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A Dog’s Purpose and Animal Abuse Claims; Racism and D.C. Gay Bar; Russian Web Site Counts Gays In Cities; Bisexual Frat Boy and Masculinity

A Dog’s Purpose and Animal Abuse Claims

I’ve been following this one all week. It’s about the film, A Dog’s Purpose, and a video that surfaced showing a terrified German Shepherd being forced into water over some kind of waterfall. If you do a simple search you’ll find all kinds of information out there.

Time is money, as they say on set. That might explain the video, obtained by TMZ, of a fearful-looking dog being placed in turbulent water — ostensibly before he was ready — on the set of A Dog’s Purpose, which was filmed in Manitoba. The clip of the incident, where the dog, Hercules, later becomes submerged, went viral online and provoked calls to boycott the film ahead of its now-cancelled premiere.

You can read more about that here. I think this piece covers the story better than most other things I’ve read. I’m a dog owner and I know, almost instinctively, when my dogs are under stress and when something is about to stress them. I’ve never once forced my dogs to do something that would put them in a place of stress.

With that said, Hollywood person, Dennis Quaid, made a few strong statements about the movie, too. It’s also important to note that Quaid is starring in the film.

PETA has denounced the film, and there have been protests over it.

The protest was triggered by a TMZ video showing a trainer trying to pull the dog star — who was clearly unwilling and upset — into the water.  Producers say it was a one off, where the dog actually liked jumping in but they changed the angle and that’s why the dog freaked out.

And, here’s a link to the actual TMZ video that broke this news so you can decide for yourselves how you feel about this. I’ve seen it several times, and I’m still gutted. I’m also wondering why they continued to force the dog into the water, knowing he was freaked out, because they changed the angle. You wouldn’t force Meryl Streep into the water if she wasn’t ready. So why force the dog?

Racism and D. C. Bar

Here’s another story that reminds me of the one I posted about racism in the Philadelphia gay bar that opened up a long overdue discussion.

The manager of a popular gay bar in Washington, D.C. says he’s not racist despite some rather damning evidence to the contrary.

David Perruzza is the manager of JR’s in Dupont Circle. A recently leaked between him and Aram Vartian, a graphic designer hired to make promo material for the bar, shows the manager requesting a “hot white guy” instead of a black man in a 2012 advertisement.

There’s more here. There are 27 comments with this one.

Russian Web Site Counts Gays In Cities

I’ve been watching a show on Netflix called Between, where it seems the entire town of Pretty Lake is gayless…not a gay in sight. Totally gay-less. Well, in direct contrast, here’s a story about a Russian web site that actually estimates about how many gays there are in towns and cities.

“The website’s questionable methodology for ‘measuring gays’ relies on tracking the number of online requests for pornography in a city and compares it to the number of Internet searches for gay porn, and then applies the differential to the city’s total population and ‘calculates’ the LGBT population,” they report.

They then walk through what a user might experience.

“In Moscow, for example, the website says there are ‘173,851 gays,’ and warns visitors, ‘Oh my! That’s a lot of gays! Danger!’ while offering help in ‘fending off the gays.’

You can read the rest here. Someone should tell them about Pretty Lake.

Bisexual Frat Boy and Masculinity

I think this interesting because it’s an ongoing topic in my current work in progress. I wanted to write about a gay character who questions his own masculinity constantly, and who breaks down the stereotypes.

This article is about a frat boy who identifies as bisexual, and who questions everything he’s ever been told about masculinity and how he should think and behave.

For the first 19 years of my life, I lived under the impression that in order to be recognized as an equal to other men, I had to fit the mold. It was the small details — the words I said, the way I behaved and the things I did — that made me self-conscious of my own identity,” writes 19-year-old Allen Pham, in an article titled “What does it mean to be a man?” for Daily Trojan, the student newspaper of the University of Southern California.

You can read it all here. I think we need more conversations about this, for men only.

