Mental Health and Sexuality; Silver Foxes Will Turn You On

Mental Health and Sexuality
According to this article, mental health issues are not necessarily caused by a person’s sexuality, but the stigmas people face do play a role.
He said being gay, lesbian or bisexual was not a major risk for long-term mental health problems.

But same-sex attracted people were more likely to experience these mental health risk factors than heterosexual people.

There’s more here. There are some very strong points.

Silver Foxes Will Turn You On

I’ll admit that some men with gray hair look spectacular, and I do believe we should all try to age with dignity. But aging isn’t easy, and hair color does take ten years off a person. Of course that’s a choice, and I respect everyone’s choice to age the way that makes them feel the most comfortable. 

With that said…

2016 was the year of silver hair. Whether it came from the bottle, or from nature herself, men everywhere were proud to be one of the silver foxes and took pride in their coloring like never before.

You can check out the photos here. The models are all good looking, and one of them even left a comment on the thread below. His gray hair looks fantastic. But I still think it’s a choice. Personally, I believe in supporting all the talented hair colorists that are out there making people look (and feel) years younger.

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