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Michael Sam and the NFL; Dismal Gay Farmville Game; Twitter’s Reaction To Kanye and Butt Stuff

Michael Sam and the NFL

He’s the league’s first openly gay football player, he’s received a great deal of attention since he came out, and he’s inspired a lot of gay men all over the world.

And yet Michael Sam was cut from two teams in 2014. I know the argument. I’ve heard it before. Many claim it’s because he’s not good enough, however, I don’t buy it.

In any event, he’s giving it one more try.

So far the league has done nothing but break Sam’s heart. He was cut from the St. Louis Rams after playing the pre-season for the team in 2014 then picked up by the Dallas Cowboys for its practice squad only to be cut a month later.

Last summer, the defensive end was signed to a two-year deal by the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes. 

But during training camp, the former University of Missouri star left for two-weeks to deal with ‘personal matters.’ He sat out the teams’ first five games then played in just one game before quitting the team saying he was concerned with his mental health after the stress of the previous 12 months.

I didn’t even know about the last part.

You can read the rest here.

It can’t be easy.  I know the discrimination I face all the time in publishing, and publishing is one of the more liberal industries. So it just can’t be easy for Sam to fight and survive in that kind of heteronormative environment. 

I hope he truly realizes and understands just what an inspiration he’s been to so many people.

Dismal Gay Farmville Game

I haven’t seen it, but according to this article a new version of Farmville…gay Farmville…leaves a great deal to be desired.

While you wouldn’t expect a family-friendly game to have a sign saying ‘God Hates Fags’, for example, there is no context to why these people exist or why Pride is necessary.

As you march around town, if you touch the protesters they will hurt you and remove one of your floats. If you lose all of them, you lose the mission.

Andrea Ritsu, a lesbian trans gamer, wrote a powerful criticism of PrideFest about this issue.

You can read more here.

I can’t comment on the game because I haven’t even seen it, but I do find the pride aspect interesting. I’ve never even been to a “Pride” event, and I’ve been openly gay for most of my life.

Twitter’s Reaction To Kanye and Butt Stuff

Now I know what this was all about on Twitter. I noticed Kanye and “anal” something trending yesterday and I never bothered to check it out. …Seriously.

Twitter reacted hilariously to Kanye West denying he is into butt stuff.

In case you missed it, the rapper went in on Wiz Khalifa for apparently digging at his music. Khalifa had used ‘KK’, a shorthand for weed, as a shot at his wife Kim Kardashian.

Kanye then accused of ‘letting a stripper trap you’, in reference to his ex-girlfriend and Khalifa’s ex-wife, Amber Rose.

All you need to know is Kanye doesn’t care for butt play just like millions of other people. 

In case you really care about more, you can read about it here.

Fangsters 2

"President Trump" and Gay Voters; Tracy Gold and Kirk Cameron; Aretha Franklin’s Doing A Patti Pie LaBelle

“President Trump” and Gay Voters

I’m linking to another highly slanted political piece that I think is op-ed. It has to be, otherwise there’s absolutely no hope left for LGBT journalism anymore. This one is about what it might be like if Donald Trump were to become President. It’s about as vituperative as any political piece can get, and the most interesting thing is that in the author’s quest to slam Trump, he winds up looking about 100 times more vulgar than Trump ever did. We’re talking major hater hate this time.

Take a look at this.

Thanks to an orange-haired blowhard

I think that’s called shaming. Oh wait, yeah, that’s definitely what it is. I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I believe the person you portray yourself to be online is pretty much the person you really are.  In other words, I have no great love for Donald Trump or any of the candidates running for President, however, I don’t believe in shaming of any kind, and especially not when it comes to physical appearance. It’s wrong.

The main reason I’m linking to this…because normally I would just ignore it…is for the comments. I thought it was interesting the way gay people…or people reading a gay article in a gay press…reacted to the prospect of Trump becoming President. I love the comments with all articles I read and I  always learn something from them.

In this particular case the comments seem pretty much across the board, and I was actually surprised to see so many positive comments about Trump.

He is the only candidate who can afford to say what he thinks not what people want to hear because he is not beholden to any particular group or lobby.

Others hate Trump and there’s a lot more shaming. You can read them all here. 

Tracy Gold and Kirk Cameron

I think almost everyone knows by now that former TV sitcom star, Kirk Cameron, is anti-gay marriage and it’s based on his religious beliefs. He’s been honest about it.

His co-star, Tracy Gold, who doesn’t agree with him, gave an eloquent statement recently explaining what happened when she tweeted in favor of equal rights for all.

“I was asked, on Twitter. I was just bombarded with, ‘What do you think, what do you think, what do you think, what do you think?’ I felt like my silence in that moment was not beneficial. I just wanted to … say what I felt and what my own belief was, which was love and marriage for all.

It kind of escalated, and I finally [decided], ‘You know, I’m going to call Kirk and just let him know that I was asked. I just voiced my opinion.

It doesn’t mean that I hate him or we’re in a fight or a feud,” she says. “Just like family, we just disagree.

“He’s like, ‘I’m not mad at you at all. I totally get it. I gave my opinion, you gave yours. We’re good.’ All right. Great.”

You can read the rest here. All’s well that ends well.

Aretha Franklin’s Doing A Patti Pie LaBelle

I’m all for free enterprise and I find this amusing in a harmless way. I hope they sell millions and make more millions. But who would have thought two of the best vocal artists of our time would wind up hocking sweet potato pies in WalMart, and jarred Chili and baked Chicken Gumbo?!?