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James Franco’s "I Am Michael";There Are Gay Christians; A New Anti-Hate Dating Site

James Franco’s I Am Michael

I used to be kind of hard on James Franco, but I’ve been taking a few steps back lately for specific reasons. One, what Hollywood in general does to gay content, gay culture, and gay men is usually so filled with heteronormative cultural appropriation it’s painful to watch. And two, because Franco really does seem interested in making things as authentic as he possibly can. And he works with a lot of openly gay actors. He seems to make a point of doing this and he doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

Here’s something about the film, I Am Michael, and the openly gay actor who is in it, Charlie Carver, along with James Franco and Zachary Quinto.

Carver came out in January last year and says working alongside out-gay actor Zachary Quinto has been immensely rewarding.

‘I’m so glad to have met, worked with and become friends with Zach,’ Carver said.

‘He’s somebody who I admire very much and somebody who has carried who he is out in the public in a very admirably way.’

There’s more here, with photos. I Am Michael is available for download at the iTunes store. It’s definitely not a gay romance, but they claim it’s a true story and there is sex in it. You can read more about the movie here. 

There Are Gay Christians

I think the focus of this story should be more about the fact that there are gay Christians. It’s something we overlook. Although I’m not all that religious myself, I know more than a few gay Catholics and Protestants.

This article is more focused on what happened when gay Christians set up a stall at a Christian music festival.

But this year, when Christian group Incendo tried to display signs that said ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’ and ‘transgender’, organizers of the event shut it down.

The stall also displayed materials about gay Christians, including a documentary about a Christian lesbian couple with a child.

Organizers of the event said the signs were not appropriate for families attending the festival.

Of course I think that’s wrong, but I’m not all that shocked by it either. There are so many people who don’t realize that not too long ago anything gay related was considered “for adults only” in the mainstream.

You can check this out here. As the article states, we have a long way to go.

A New Anti-Hate Dating Site

I wasn’t even sure how to title this part of the post. There’s a new dating site that’s devoted to people who are tired of being called homophobic, among other pejoratives, because they supported Trump. At least that’s what I’m getting from it. From what I gather, an estimated 44% of the users are straight women.

The site now has over 26,000 users, including 8,000 who signed up after President Trump’s successful election.

After the US, Russia has the highest number of users, followed by Australia and then the UK.

You can read more here. The owner claims he wants to bring America back together again with this site, which doesn’t make much sense to me. How does one bring people together again by creating more of a divide?

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John Hurt Who Played Quentin Crisp; San Francisco’s Sexual Revolution; How Many Hours Do You Spend On Hook Up Apps?

John Hurt Who Played Quentin Crisp

I hated to read that John Hurt passed away. I always liked him, especially when he played the role of Quentin Crisp. He did this during a time when there wasn’t much gay content out there, and when no one even knew who Quentin Crisp was.

I was actually inspired so much by Hurt’s performance as Quentin Crisp, I wrote Crisp into one of my books that’s titled, A Christmas Carl. I once posted about that, here.

The storyline revolves around love, hope, miracles and second chances. When the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come pays a visit to the main character, Carl Smite, it’s actually the ghost of gay icon Quentin Crisp. Mr. Crisp was born on December 25th, and I thought it would be fitting to help him show Carl how he can get back the love of his life, save his son from a horrible death, and spend the rest of his life giving to others instead of taking from them.    

That particular book now has a new home with Riverdale Avenue Books in NY. I’ll post a link below.

In any event, the world lost another wonderful performer. But he left a wonderful legacy, too.

Hurt’s role in the made-for-TV film The Naked Civil Servant, first broadcast on ITV in 1975 – as well as its 2009 follow-up, An Englishman in New York – identified him with Crisp, whose transgressive public behaviour had made him a pioneer in altering public attitudes to homosexuality in the late 1960s and early 70s.

It’s a good tribute to Hurt, and you can read the rest of it here.


San Francisco’s Sexual Revolution

I’ve always been very curious about the sexual revolution, mainly because I wasn’t part of it.

 No city has as salacious a past as San Francisco (and we mean salacious in a good way) with early watering holes like The Dash. This establishment opened in 1908 and was almost immediately shuttered after a scandal involving a city judge propositioning the cross-dressing staff. Through the 30s, Finocchio’s and Mona’s were the place for drag acts, both for kings and queens.

It’s a long article, and it goes on to mention a few more things I didn’t know about. You can check that out here. 

