.

She adds: ‘I’m like, I know you. I’ve known you pretty much since before you used to shit outside of a diaper. You are not gay! But I think outing somebody in that way is just as bad as outing somebody who has not come out of the closet. It’s one of those things I have to keep to myself… and it drives me fucking crazy!’

You can read the rest here. She’s not naming anyone. But if this is true, I disagree with Osbourne. If they aren’t gay, and they are only pretending to be gay, I say out their asses and name their names. Because outing someone for being straight and privileged and calling their lies is by NO means as bad as outing someone who has not come out of the closet yet. The two are not even remotely related.

Hollywood fail with gays, once again.

Vatican Appoints Gay Rights Activist

It’s hard to tell where the Catholic Church stands on gays these days because I see so many conflicting stories all the time. The Pope says one thing, and then says another. But I guess this is a start…

The Vatican has appointed a pro-LGBTI Jesuit preacher to consult on their PR.

Father James Martin is the author of Building A Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity.
The editor-at-large of America magazine, the New Yorker has used his voice to call for an inclusive Catholic Church.

The rest is here. Evidently, Fr. Martin has more than a few critics within the Church. There’s a tweet to prove this, and Fr. Martin doesn’t waste a moment going after another priest on Twitter who questions his authenticity and his motives.

Cover Reveal: In Their Prime

In Their Prime is my newest release with Ryan Field Press. It’s a longer novel, about 90K words, and it’s not an erotic romance this time. There are no explicit sex scenes…but it is still a romance. I’ll post a lot more about it soon.

Here’s a cover reveal…

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