You may remember that LaBelle made national headlines over the holiday season after Walmart couldn’t keep her Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie, priced at just $3.49, on its shelves. The pies literally sold one per second for 72 hours straight before completely selling out, leading to a public outcry for “More pies! More pies!” and requiring WalMart to rush order an additional two million pounds — yes, two million pounds — of sweet potatoes to meet the demand.

Now, Franklin hopes to do the same. She just announced she’ll be releasing her own brand of Aretha Franklin chili, gumbo and baked chicken, plus a few desserts.

You can read the rest here. 

I don’t blame Franklin. Why should LaBelle have all the fun?

Fangsters 2

FREE Gay Fiction Excerpt; Susan Sarandon, Hillary, and Gays; Gus Kenworthy and Russian Hotel Room; Nate Berkus True Story

Susan Sarandon, Hillary, and Gays

Susan Sarandon tossed a little shade in Hillary Clinton’s direction with a few honest, accurate comments about Hillary’s stand on gay rights. You can’t knock Sarandon for this one. For the most part, she’s right.

The actress and activist lent her star power to a Bernie Sanders rally in Iowa on Thursday (28 January) evening, where she blasted the former secretary of state for voting for the Iraq War, taking money from Wall Street and ‘equivocating’ on issues such as gay marriage.

‘It’s one thing to be for gay rights and gay marriage once everybody else is for it. That’s not difficult,’ she told a crowd of Sanders supporters.

Sanders, on the other hand, is ‘untainted’ and ‘has managed to consistently be on the right side of every issue the correct side of every issue that reflects my concerns,’ she later told

You can read more here. 

I know the comments about Hillary are true, but I’m not so sure about Sanders.  According to, Sanders was did not always support gay marriage…support being the key word.

But his record on gay marriage is more complicated than he now makes it sound. While Sanders generally opposed measures to ban gay marriage, he did not speak out in favor of it until 2009. That’s still ahead of Clinton, who released a YouTube video announcing her support in 2013, as well as most other Democratic Senators, but not as early as he’s now casting it.

So Sarandon is partially correct. But I do like…love…what Sanders said here:

“I’m not evolving when it comes to gay rights. I was there,” Sanders told the New York Times earlier this year.

That word. Evolving. It’s been used by Hillary too many times and I’m not too thrilled with it.  An apology might be more appropriate.

Gus Kenworthy and Russian Hotel Room

When Gus Kenworthy tried to check into a hotel room in Russia with his boyfriend he got an interesting surprise.

‘I had been in Russia the year before for the test event with my boyfriend and they wouldn’t let us check into the hotel room. They were like, “Two guys can’t be in the same bed,”‘ Kenworthy tells Attitude magazine.

Kenworthy, 25, came out publicly last fall and remained firmly closeted during that competition and during the Olympics.

‘It felt shitty,’ he said of being closeted at that time.

‘I wasn’t worried about being targeted necessarily, because nobody knew that I was gay but I still felt uncomfortable knowing how Russia, the country and the government, felt about me,’ he says.

You can read more here. Since coming out, Kenworthy has become somewhat of an inspiration and example to gay men all over the globe. And it’s really mostly about what he says and how he says it. It’s always good to hear from him.

Nate Berkus True Story

If you’ve never watched Nate Berkus on The Home Shopping Network, you’ve missed something interesting. He’s not only talented, but he’s also honest, up front, and you never get the feeling he’s pushing anything too hard.

Berkus also has an interesting story to tell, a story that trumps those of most people, gay or straight. I’ve known about it for a long time, but in case you didn’t…

It was a decade earlier that photographer Fernando Bengoechea had been swept out to sea when a tsunami struck Sri Lanka where the couple had been vacationing. Berkus managed to survive the disaster that took more than 30,000 lives but the pain long remained.

 ‘I didn’t know how to articulate what I needed from a new relationship,’ Berkus says in a new interview with his mentor Oprah Winfrey on an episode of Where Are They Now which airs Sunday (24 January).

When Tony was hospitalized, near death, in the summer of 2007, I remember catching an interview with Berkus late at night by accident, and at the time he was a huge inspiration to me. I thought if Berkus can go through all that, I can get through all this. And I did, partly thanks to many of the things he said in that interview. 

I also love his white sheets.

You can read the rest here.


Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book in The Rainbow Detective Agency series, Rancho Mirage. It’s going to be the last book in the series…for now. And I wanted to tie up a story line with one of the minor characters. I tie up a few other things as well. The following excerpt is from a part of the book where Blair and Proctor attend a small LGBT business conference in Rancho Mirage, CA, where they get into a little more trouble than they expected. Blair is not too thrilled to be there either.