How Many Hours Do You Spend On Hook Up Apps?

I can tell you for certain, I don’t spend any hours on hook up apps. Although I’ve been posting about them for a while, I’ve never actually even used a hook up app. Evidently, I’m in the minority…or, maybe not??

“I am an out gay man living in an urban area,” he writes in a new confessional published by the Guardian. “I spend hours and hours online looking at hook-up ads on my phone. In addition, I hook up a lot. It is wonderful and awful in equal measure.”

You can check that one out here. It goes on to talk about addiction and some other interesting things. But I found the comments even more interesting. Several people don’t even use hook up apps, and one said he only checked them occasionally. I know there are a lot of guys using them, but I wonder just how many are NOT using them as well. We never get that data in any magazine article.

A Christmas Carl

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Penis Art Is Art, Too; Dude With Longest Penis On Earth; She Cut Off Her Lover’s Penis

Penis Art Is Art, Too

When I owned my art gallery in the late 90s here in New Hope, PA, I represented one adorable elderly woman artist with a thick German accent who focused strictly on penis art. She was amazing. She drew penises, painted penises, sculpted penises, and even designed soap penises. For her, it was all about the penis.

She was especially known for her gilded penises…which she referred to as her, “Golden Rod Series.” Her penis art came in all sizes, shapes and colors. Her work always sold for me, and to a variety of art clients who appreciated the male form, and she was never at a loss for inspiration. She truly made the most of her retirement years.

With that said, here’s a link to some interesting penis art on Etsy.

Here’s a link to Wiki Commons, titled “Erect Human Penis Art.” 

And here’s one called The Penis Art Gallery. 

These are just a few of several links out there, in case you’re interested. I found most of them fascinating.

Dude With Longest Penis On Earth

Here’s a recent story about the dude with the longest penis in the world.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, from Saltillo, Mexico, has a penis measuring a colossal 18.9 inches when flaccid but has rejected the possibility of having a reduction.

He made headlines worldwide in 2015 after a video went viral showing him weighing his member to prove its authenticity.
You have to check him out here. The web site is SFW. And there is a twist to this story that I hate to reveal too soon. 
Evidently, this same dude has been promoting his penis a lot lately. In this article he claims his massive penis keeps him from working. There’s a video with this one, and you can see him walking down the street, with his penis swinging around…and you can see how he wraps his penis to keep himself comfortable. 
Again, there’s a twist to this story I’d rather not get into here on the blog. 
She Cut Off Her Lover’s Penis
This is recent news. It’s about a jilted woman who got so upset when her lover told her that he was marrying another woman she cut off his penis. 

She hatched a plot to stop him sleeping with the other woman by luring him to her home for kinky sex.

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But after blindfolding the 23-year-old guy, she grabbed a reaping hook and slashed off his penis.

Then she disappeared outside with it as her blood-drenched boyfriend wailed in excruciating pain.

There’s a twist to this one, too, much sadder than the one above. This took place in another country, and the guy was locked into an arranged marriage with no way out. So he didn’t even turn his girlfriend in. Instead, he claims that he cut off his penis on his own.

Now the girlfriend is facing attempted murder charges.

You can read the rest here. Unfortunately, doctors don’t think they’ll be able to reattach his penis.

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Have Lots and Lots and Lots of Sex; Mr. Clean Is One Hot Daddy; Chris Salvatore Cares For Elderly Neighbor

Have Lots and Lots and Lots of Gay Sex

I thought this was wonderful. Of course you have to “get” the context first, which many in the comments didn’t seem to grasp. However, I think the general point behind it is brilliant and empowering.

Davey Wavey interviewed LGBT Historian, Tim McCarthy, and McCarthy made some spot on comments…along with an abridged lesson in LGBT history.

Have sex. Have lots and lots and lots of sex. Sex has always been a revolutionary act, especially queer sex. It both honors the protest that’s required to stand up to the world around us, but it also honors and validates who we are. So, number one, if that’s all you can do, you’re still doing a great thing, okay?

But there’s so much more. I promise that’s not all this interview is about. You have to actually watch it to see what I mean. McCarthy talks about strength, caring, all the things that are positive about people who fall under the umbrella of LGBT.

