Can Trump End Same Sex Marriage? Katie Couric On Gender Identity; Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues Him

Can Trump End Same Sex Marriage?

I’ve seen this question going around social media for a while and everyone seems to have an opinion…most of which aren’t very accurate. But it’s a valid question many people are worried about. I’ve been curious myself. So I did a simple search and I found this article from the LA Times.

So, can Trump end same sex marriage?

No. Just as with abortion, the president can’t overturn a Supreme Court decision by himself, although he could appoint more conservative justices. Even then, the chance that the high court would reverse itself is very small. Unlike abortion, same-sex marriage has steadily gained in public approval.

It’s also important to keep in mind that same sex marriage and abortion are two different issues. Same sex marriage is more focused on commitment and celebration.

You can read the entire article here. It’s a good, quick rundown about executive power and other important things people are wondering about. There are still a lot of issues no one’s certain about right now because it’s too soon to tell what to expect.

I think it’s also important to remember that same sex marriage was won in many cases state by state as the result of a ruling. It was a long, difficult journey. And when Judge Jones struck down the ban on same sex marriage here in PA the Republican governor at the time did not fight him. However, there are still many things to worry about with regard to equality.

Katie Couric On Gender Identity

This is one of those announcement type links that lists several things happening right now, but if you scroll down you’ll find this one about Katie Couric and gender identity. I have no doubt this will continue to be an ongoing topic for the next several years.

Katie Couric heads up this two-hour National Geographic documentary, which delves into the very timely topic of gender identity in society. In the process, she speaks and finds enlightenment with a range of transgender individuals – including model/actress Harif Nef, and a child already beginning a gender transition – plus activists, medical experts, authors, and more. A truly probing, intelligent work that taps into part of the culture war being waged (HB2 anyone?), and coincides with the current, excellent gender-themed issue of the magazine on stands.

You can check it  out here.

Frank Ocean’s Dad Sues Him

I think most people know that Frank Ocean is an openly gay rapper who came out a few years ago. I love him (and everything he does) and I wait along with everyone else for his next release. I think he’s one of the true artists we have now. He never disappoints.

In any event…

Frank Ocean was just slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from his own father over a Tumblr post he wrote last summer.

Frank’s dad, self-proclaimed “singer, writer, and inventor” Calvin Cooksey, filed a defamation lawsuit against his son, citing a Tumblr post Frank wrote last summer short after the Orlando massacre, TMZ reports. In the post, Frank accused his father of using an anti-LGBTQ slur over 20 years ago.

It goes into a lot more detail here.

New Release


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