On the way down to the banquet room, Proctor reached over to adjust Bob’s black tie. “You look nice tonight, too, Bob. You certainly do dress up very well.” He said this on purpose. He adjusted Bob’s tie in a seductive way on purpose as well. He’d already complimented the way Bob looked and he’d been completely ignoring Blair to see if he could get a reaction from Blair.
Blair looked down at the floor and frowned. “No one said anything about how I look tonight.” He was talking to Proctor and everyone knew it.
Proctor smiled and reached over to adjust Blair’s tie. “I’m sorry. I’ll fix that. You look better than any man has ever looked in a formal tuxedo, and better than any man will ever look again.” Then he patted Blair on the cheek and smiled even wider.
“Oh, you are an evil, cruel man,” Blair said. He glanced at Proctor and almost laughed. “I see I’ve taught you very well. Now you’re beating me at my own game.”
“And you love every minute of it,” Proctor said.
Bob laughed. “Okay, guys. Calm yourselves. Before you rip off each other’s clothes, the elevator is about to stop and the doors are going to open.”
“They can’t help themselves,” Vina said to Bob. “They’ve been like this since the beginning. They argue, they insult each other, they complain, and then they make love. It’s their game. It’s what they do best. I’m used to it. You’ll get used to it eventually.”
Proctor and Blair exchanged a glance and shrugged at the same time, as if they had no idea what Vina was talking about.
Before Blair had a chance to reply, the elevator opened and Bob said, “Should I pretend I’m Vina’s escort tonight?” He smiled at Vina. “I don’t mind in the least. I would be honored.”
Proctor thought that was one of the nicest things he’d heard all week, however, he had other plans for Vina. “No. You’re with us tonight, Bob, and I don’t care who wonders about it. The whole point of Vina being here is to meet new people and have a little fun for a change. If guys think she’s with you no one will come over to her.”
“I don’t mind,” Vina said, with a shaky voice. “I’ll let Bob be my escort. It’s fine with me. Maybe I should take things slowly tonight.”
Proctor stepped out of the elevator and they all followed him toward the banquet room. “Don’t get nervous now, Vina. You’ve come a long way and this is no time to back out. I have a feeling you’re going to be very surprised tonight.”  Although Vina wasn’t a raving beauty there was something about her general appearance that exuded sex appeal. It was the kind of sex appeal that came from a combination of several small physical flaws. When her slightly crooked nose and all of her other unusual features came together they created a look that resembled a cross between a younger version of Donatella Versace, Lady Gaga, and Melania Trump.

“Should I say anything?” Vina asked, as they approached the banquet room.
“About what?” Proctor asked.
 “Should I mention I’m a transgender person to people?”
Blair smiled. “You take this one, Proctor. It’s too easy.”
Proctor knew what Blair was thinking. He put his arm around Vina and said, “Absolutely not. You don’t have to say anything to anyone. You are who you are and you have to learn how to be proud of that. If and when you get to know someone better you can tell them whatever you want. But in the beginning, just be yourself and that’s all that matters. Most people will figure out you’re a transgender person on their own and they’ll either love you for it or they’ll walk away. You don’t need the people who walk away. Let them go with pleasure.”
“That’s how I’ve always handled it,” Bob said.
They all looked at him and tilted their heads to the side at the same time.
“I’m talking about being gay,” Bob said. “I never came out of the closet. I never made any announcements that I’m gay. Here I am. This is who I am. If you don’t like it kiss my ass.”
Proctor smiled. “I like that. It’s crude, but I like it.” Even though they were only ten years apart in age, Proctor came from a time when coming out was looked at as a sign of pride and strength. It was peer pressure, too. You had to come out in order to be accepted in the gay community. However, he’d noticed that younger men like Bob were opting for a different approach and he couldn’t blame them. In fact, he was starting to question a few things in his life.
“Okay, enough talking,” Blair said. “We’re starting to overthink again. Let’s just get in there and get the bad food and listen to the bad music so we can get this night over with.”
“Stop complaining,” Proctor said, glancing into the crowded banquet room. “You might have the best time of your life.”
Blair reached around and grabbed his ass. “Not until we go back up to the room.”
As Blair had predicted, the food turned out to be overcooked beef, some kind of soggy vegetable medley, square potatoes, and a wedge of iceberg lettuce. They were seated at a table of eight near the dance floor with two other generic gay couples from California. One was a middle aged married lesbian couple where the older one wore a man’s tuxedo and the younger wore a frilly white little Miss Muffet dress. The one wearing the tuxedo was a dentist and the one in the Miss Muffet dress was, so she claimed, a stay-at-home-mom. It wasn’t until she showed Proctor photos of their “children” on her phone that Proctor got the full message. When she held the phone in front of him and started scrolling, all he saw were pictures of cats.
The other couple came from some little town in the mountains Proctor had never heard of…and didn’t care to hear more about…and they ran a touristy gift shop called Where the Ember Glows. They were the quasi, amateur creative gay types Proctor always ran into at these conventions and conferences. The older one was about fifty pounds overweight. He wore a tuxedo jacket he couldn’t button, a red plaid cummerbund, and a matching red plaid kilt instead of pants…a mistake. The younger one…and he wasn’t much younger…wore a black tuxedo with a rainbow cummerbund and matching rainbow tie. This guy looked as if he’d stepped out of a Disney movie. He was bean pole thin with a chin so long and pointy Proctor was afraid Blair might ask him if he wanted to build a snowman.
While the lesbian couple and the two guys from the mountain town were talking about how much they “adored” a political candidate, Blair leaned into Proctor’s side and said, “How much longer do I have to endure this nightmare?”
Proctor rolled his eyes. “Be patient, Blair.” He glanced over at Vina and saw she was staring at the dance floor with a sullen expression. He was so hoping she’d meet someone new and fresh that night and it didn’t seem to be happening. “The music hasn’t even started yet.”
“Oh, I can’t wait,” Blair said. “Let me see, will it be Barry Manilow or Air Supply?”
Bob overheard that comment and laughed. “It can’t be that bad,” he said.
Proctor remained silent. He knew it could get much worse.
Blair tilted his head and said, “You wanna bet?”
“Finish your dinner like a good boy,” Proctor said, pointing to Blair’s plate.
Blair pointed to Proctor’s plate and said, “You didn’t finish yours.”
“I’m allergic,” Proctor said, trying not to laugh.
Bob looked confused. “You’re allergic to beef.”
Blair jumped in before Proctor could reply. “He’s not allergic to anything. He just says that whenever he doesn’t want to eat something he doesn’t like. And people always believe him.”
Bob shrugged. “Well if you two aren’t going to eat anything can I have it?”
Blair picked up his plate filled with overcooked beef and switched it with Bob’s empty plate. “Here you go. Be my guest.”
As he sat there listening to Bob and Blair, and then listening to the two other couples at their table, Proctor realized just how diverse gay people really are. Even though Blair and Bob were a lot alike in many ways, even they had their differences. It made Proctor wonder about a lot of things in his life he’d always taken for granted. When he’d been younger he’d always just assumed that all gay people had similar interests and things in common and the older he grew the more he realized that wasn’t true at all. In fact, he hadn’t mentioned anything to Blair yet, but he was seriously thinking about changing the name of the agency. The Rainbow Detective Agency had seemed like a good name at the time, but he was starting to wonder whether or not it was too inclusive now with the world changing so fast.
When the music started to play, the first song turned out to be an older Ricky Martin song Proctor hadn’t heard since the 90s. He didn’t have to look at Blair this time. Blair poked in in the ribs with his elbow and said, “And there you go. Time to Macarena. Just hit me over the head with a two by four and be done with it.”
“Well at least it’s not Barry Manilow,” Proctor said.
“Don’t worry, that’s coming soon,” Blair said.
Proctor turned to Bob to see if he wanted to dance. Blair hated to dance and Proctor didn’t want to force him into anything else that night. He wasn’t sure how Bob felt about dancing so he decided to ask. However, as he looked at Bob he noticed Bob’s plate was empty. He’d eaten his dinner, Blair’s dinner, and he’d just finished Proctor’s dinner. “How can you eat so much and keep that fantastic body?”
Bob shrugged and said, “I never had a weight problem. I can eat as much as I want and I can eat anything I want. Do you want to dance?”
He asked so casually and without warning Proctor smiled. “Yes, I’d love to dance.”
As Proctor stood and reached for Bob’s hand, he was about to lean over and whisper into Blair’s ear. He wanted to ask Blair to dance with Vina if no one else came along. However, he didn’t get a chance. Right before he leaned over a tall, dark attractive young man walked over to Vina and said, “Can I have this dance? My name is Charlie Kilpatrick and I’ve been watching you since you arrived. I hope that’s okay.”
Vina shot Proctor a glance and Proctor smiled and sent her an encouraging nod.
Vina looked up at Charlie and said, “I’m a transgender person.”
Blair smacked his forehead and said, “So much for not saying anything at first.”
Proctor poked Blair in the head with his elbow this time.
Charlie said, “I know that. I told you I’ve been watching you for a while and it doesn’t matter one way or the other to me. I’d like to dance and get to know you better.”
“You would?” Vina asked, as if she couldn’t believe her ears.
“Yes, I would,” Charlie said.
Proctor smiled and winked at Vina. “Go dance with him. Have some fun.”
For a moment, Vina hesitated. She stared at Proctor, took a quick breath, and then she finally stood up. Proctor watched Charlie lead her onto the dance floor. When she tripped over her own feet…in her defense, she wasn’t used to wearing such high heels…Charlie smiled and helped her gain her balance without making a big deal of it. He simply placed his palm on the small of Vina’s back and they glided away from the tables as if they’d known each other for years instead of minutes.
The lesbian couple and the guys from the mountains stood up at the same time and they headed to the dance floor. Bob pulled Proctor closer and Proctor turned to Blair and asked, “Are you sure you don’t mind being left all alone here?”
“We can stay here with you,” Bob said. “We don’t have to dance.”
Blair shook his head and waved them off. “Go dance. I’m fine. I’m sure they’ll be serving the melted vanilla ice cream soon and I’ve been waiting for that all night.”

