If Xavier Dolan’s A Bottom ; The Show That Fired John Barrowman For Being Gay; "Hamilton" Fans Getting Their Pockets Picked

If Xavier Dolan’s A Bottom

I always find it interesting when people think that gay men are either tops or bottoms…and that it’s so simple to define. In some cases it is, and I even do that in my books a lot…because I’m writing fiction/fantasy/escapism. But in most cases in real life, it’s not that simple.

Your film ‘Tom at the Farm,’ to me, feels like it’s about a bottom. Even the way it’s shot is this dance between a submissive protagonist and a domineering top.

It is a dance. I don’t have a problem with putting myself in a submissive position. [Pause.] Are you trying to make me confess? Are you trying to make me come out as a bottom here?

You can check that out here

 Stepbrothers In the Attic by Ryan Field

The Show That Fired John Barrowman For Being Gay

I like Barrowman, and I like how he handles himself on social media. I also like that he tells the truth about what it’s like to be openly gay in Hollywood.

Remember the soap opera Central Park West? It was sort of a thing in the mid-’90s.

Well, producers apparently fired John Barrowman from the show after learning he was gay and unwilling to stay in the closet.

It goes into more detail here

“Hamilton” Fans Getting Their Pockets Picked

Evidently, the people who are going to see the highly successful Broadway show, Hamilton, are getting a huge surprise they didn’t count on.

The home of “Hamilton,” the Richard Rogers Theater in New York City, is not just “the room where it happened” — the stage for Broadway’s most successful show and hottest ticket — but for the past six months its stage door has been a crime scene. 

The NYPD tells the New York Daily News a pickpocket has lifted the wallets of unsuspecting theatergoers at least a half-dozen times since May. Following each performance of the musical, a large throng typically gathers outside the stage door to greet the actors, take selfies and get autographs — a crowd that this thief has been infiltrating for personal profit without once getting caught. 

You can check that out, here. They’ve posted a photo of the woman they believe is committing the crimes. 

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