Hollywood Goes Gay Again; CoverGirl’s New Cover Boy’s Racist Tweet; Jim Parson’s On Success Later In Life

Hollywood Goes Gay Again

This is about the C.W’s Riverdale. I’ve never seen it.

In a relatively short time period, the C.W’s new Riverdale series has covered lots of ground.

There’s been a shirtless, pronouncedly muscular walk brought to you by J.K. Apa. (Contractually obligated, as work un-friendly blog Fleshbot reports.)

And now, gay character Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) has his first gay kiss in the Archie series. It’s a good one.

Here’s the rest. I guess people are still shocked by gay kisses. For a moment, I thought the 2000s were calling again. But this is recent.

CoverGirl’s New Cover Boy’s Racist Tweet

I didn’t even know CoverGirl had a new Cover Boy. And people aren’t too thrilled with him right now.

CoverGirls’ first ever “Cover Boy,” James Charles fired off a racist anti-Africa tweet yesterday and people are pissed. The tweet, which has since been deleted, joked about Africa being a disease-ridden place where he may catch Ebola…

There’s more here, with a screen shot of the tweet that he pulled down the minute people started to reply negatively, but he did post a full apology.

There are comments.

Jim Parson’s On Success Later In Life

I think this is true. And, we’ve all seen what happens when success comes too soon in life.

“There was plenty of time for unemployment,” he tells The Today Show. “There was plenty of time at the Coinstar cashing in for a night out.”

“I am grateful though that a success like the TV show didn’t happen until I was in my 30s. I had met Todd (Spiewack), my partner, long before that.”

Once he began working on The Big Bang Theory, he knew his life was forever changed.

Here’s more. I think talent has a lot to do with it. And he’s talent.

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