Lifeguard’s Huge Penis In Speedos Causes Uproar; A Big Penis Lightsaber Duel; Gay Top Seeks Advice

Lifeguard’s Huge Penis In Speedos Causes Uproar

As  far as I know, this really happened and it’s caused a great deal of commentary about penis size. The only reason I say this is because you can’t trust anything these days.

A lifeguard in California (I think, California) received an e-mail from his boss stating that the lifeguard’s penis was so large it was causing distraction and complaints…from “parents”…and the boss offered a few helpful suggestions. Like wearing “board shorts instead.”

It’s actually a very nice letter, with praise for the employee, and I would imagine it was a difficult letter for the boss to write. I wouldn’t even know how to begin an e-mail like that. But I guess he had to do something, because those parents who are so worried about their kiddies seeing a huge bulge in speedos sound as if they meant business.

You can read the entire e-mail here. 

And here’s something the same lifeguard posted on social media 2 years ago:

We got into the showers and I just tried to focusing on getting in and out as quickly as possible. That part went fine, as far as I knew, and I walked over to the lockers to get my suit on. I had a few friends on the team with me, and as I was changing, one of them came up to me and said something along the lines of, “Dude, your dick is huge.” I didn’t believe him since I thought I was average, but the next practice I looked around in the showers and noticed most of the other guys were maybe 1-2 inches soft, and I was closer to 4.5. From that day on, in every locker room and public shower I go to, I get looks, some of them of interested guys and some of them disgusted looks from guys who probably think I’m being a show-off.

And this:

I haven’t had a ton of sex, but the few times that I have, or have tried, the girl was either too scared because of the size, or we had to stop shortly after because it was hurting her. Regular sized-condoms are generally too tight, so I usually go for the larger sizes.

I feel bad for the poor guy. He really sounds distressed over all this. Unfortunately, the comments aren’t very sympathetic to his issue. I just wish someone would tell him to stop worrying, be proud of himself, and concentrate on meeting someone who won’t judge him by his penis size.

A Big Penis Lightsaber Duel

I didn’t expect this to become a penis blog post today, but while doing simple searches for the lifeguard above, I noticed this, too. Don’t judge. I could be complaining about politics, crying butthurt about something, or tweeting rants about Donald Trump like some of those other disingenuous authors I know who are far too grand to even say the word penis in any context. They giggle like silly girls in middle school and use words like “peen.”

