New Walt Whitman Novel Discovered; Ageism On Grindr

New Walt Whitman Novel Discovered

Of course I’m posting about this news. Whitman was a classic writer, and he was gay…even though the terms “homosexual” and “gay” weren’t around during his time.

Although his writings on pleasure and desire attracted criticism, few commented at the time on his “Calamus” poems, which dealt with male-male affectional relationships. While modern readers consider these to refer to homosexuality, readers in Whitman’s day, and perhaps Whitman himself, understood the writings to describe intense expressions of same-sex friendships that were common at the time. While Whitman had homoerotic affections, scholars today generally agree that is misleading to label him a “homosexual” since that term did not exist in his time.

But that’s not the big news. This is the real story…

The 36,000-word “Life and Adventures of Jack Engle,” which was discovered last summer by a graduate student, is being republished online on Monday by The Walt Whitman Quarterly Review and in book form by the University of Iowa Press. A quasi-Dickensian tale of an orphan’s adventures, it features a villainous lawyer, virtuous Quakers, glad-handing politicians, a sultry Spanish dancer and more than a few unlikely plot twists and jarring narrative shifts.

You can read more about it here.

Ageism On Grindr

I might be wrong about this, and I’ve never used any hook up app in my life, however, I’ve always been led to believe that hook up apps are for hook ups. I’m sure there are some people looking for love and romance, but for the most part aren’t they usually just geared toward sex? And people have very distinct sexual preferences, not just gay men.

In any event, this particular article is about ageism on Grindr.

But there’s another twist: Despite my advanced age (which I choose not to reveal in my Grindr profile because, as a black man, I’m already subject to quite enough stereotypical sizing-up, thank you), most of the messages I receive on Grindr are from guys in their teens and twenties–many of whom insist they don’t want anything to do with anyone over 30.

I don’t totally get this one, and maybe that’s because I’ve never used a hook up app. You can check the rest of it out here, and there are comments.

I think it’s important to add that I’ve known more gay couples with vast age differences in my lifetime than I can count. And each relationship has always worked out well for both. So maybe this is just a hook up app thing, and no one should take hook up apps that seriously.

New Release


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