Will Hollywood Portray Disabled Gay Characters? Some History on Jeff Sessions; Duck Dynasty Canceled

Will Hollywood Portray Disabled Gay Characters? 

Here’s an interesting piece about gay disabled characters and TV.

According to GLAAD’s 2016 “Where We Are on TV” report, the percentage of series regulars with disabilities this year has risen to 1.7 percent (15 characters), up from last year’s 0.9 percent (eight characters). It is an “amazing” accomplishment, according to Ryan O’Connell, a gay and disabled TV/film writer and author of “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves,” a memoir based on his life as gay and disabled–but still not enough. 

Well that’s finally something encouraging for a change. I hope it continues. Hollywood doesn’t have the best track record.

You can check out the rest here

Some Disturbing History On Jeff Sessions

I would be remiss if I didn’t post about things like this once in a while. Even though I hate politics myself, I do know that many people are concerned about the future. Unfortunately, this one about Jeff Sessions doesn’t sound too encouraging, and that’s because it looks as if he’s going to be the Attorney General.

Here are a few things about his past record.

  • In 2000, Sessions voted against an amendment that would expand the definition of hate crimes to include sexual orientation. He voted against it a second time in 2002.
  • In 2004 and again in 2006, Sessions voted in favor of advancing the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would defined marriage across the entire  United States as a union of one man and one woman.
  • In 2010, Sessions voted against repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
  • In 2011, Sessions spoke out against President Obama and in defense of DOMA.

 You can read the rest here. There’s more.

With all due respect, not the best way for President Elect Trump to gain supporters from the LGBT community, and those who support the LGBT community.

Duck Dynasty Canceled

I’m sure everyone has heard about Duck Dynasty being canceled by now, but I know a lot of people haven’t seen the Twitter reaction.

After more than a week of seemingly endless bad news, we finally have something genuinely good to report: After five long years and 11 tired seasons, A&E is finally pulling the plug on its flagship white trash reality series Duck Dynasty. 

According to sources, ending the show was a mutual decision between the cast and the network. The final season will be split into two parts, with the series finale airing sometime in April.

You can check out the Tweets here. I’ve never even seen one episode of DD.

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