In any event, there’s a French smartphone ad where two naked young guys have a lightsaber duel while wearing glow in the dark condoms.

You can check out the video here. I think it’s SFW. And, it’s actually very well executed…not porny at all.

Gay Top Seeks Advice

I always find this topic interesting because most gay men will tell you they are versatile…or they won’t say anything at all…including me. Being a top or a bottom is just not something we want to talk about, even though we can almost always tell a top or a bottom with just one glance. That’s all it usually takes, and you know. That may not be PC, but it’s true.

In this particular case, a young gay man has a problem that’s quite the opposite of the guys above. He’s a top and he claims his penis is too small. And again, there’s nothing to joke about here. It’s a serious issue for this guy.

He didn’t message me for a week, and he texted me out of the blue saying that he prefers guys with “comparable” penis size to him. I was so hurt I didn’t respond. – See more at:

 Why do I even continue? Out of 7 people (one guy from last yr too), I have a 0% chance of making it past sex. I live alone, my family hasn’t talked to me in years, I only have a few friends, and I get dumped and sometimes even shamed for my penis if I try to pursue a romantic relationship. No, I do not want to bottom – it usually hurts a fair amount and I don’t find in pleasurable. I can’t top, because my dick is probably too short for Penetration. Why should I go on? I’ve been a relatively active dater this year, and every single time it’s been more or less the same story.

Another guy in a similar situation left him a message with advice. You can read all this here.

My advice to this guy would be to stop looking for such average people. Find someone who “gets” sex and really wants a good top, and who knows how to appreciate a good top, and you’ll figure out plenty of things to do in bed. It sounds to me as if this poor guy has been dating amateurs.

The Virgin Billionaire Series by Ryan Field

I tend to forget about books I’ve had published other than those that are the most current. But I have a backlist that’s fairly extensive and one of them is part of a series called The Virgin Billionaire. This is the first book in the series, below, and you can read more about it right here on this blog. I posted a great deal about the series in order to keep track of the books, so you’ll find multiple posts about all the books, including a list of them in consecutive order.

I’d also like to add that this first book is a gay erotic (every erotic) parody of sorts, which I’ve always stated up front, from the very beginning, and it is loosely based on the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  In spite of a great deal of criticism I’ve received from some in the book review community, I’ve explained why I did this (and why I did this with several other books) and I have absolutely no regrets. The main reason is that gay men don’t have the same content straight people get and I wanted to give them something to which they could relate.

The most interesting thing is that the review sites that criticized me the most for doing this, and doing it openly, all have been riddled with scandal and questionable practices for the last five years.

In any event, here’s the first book in the series, and maybe one of these days I’ll open up about who inspired me…and there is someone specific who inspired the character of Jase…to do this.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens takes on a whole new meaning in this French smartphone ad that features two naked men having a lightsaber duel using glow-in-the-dark condoms. – See more at:

Zac Efron’s Nude Assbait In Dirty Grandpa; Gay Presses and Hillary; Divine Monument In Baltimore

Zac Efron’s Nude Assbait In Dirty Grandpa

If you’re a fan of Zach Efron and nude ass shots, here’s a story about Efron, the film Dirty Grandpa, and some kind of nude scene where Efron shows his bare naked ass.

This one’s not rocket science:

Apparently, this film is doing well at the box office… who would have thought! The reason? Check it out in full view after the NSFW jump!

Even though the reviews weren’t that great, I’ll probably see it. I believe in supporting all forms of art and assbait.  
Gay Presses and Hillary 

From the way this article in this particular gay press is slanted, it looks as if the gay community is about to get yet another gay icon, Hillary Clinton. For those who don’t follow this blog, I’m gay and I’ve never been exactly sure what this gay icon thing is.

In any event, this highly slanted piece talks about how Hillary would be a much better President than Bernie Sanders. For the record, if someone asked me today who I’m voting for I wouldn’t have a clue. I’m not even that political, but I’m not an idiot either.
Clinton has the most diverse campaign staff of any candidate (though not as diverse as Obama’s campaign staff), starting right at the top, with openly gay campaign manager Robby Mook. Sanders has been struggling with diversity issues, since his political circle is drawn from one of the whitest states in the country.

First of all, how racist is THAT? The whitest state? Second, someone should tell them that gay marriage practically began in Vermont many years ago. I know this because I was married by Vermont Supreme Court Justice Beth Robinson, and I was in a documentary titled, Vermont: The State of Marriage.

You can read the rest here. Many comments seem to agree with me. I do, however, think pieces like this actually help Bernie Sanders get closer to the White House.

Also, for the record, Hillary Clinton didn’t support gay marriage until recently. You can look that up with a simple search. Now she claims she’s evolved. When the truth is she should be apologizing instead of evolving for not supporting an equal right we should have had in the first place. 

Divine Monument In Baltimore
I’ve never been into drag culture, however, it is a part of gay culture and I am interested in all aspects of gay culture. So when I saw this about legendary Divine, I thought it was important to share.
If you’re not aware of Divine (and seriously, you need to be), he was a hairdresser turned drag queen who starred in many films by trash titan John Waters, including Hairspray, Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos, where he…did this.

There’s a push to get the drag superstar an eight-foot monument in the city that birthed his career (yes, Divine was also referred to as “him”) by local storeowner Michal Makarovich, who hopes the city’s Public Art Commission will fund the piece.

You can check out the rest here. If you haven’t seen a campy Divine movie, you should.

