Marco Rubio and Pro-Gay Money; Biggest Douche of the Year; Ten Sexual Orientations

Marco Rubio and Pro-Gay Money

Of course this is just another biased political piece from the gay presses, however, they did use the word “moribund” so I figured I’d link to it anyway.

In short, Paul Singer has a gay son. He was supporting Jeb Bush. Now he’s allegedly giving his money to Marco Rubio.

What Singer’s decision doesn’t do is push the GOP to be more gay friendly. And that’s one of Singer’s main goals. As the father of a gay son, Singer is the force behind the American Unity Fund, a group of fat cats that want Republicans to enter the 21st century on the side of freedom and equality.

Although this reads more like an op-ed piece, and maybe it is I’m really not sure, there are a few interesting things about it.  And when you read things like this keep in mind that Hillary Clinton did NOT support equal rights for gays until the moment suited her.

That’s not biased. That’s a fact.

You can read the rest here. 

Biggest Douche of the Year

This is entertaining…if nothing else. It’s a list of people who are being considered for the biggest douche of the year title.

It was a banner year for antigay douche baggery, in large part because the Supreme Court’s ruling on nationwide marriage equality drew them out of dumpsters. The ruling, by a conservative majority court, set the wing nuts into high dudgeon. Religious rightists across the country came out of the woodwork to respond in all sorts of outrageous, and sometimes even unintentionally fascinating, ways. The law may now be settled, but they are definitely still unsettled by it.

Kim Davis is there. I think she’s going to win this one hands down. 

You can check this out here. 

Ten Sexual Orientations

There’s been a lot of talk lately on the fringes about various sexual orientations. If you’re like me, most of you haven’t heard much about them and you know very little about them.

Human sexuality is a fickle pickle, and there’s no one-size-fits-all to choose from. While many of us find “gay” or “straight” works just fine to describe our complicated sexual chemistry, others click elsewhere on the spectrum. A recent study found that 49 percent of Brits between the ages of 18-24 identify as something other than “100 percent heterosexual” when asked to plot themselves on Alfred Kinsey’s sexuality scale.

I find it fascinating, especially the asexual orientation. This is on the list, too. Of course it goes without saying asexuals get all my support even though I don’t fully understand it. I’d just like to see a little support from the asexuals coming my way for a change. I watched a Youtube video recently that took place at some small book conference where asexuals gathered and spoke about sex in books. It was very, VERY disheartening to hear them bash (and laugh) at sex in books and the people who write sex in books. I felt discriminated against as an erotic romance author, and I would be the first one to support them.

If any other group of writers had been caught on video doing the same thing to asexuals they would have been blasted all over social media for it. Tolerance goes boths ways…even if you are asexual.

You can check out the various orientations here.

Fangsters: Book 2

Gang Bang Fangsters


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