Transgender Rights and the Fight Is On; Gavin Grimm On Transgender Students; Marriage Equality In Germany

Transgender Rights and the Fight Is On

I remember posting about my frustrations regarding same sex marriage more than once here on the blog. In one post in particular, I ranted a little about how almost every single politician out there kept saying, “leave it to the states to decide.” They all said they didn’t want to force beliefs on anyone. And that includes all previous Presidents. It wasn’t until SCOTUS ruled on same sex marriage that they all started to openly support same sex marriage…in public.

At the time I didn’t totally understand why President Obama just didn’t write an executive order so that same sex marriage could be legal on a federal level. Then he explained it once in an interview and that’s when it made sense to me. If same sex marriage hadn’t been won state by state in so many places, and SCOTUS hadn’t ruled the way they did, things might not have turned out the way they did. And, I finally understood what President Obama was talking about.

With that said, this move to rescind federal guidelines that protect trans kids really gutted me. It doesn’t even affect me personally, but I don’t think it’s fair to remove something that’s already been granted to a group of people, especially when it involves an issue as sensitive as transgender children. And even though Trump is trying to explain his latest move, I’m having a hard time understanding what motivated it.

Spicer repeatedly tried to portray Trump as personally in favor of transgender protections but also concerned with states rights. As proof, he pointed to Caitlyn Jenner once using the female bathroom at Trump Tower without incident.

‘The president was asked at one point Caitlyn Jenner was in Trump Tower and he said, “That’s great.” That’s consistent with everything he said. It’s a states rights issue. …The president obviously understands the issue and the challenges that especially young children face … what he doesn’t want to do is force his issues or beliefs.’

You can read more here. This is where people lose me when they say things like that. I don’t think this about a “belief.” I don’t buy it. This isn’t religion. I don’t think it’s fair to these trans kids to have to wait for someone to “evolve.” This is about equal rights for everyone, including transgender kids.

And the fight is on.

Gavin Grimm On Transgender Students

In case you haven’t been following the Gavin Grimm story, he’s the first trans person to take his case to the Supreme Court. Thanks to this brave kid, this topic has become a national discussion and it’s brought awareness to people like me.

The 17-year-old transgender teen says it is ‘upsetting’ and ‘disappointing’ to see the Trump administration has rescinded federal guidelines protecting transgender students at school – especially when it comes to using the bathroom.

‘Right now transgender students are probably feeling alone and they’re probably they’re probably feeling afraid because their government has just basically said that the protections that they do have, they don’t feel they are deserving of still being there,’ he told MSNBC on Thursday (23 February).

You can read more about Gavin here. This is one brave kid. I don’t even have the courage now that he has at his young age.

Marriage Equality In Germany

It’s hard to even believe that marriage equality in Germany is still an issue. But it is, and thankfully there are people fighting hard right now.

Germany’s Social Democrats (SPD) want to make marriage equality a main point of their electoral campaign.

That’s according to the ZDF, one of Germany’s publicly funded broadcasters, who quote an unnamed spokesperson for the party.

The SPD also wants to establish full adoption rights for same-sex couples.

There’s more here.

For those of you who have been silent on trans rights so far, just remember it wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t get married legally here in the US. 

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