Fangsters 2

Hollywood Celebrities Pose As Gay Couples; Ageism and Gays; Snowchallenge, Jonas and Hot Men

Hollywood Celebrities Pose As Gay Couples

In order to show what’s being referred to as “the universality of love,” Hollywood actors like Eva Longoria are now posing as gay couples, pretending to be gay, in provocative situations.

“The celebrities that I shot are heterosexual, but it was essential to me that you would believe these imaginary couples and families they portray were real. If you couldnt identify with their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed.”

The rest of this one is here. 

I’m not going to comment on this one, at least not here in this post. There are a lot of comments that accompany this article and one guy said this:

Couldn’t find enough legit gay couples to make “real families”
This disgusts me. It mocks the LGBT community by saying “look, we can ‘play’ gay couples”
Why not celebrate the first Valentines of legalized marriage in the US by portraying real couples. Disgusting.

Of course the comments disagree. I do think the intentions were good, which is why the comments disagree, however, there are other ways to show support. It’s not that difficult. I’m also not convinced this kind of thing actually helps show this “universality” of love of which they speak. In fact, I have a feeling it hurts more than it helps. There’s that old cliche…preaching to the choir.

I also saw this being discussed on Twitter last night after I wrote the rough draft of this post, and a lot of people seem to agree with the guy who commented above. 

Ageism and Gays

This is always something that I think fascinates most people. I think it’s interesting mainly because I see (and I’ve personally known) many gay couples with considerable age differences. And those marriages/relationships last.

“It’s no surprise that our sexual culture completely excludes older gay men,” he continues, recalling a recent ageism workshop he attended at a national conference on LGBTQ equality. “One of the men in my group mentioned how gay media often presents young guys as affluent as a way to further glamorize youth. Another noted that images of beauty idols haven’t changed since he was a young man.”

I’m not sure I agree with all of this completely. I agree with most of it; just not all. They’re leaving a few things out. From what I’ve seen and experienced within the gay community all my life is that yes, sexual culture celebrates younger gay men far more than it does older gay men. That’s what you see on the surface. But it’s the established older gay men with financial security and power who run things from behind the scenes and they know how to get what they want.

And to clarify, I’m not just talking about money. I know many younger gay men with older gay men who are there because of the attraction and because of the knowledge and love, too. 

You can read the rest here. 

The comments are worth reading with this one because you’ll probably learn more from them than you will from the actual article.

Snowchallenge, Jonas and Hot Men

On a much lighter note, here’s something I saw almost all day on social media during the never ending “Blizzardgeddon,” Jonas. It’s called #snowchallege and it involves men stripping down and jumping into huge drifts of ice cold snow…good looking men.

What is the snow challenge, you might ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. You take off as much clothing as possible, squint and imagine the powdery white snowfall is actually a glistening lake, pool or river.

Then you dive in, because what is life if not a prolonged opportunity to subject yourself to harsh temperatures for the sake of a social media share?

Please, don’t answer that.

Winter Storm Jonas is quickly becoming our second favorite Jonas brother. Nick still wins top marks.

There are several videos here you might find entertaining. 


The Rainbow Detective Agency

Saying Goodbye

Trevor Donovan Joins "JL Ranch;" Riverdale Ave. Book Sale; Straight Guys Reflect on Their Gay Sex; Ten Rules For Asking A Man Out; Why There Are Gay Icons

Trevor Donovan Joins “JL Ranch”

I’m not too familiar with this one, but I like westerns and I know a good deal of my blog readers do, too. I also like the theme, and everyone who’s in the cast…

Trevor Donovan has signed on to Crystal Sky’s contemporary western drama JL Ranch, joining Teri Polo and John Voight in the film about veteran rancher and former sheriff John Landsburg (Voight), who is forced to face the federal bureaucracy when an old enemy seeking revenge over a decades-old grudge falsifies documents and alleges Landsburg doesn’t actually own his beloved family ranch. Donovan plays Brady, Landsburg’s prodigal son who has turned his back on the family business in order to work as a bartender – while secretly having an affair with a waitress. The events of the film yest his integrity as a man — and a Landsburgh.

You can read the rest here. As I said, I don’t know much more about it but I’ll re-post when I see something. I believe it’s being filmed on location in Kentucky.

Riverdale Ave Books Sale

I’m actually re-posting this entire blog post from yesterday…with updates like this one…because I was outside digging snow for the better part of Sunday. We got about 3 feet in some places, I have a huge driveway, and even the snowblower didn’t work in many sections. So I used the old fashioned shovel. But we started at 9 in the morning and didn’t finish until about 2 in the afternoon…without breaks.

So I’m catching up, and I think there’s one more day left to this Riverdale Ave Books Publisher sale. It’s actually a good way for digital readers to stock up. I do it all the time.

From my inbox…

The Blizzard’s Come and Gone
Not RAB’s
January Blizzard Sale!!!

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Riverdale Avenue Book’s Website

Today and Tomorrow Only!!
Curl up with one of your favorite RAB books!!!…

Straight Guys Reflect on Their Gay Sex

I really don’t know why this topic is always such a big thing in the gay presses, but it is. They seem consumed by the concept of straight guys having what they refer to as “gay” sex. In fact, they seem obsessed by it.

“Sometimes straight men touch each other,”Jane Ward told Queerty in an exclusive interview, “and they do it for a number of reasons that they don’t perceive as sexual.”

Call it a sign of the times, but more straight guys are comfortable talking about their same-sex experiences than ever.

It’s one of those meme things, where they post multiple memes with quotes from alleged straight guys who talk about their same sex experiences. You can get there from here. They’re interesting. This Jane Ward…whoever she is…gets on my nerves a little, but it’s interesting. 