You can watch some of the video here.

And, you can also read books about gay sex, love, and romance.

Mr. Clean Is One Hot Daddy

It’s Friday. Sometimes you need to just focus on the lighter side of life. Or, sometimes you just need to get away from creeps like that Milo Yiannapapadolapolis.

It’s a long-established fact that Mr. Clean is a stone cold fox. You know, as far as animated fictional brand mascots go.

But despite his reputation for bringing all the boys to the yard, we were simply not prepared for the newest commercial from the company, set to air during the Super Bowl.

You can check out the video here.

It’s actually funnier than it is sexy, at least I didn’t find anything sexy about it. But you might feel differently.

Chris Salvatore Cares For Elderly Neighbor

Chris Salvatore is a rare breed. He’s an openly gay actor in Hollywood, and, he’s got a huge heart.

As grotesque as the general landscape is out there, it’s important to remember that not everyone is a craven opportunist hoping to misdirect people from their blackened hearts.

Case in point: Openly gay actor Chris Salvatore, who, apropos of nothing, has taken in his 89-year-old neighbor Norma Cook (and her cat Hermes.)

There’s a lot more here, with photos and gifs.

We were caregivers for both my mother and father and I always tell people it’s one of the most rewarding things anyone can do in life. And when it’s over, you’ll miss that care-giving more than you ever imagined.

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Roxane Gay, Simon and Schuster, and Milo Yiannopoulos; RPI Marty Tyler Moore; Hate Crime Attack On Palm Springs Gay Couple

Roxane Gay, Simon and Schuster, and Milo Yiannopoulos

Here’s an article that’s been trending on Twitter all day. Evidently, feminist author, Roxane Gay, wasn’t thrilled with the fact that Simon and Schuster worked out a big book deal with gay conservative pundit, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Gay was scheduled to release How to Be Heard with TED in March 2018, but she told BuzzFeed News she “couldn’t bring herself” to turn in the manuscript after hearing Yiannopoulos’ book would be published by the same parent company. “I was supposed to turn the book in this month and I kept thinking about how egregious it is to give someone like Milo a platform for his blunt, inelegant hate and provocation,” Gay said.

While I support her strong beliefs, and even though I won’t be reading Milo’s book any time soon, I do support Milo’s right to get it published. But please don’t get me wrong, I applaud Roxane Gay for standing up for her beliefs, because I’m not fond of slick, clever political pundits like Milo who spin and twist and exploit situations and emotions for the sake of making a good, fast buck.  I just wanted to be clear about that. In general, that’s a huge issue in our society. So many people are too willing to trust these pundits…all of them.

I’m sure Roxane Gay will find a new home for her book. And if she doesn’t, she can contact me and I’ll pub it for her, in digital and print, and she can charge her readers less than Simon and Schuster would have.

You can read more about Roxane Gay here.

Simon and Schuster made their statement already about publishing Milo’s book.

“We do not and never have condoned discrimination or hate speech in any form,” the company said in a statement released Friday. “At Simon & Schuster we have always published books by a wide range of authors with greatly varying, and frequently controversial opinions, and appealing to many different audiences of readers. While we are cognizant that many may disagree vehemently with the books we publish we note that the opinions expressed therein belong to our authors, and do not reflect either a corporate viewpoint or the views of our employees.”

You can read more about that here.

RIP Mary Tyler Moore

I discovered The Mary Tyler Moore Show a few years ago on one of those cable channels that plays old sitcom classics all the time. The minute I started watching I was hooked. It’s hard to beat Moore’s brand of comedy, and it’s impossible to find her kind of talent anywhere these days. She was one of those people who are destined to be great.

“Today, beloved icon, Mary Tyler Moore, passed away at the age of 80 in the company of friends and her loving husband of over 33 years, Dr. S. Robert Levine,” her spokesperson Mara Buxbaum said in a statement. “A groundbreaking actress, producer, and passionate advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Mary will be remembered as a fearless visionary who turned the world on with her smile.”

You can read more about that here.

Hate Crime Attack On Palm Springs Gay Couple

This is a little disconcerting. We’re heading out to Palm Springs for the month of March and part of April. I’ll be tweeting and posting from the road about the trip. It’s a cross country road trip, with an 8 year old poodle and a 15 year old Westie we adopted a year ago.

