Washington DC Is Very LGBT; LGBT Activists Go Missing In Ukraine; Gays Raised In Religious Households

Washington DC Is Very LGBT

I never knew this. I would have imagined either NY or San Francisco.

A new report shows the District of Columbia (D.C.) in Washington has the highest population of self-identifying LGBTI people.

8.6% of people identify as LGBTI in the American state of D.C., followed by 5.3% in Vermont and 4.9% in California, Massachusetts and Oregon.

The report found that the Pacific, Middle Atlantic and Rocky Mountain regions have all had an increase in LGBTI residents.

It’s interesting, and the key word is self-identifying. There are still a lot in the closet.

You can check that out here.

LGBT Activists Go Missing In Ukraine

This is disturbing. Things don’t seem to be getting better in other parts of the world.

Two LGBTI activists have gone missing in separatist territory in eastern Ukraine.

Grey Violet, a Russian agender activist, and Victoria Miroshnichenko, a 27-year-old listed in some reports as a girlfriend, vanished in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR).

We do not know Violet’s preferred pronouns, but will use ‘they’ as Violet is also known as Oleg Vasilyev or Maria Shtern.

The pair were traveling to Donetsk, where they wanted to stage and film a public performance in support of the LGBTI community.

Here’s the rest of the story. Someone involved in the Human Rights Watch over there is calling for a “prompt and effective,” investigation. I hope there’s a follow up on this one. I’ll be watching.

Gays Raised In Religious Households

According to this article, many gays who are raised in religious households will most likely deal with mental issues that include depression and anxiety.

In a new study linking church attitudes toward same-sex relationships, the overarching influence of the church is having a negative influence on LGBTI people.

Oasis Foundation, a LGBTI-inclusive Christian charitable trust, has says it is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that Christian leaders are responsible for fueling negative messages about homosexuality in society, the media and in politics.

It makes sense to me. I went to 12 years of Catholic school and I always heard the negatives, but I always thought they were full of crap, too.

 You can read the rest here.

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