Ten Rules For Asking A Man Out

Here are ten so-called rules that claim to be ways you can ask a man out on a first date. It bothers me a little because they seem to think that because marriage is legal this is something new and different. And it’s not. I was doing these things ten or fifteen years ago, and gay men before me were doing them, too.  Just in case there’s any misconception out there, we have always dated. Dating is NOT a new thing for gay men.

2. If you take the initiative to ask him out, have a plan of what you want to do

It was your idea to ask, so you should actually have an idea of a place to go. Asking him to go out, and then following it with the question, “So where do you want to go?” or “When?” is the worst. He may not have been thinking about going out with you, and suddenly placing the responsibility on him to come up with a plan is stressful and rude. If you can’t think of someplace to go, it suggests that perhaps you are, sorry to say, boring.

You can read the rest here. If you’re curious about dating and you’ve never done it before, then this might help. But it’s not new.

Frankly, my rules for asking someone out were always simple. Be honest, don’t play games, and don’t be a douche.

You’re welcome.

Why There Are Gay Icons

This is interesting to me because I’m always trying to figure out why there are certain gay icons. I honestly don’t always get it all the time…and I’m gay. This one talks about “Shock Queens,” but it gives a detailed explanation about why (some) gay men like things like this so much.

Long before Lady Gaga shocked the world (and Leo DiCaprio) by winning a Golden Globe for her ghoulish turn in American Horror Story: Hotel, there were other leading ladies who inspired a whole generation. It may be hard for many of us today to understand the particular appeal of the psycho biddy films of the 1960s among the LGBT community, but the undeniable fact remains. As far back as the early 1950s, actresses such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were known as established gay icons. The writer of a 1953 magazine article entitled “The Cult of Bette and Joan” stated that “Miss Davis and Miss Crawford mirror certain frenzied, posturing, arrogant, prima donna-ish, ego-deifying, self-projecting, super-compensating principles that psychologists have spotted in the more aggressive and flamboyant homosexuals.” This derogatory attitude would continue, and in an uncanny conjuncture, the fears and anxieties faced by the aging female stars of the Golden Age, who found themselves on the margins of Hollywood’s youth obsessed system, mirrored the social exclusion felt by many in the LGBT community.

It’s a fairly long piece, and you can check the rest out here. It’s really an excellent article.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

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Gay Hook Up Blizzard Buddies On CL; Sam Smith and Whitesplaining; Moisture Wicking Underpants; Riverdale Ave Books Blizzard Sale

Gay Hook Up Blizzard Buddies On CL

I hear so much all the time about how there’s too much sex in romance, about book covers with half naked men, and about the joys and benefits of asexuality, and I never say a word. I smile and I listen. But when I see articles like this one, I smile even more.

Washington D.C. is about to get slammed with one of the biggest snow storms in years and gay guys have been posting in the M4M section of Craigslist seeking “Blizzard Buddies” that will help get them through the storm, so to speak.

Here’s one post:

Plowing the plow guy? – m4m
So here’s the deal I’m plowing snow in a neighborhood off of west ox near the silver diner and want to warm up later tonight with a nice guy and let him have some fun with me as for me I’m white I’m twenty three I’m in decent shape and have pics to share upon request hit me up lets have some fun.

And here’s another:

Pre-snow blow – m4m
GL and fit prof running errands before storm and would like to find a hosting bud for m2m relaxation. Massage/makeout/body contact/JO/oral. Looking for now, you host, be fit and close to my age.

You can read more here where they show a few interesting post titles.

Evidently, these guys aren’t worried about bread, milk, and eggs.

Sam Smith and Whitesplaining

I don’t really like to get into these topics because it seems that whenever someone does there’s some kind of backlash. All I know is there is a lot of anger out there coming in all directions and I don’t see anyone who is actually able to pull things together. And that’s a shame, because that’s what people need now more than ever. It doesn’t have to be this way, not forever.

In any event, Sam Smith made a few comments recently and he wound up explaining himself on social media:

“For the record, I was merely sharing an experience I had in the hope it would draw attention to ridiculous it is to be racist in 2016. This is not about me in any way, it’s about a deep rooted issue we have in our society that should now be extinct.”

“I don’t profess to know or remotely understand what it means to be on the receiving end of racial abuse, but having been bullied my whole life for being gay, what I do know is that it is wrong and completely unacceptable. Here’s to people being allowed to be people.”

I actually think people are tired of racism, and by that I mean ALL racism.

You can read the rest here. 

Moisture Wicking Underpants

If you’re like me, you had no idea this actually existed.

It’s 2016, and if you still haven’t discovered the comfort of moisture wicking underwear, we have a New Year’s resolution for you. Moisture wicking underwear is all about the fabric. Cotton and other plush fabrics are so absorbent that they’re slow to dry and can result in some uncomfortable situations. Moisture wicking materials are absorbent too, but they dry more quickly, thanks to science and some innovative underwear tech.

There’s much more here. It’s an advertorial, but it’s actually one of the more interesting I’ve seen lately. And, there are some very excellent photos.

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 A Blizzard’s Coming
RAB’s Having a January Blizzard Sale!!!

33% off on e-Books on
Riverdale Avenue Book’s Website

Between January 22 and January 25!!


Curl up with one of your favorite RAB books!!!


Pierre Fitch On Facebook; Colton Haynes Is On Grinder; What’s Too Much Ass?

Pierre Fitch On Facebook

I don’t know how it happened, but I wound up following Pierre Fitch on Facebook and it’s been a real education watching some of the responses to his posts and updates.

But first, this is who Pierre Fitch is:

Pierre Fitch (born November 1, 1981) is a Canadian gay pornography actor, formerly exclusive to Falcon Studios. He is also an entrepreneur, who now works for himself as an actor and producer of video productions. He is currently performing as a DJ, presenting his own mixes through a number of night clubs in Canada, The United States and Latin America.