And I just read about this…

Two men who attacked a gay couple in Palm Springs during Halloween weekend in 2015 have pleaded guilty. The crime may have contributed to the death of one of the victims who was a well-known gay rights activist in the area.

Christopher James Carr and Keith Edward Terranova have admitted to assaulting George and Christopher Zander near the city’s main gay nightlife district.

You can check this out here. Very sad story that goes into more detail. If something like this can happen in gay friendly Palm Springs, it can happen anywhere.

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Barry Jenkins Not Gay, and Moonlight Gay Film; Catholic School Boy Sext Scandal; Ryan Gosling’s Wax Sculpture Drama

Barry Jenkins Not Gay, and Moonlight Gay Film

I can hear you all groaning now, but this bothers me a little and I can’t let it go. When I post about these things, I’m not trying to be negative. It’s because I’m genuinely confused. It’s the second time this week I’ve seen it happen.

I know this film is thrilling everyone, and I will see it myself. But even if I love it, part of me will be disappointed, once again, that it wasn’t written by someone who is gay and knows the gay experience first hand. I just don’t see why we can’t get that basic PC respect when every other minority does.

It’s been incredible to watch Moonlight, director Barry Jenkins’ depiction of Black gay love and coming of age, make its way from art house darling to mainstream drama, racking up countless accolades and a recent Golden Globe win for Best Drama along the way.

And as far as conventional cinematic success goes, the last stop on the train is Oscarville. All year films are hyped as “Oscar contenders,” and more often than not it’s just a lot of hot air. Moonlight is the exception.

There’s more here. With photos.

Here’s more about Barry Jenkins the writer/director. 

It’s not that I believe straight men can’t write gay stories, but I’d really like to see gay people get the same PC consideration that other minorities receive. Because if this were any other minority, Meryl Streep would be giving a speech about it, and someone would be calling for a boycott of this film. And you know they would. Think back to the Stonewall movie.

Roland Emmerich‘s drama “Stonewall” comes with the tagline “Where Pride Began,” but for many LGBT advocates the indie film opening on Friday is not a source of pride but anger

And for the record, I’m not talking about straight women who write gay romance. I think that’s totally different than what’s going on here. The straight women who write gay romance absolutely love what they are doing, they do it from the heart, and they put a different spin on things in their own unique ways. They aren’t trying to mimic gay men. They’re doing their own interpretations. I just wanted to make that clear. And I think it’s an important distinction.

As you can see below they even admit in this article that most people assume Jenkins is gay.  I thought he was at first. It’s a natural assumption.

Maybe I’m wrong? Maybe we should just let straight men continue doing this for us? Come take my culture, and be glib about it while you’re at it, and make a lot of money. Have fun. Get Oscars. We’re nice people. We don’t mind. We’ll even help you do it.

Moonlight is being hailed as one of the best movies of 2016, and an instant LGBT film classic. Naturally, most audiences would assume that the director of Moonlight, Barry Jenkins is gay, but he’s actually straight. 

So do most people who see the movie assume that he’s gay? “They do! All the time.” replied Jenkins.

Catholic School Boy Sext Scandal

I posted about this before, too. Evidently, people still remember the Mike Yenni Catholic school boy sexting thing. They’re not letting Yenni off the proverbial hook either.

Well, during a 50-minute appearance on a midday radio show yesterday, the 40-year-old father of two was bombarded with questions from angry callers who wanted to know more about the whole sexting scandal.

There’s more here.

Ryan Gosling’s Wax Sculpture Drama

Some people aren’t thrilled about the new wax sculpture of Ryan Gosling.

 Madame Tussauds Berlin just unveiled their freshly-hewn Ryan Gosling wax figure, and it’s too much for the Internet to take.’

MTV? They couldn’t handle it: “Ryan Gosling’s New Wax Figure Will Strike Fear Into Your Soul,” warns the headline.

You can check that out here. There’s a photo of the sculpture. I don’t think it looks that bad. I’m sure it’s not as good as Gosling in the firm, hard flesh, but it works for me.

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