The Census Erasing LGBTQ; Clickbaint: What Mama June Looks Like Now; 78 Year Old Ex-Priest Engaged To 24 Year Old Guy

The Census Erasing LGBTQ:

I’ve seen this trending, but I haven’t been following it too closely. So I’m learning with this link, too.

“Erasing implies that the Bureau went from measuring sexual orientation and gender identity in the Census to eliminating that measurement,” demographer Gary Gates told LGBTQ Nation. “LGBT individuals have been invisible in past decennial Censuses and will remain invisible in 2020.  That should not be the case, but it’s not accurate to suggest that the Census Bureau ‘erased’ them.  They’ve never counted them in the first place.”

So, according to this piece, Trump didn’t do this. There were never plans to have LGBTQ people measured in the 2020 census. It gets more involved, and they talk about fake news. I don’t know enough about it to comment…but the comments from readers are interesting.

Here’s the rest

Clickbait: What Mama June Looks Like Now

I have to admit that even I was curious to see what Mama June looks like now. And I don’t even watch reality TV.

As People reports, her own children barely recognize her. 

“She looks great,” daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson said. “I’m really proud of her.” 

Here’s a link with photos

78 Year Old Ex-Priest Engaged To 24 Year Old

I hate to sound ageist, but this is really pushing it for me. I’m thrilled for them. Whatever they have going seems to work, but I still have to wonder a little. And don’t tell me other people aren’t wondering, too. I just admitting it aloud.

Former priest Philip Clements spent his life working for the Church of England. At 60, he retired from his job as a priest after deciding he could no longer hide who he truly was. Now, at 78-years-old, he just announced he’s marrying a man 54 years his junior. 

“I knew what was happening inside me but threw myself into my work,” Clements tells Kent Live, reflecting on his time in the clergy. “I didn’t let it worry me, but I realized something was nagging at me.” 
No comment. Here’s the rest.

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