Fitch was nominated for the 2006 Best Actor GayVN Award and, with Tom Judson (credited as Gus Mattox), for Best Sex Scene (Duo).[2] He did not win either award, being beaten twice by Johnny Hazzard.[3] Fitch has tattoos all over his body including his neck, chest, stomach, arms and legs. Fitch is considered “versatile,” though more often than not he is seen as the “bottom” (receiver) in scenes featuring anal intercourse. Fitch started off in the industry as a “twink” (younger looking boy), but has now fully grown into a more jock look.

You can check that out here at Wiki. I figure that’s the safest place to link on Google Blogger.

The thing that really surprised me is that Fitch posts status updates on Facebook all the time and  I have never once seen anything with full frontal nudity, or anything that I would consider offensive. He’s always polite and responsive to his fans. He sometimes posts questions that lead to discussions about sex, in one way or another. But even then it’s never anything I would consider offensive and it’s always something funny.

And yet every single time I see a status update there is a straight woman going after him for the most ridiculous things. It’s almost always exclusively a straight woman, and it looks as if she’s going after him for pure sport. I just can’t figure out what’s up with that. There are plenty of buttons on Facebook to hide or even block updates from people you don’t want to see. All you have to do is click them. You don’t have to offer your opinion, that opinion no one cares about.

Colton Haynes Is On Grinder

Here’s a promo piece…and they are always promo pieces…about Colton Haynes gay baiting again. This time it appears Haynes might be on Grindr, but it’s not exactly true. He’s going to be on Grinder, a TV show on old time cable, not the gay hook up site, Grindr.

The 27-year-old Teen Wolf actor and his pierced nipple just booked a guest spot on the hit new show. He will playing Rob Lowe’s hot son on the episode scheduled to air February 2.

You can read more here, where there’s a photo of him with Rob Lowe. The comments with this one are amusing, and what you might expect.

I always find it interesting that people will judge and condemn someone like Pierre Fitch because he’s working in adult entertainment. He’s not lying about anything; he’s not a straight guy who is gay baiting…as far as I know. He’s putting himself out there, so to speak, and he’s taking all the hits for it. But everyone just loves cute little Colton Haynes and he’s really just blowing smoke up their butts and laughing all the way to his bank. It’s just interesting, is all. 

What’s Too Much Ass?

This is totally SFW and it’s funny. It’s not going to solve any huge problems in the world, however it might take you away from all those offensive, opinionated author status updates on Facebook about politics.

In any event, this will, I hope, make you smile. And it’s worth watching.

Well this should perk you right up.

In an unprecedented (by our estimation) move, a Tumblr page devoted to the junk that resides in trunks has produced a video preview of the currency with which it deals.

You can check it out here. I think everyone wonders about his/her butt sometimes. It might not be as important to straight men, but they even care about their butts looking good, too.

The Rainbow Detective Agency

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Straight Guys And BRO-Jobs; Ricky Martin’s Bedroom Shenanigans; Psychic Denies Housing to Queer Couple

Straight Guys And BRO-Jobs

There’s an app called BRO that I think helps “heteroflexible” guys when they are looking for something same sex oriented. They word it a little differently in the article to which I’m linking, but this is what it sounds like to me.

First, here’s the definition of heteroflexible. I’m doing this because it’s all news to me. I always thought of this sort of thing as “in the closet.” 

A primarily straight individual who, in certain situations can find persons of the same sex appealing.

Now here’s more about BRO…

“BRO goes beyond using labels, and is for men that are interested in meeting other men,” the description reads. “It’s as simple as that. Just sign up, and start looking for new bros!”

And this…

Jane Ward, whose bestselling book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men caused a media frenzy last summer, says BRO further supports her theory that straight-identifying men engage in homosexual behaviors a lot more often than people might think.

“This kind of product serves as more evidence that the labels ‘gay’ and ‘bisexual’ do not capture all of the ways that men want to make intimate contact with other men, whether emotionally or sexually,” Ward tells Queerty.

Interesting. I’m sticking with my resolution for 2016 and trying to remain objective this year.

You can read the rest here.  

Check out the comments. They aren’t objective at all.

Ricky Martin’s Bedroom Shenanigans

Even though I despise the word shenanigans, I’m posting this about Ricky Martin because it talks more about “labels.”

“I know that I like both men and women,” Martin confessed. “I’m against sexual labels, we are simply human beings with emotional and sexual needs.”

Though he identifies as gay, Martin said he’s not totally opposed to the idea of having sexual intercourse with a member of the opposite sex.

“I am gay,” he said, “Men fascinate me. But I like to enjoy sex in total freedom, so I’m open to having sex with a woman if I feel desire.”

You can read more here. I love Ricky Martin, but as Judge Judy says, “don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”    

Psychic Allegedly Denies Housing To Queer Couple

Here’s a story about a self-proclaimed psychic who allegedly refused housing to a queer couple.

When Tonya Smith and her wife Rachel, a trans woman, applied to rent a home from psychic Deepika Avanti in the town of Gold Hill (pop. 230), they were allegedly told in an email that their “unique relationship” would become a “town focus,” triggering gossip and blowing Avanti’s “low profile.”

“In small towns everyone talks and gossips,” the email read. “All of us would be the most popular subject in town. … There is no way to avoid this.”

The queer couple has filed a lawsuit against the psychic, and the psychic didn’t even know it until the media contacted her.  The psychic claims the queer couple have children and she didn’t want the noisy kids living there.

You can read more here. 

It’s hard to speculate on this one. 

The Rainbow Detective Agency

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