Philly Gay Basher Sentenced; Tom Hardy Gets Naked Again; Gay Son Embarrasses Mom At Church

Philly Gay Basher Sentenced

I’ve been following this case since September, 2014. I haven’t posted anything until now because I was waiting for a sentencing.

A Philadelphia Common Pleas judge has sentenced Kathryn Knott, 25, to 5-10 months in jail for her involvement in an attack on a gay couple in September, 2014.


In December of last year, Knott was found guilty of simple assault, conspiracy and reckless endangerment.

She was found not guilty of more serious aggravated assault charges and not guilty of charges against the other victim, explaining her seemingly light sentence.

You can read the rest here. There’s also a history of the case.

This reminds me of a time when I was in Philadelphia with five or six friends. We’d just come from a political fundraiser and we were headed to dinner at a restaurant about ten blocks away. I wanted to take a cab. The others wanted to walk. It was a nice spring night. We got about two blocks away when a group of young thugs started bullying and calling gay slurs out to one of the more effeminate members of our group. They were targeting him, in particular. I was walking behind everyone, next to a friend who was in his 70’s at the time. I looked at my friend and said, “Taxi?” He nodded yes, I hailed a cab, and the rest of our friends took their chances walking. It was money well spent.

Tom Hardy Gets Naked Again

Here’s a link to a piece about Tom Hardy stripping down again. I’ve always thought of him as one of those rare actors that really gets into a role and he doesn’t care what it takes to get it right.

Hardy goes all the way in for his roles, and stripped all the way down while shooting a scene for his upcoming period miniseries Taboo in London. The scene called for him to do a little skinny dipping, and some enterprising paparazzi caught Mad Max going the full Hardy. It’s certainly not the first time Tom has bared all for his art and we hope it’s not the last. You can see the latest pics here. You’re welcome.

You can read more here. And here’s a direct link to the photos.  

Now THAT is a good looking man.

Gay Son Embarrasses Mom At Church

This is another one of those seeking advice pieces. Evidently, a mom is going into panic mode because her gay son embarrasses her at church.

“We are part of a church group,” Mom continues, “and I fear that if people in that group find out they will make fun of me for having a gay child.”

Poorly constructed syntax aside, there are already some major red flags here. But it gets worse.

“He won’t listen to reason, and he will not stop being gay. I feel as if he is doing this just to get back at me for forgetting his birthday for the past three years; I have a busy work schedule.”

I’m wondering what a gay guy is doing at a church like that in the first place. I also always wonder how true these Dr. Phil-ish advice columns are. I once worked as an editor for a small astrology magazine back in the 90s. And whenever the so-called psychics didn’t meet deadlines, the managing editor would tell me to just pull horoscopes that had already been published from ten years earlier. And the faithful who follow astrology never knew the difference. Oh, it happens…and I didn’t work there for long. 

You can read the rest here. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency

L’uomo Magico: Book 2 Kindle Edition




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