Talking About Men’s Underwear; Lance Bass Inappropriately Touched By A Man; Madonna and Tea with the Pope

Talking About Men’s Underwear

Sometimes I’m amazed at people who don’t get irony, sarcasm, or just basic humor on social media. I see it happen to other people all the time, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it happens to me as well. I really don’t get THAT. Even if the joke’s not funny and the proverbial mic is dropped, you should still know it’s a joke. You aren’t required to laugh. You are only required to move on to something else, without comment. There’s no need for a flamewar 🙂

But I digress, here’s something that isn’t supposed to be taken seriously. It’s about underwear. Men’s underwear. And the guy who did it is adorable.

The youtube link is here for more information.  

Lance Bass Inappropriately Touched By A Man 

Allegedly, he was touched in the wrong place by the wrong person when he was a teenager.

“When I was 16, 17,” Bass said on his Sirius XM radio show Dirty Pop, “someone we worked with definitely was touching me inappropriately.”

He continued, “I even knew at 16 and 17 that, you know, this isn’t right. No man should be, like, touching a teenager like this.”

No comment. I get into enough trouble calling bullshit as it is. I’m sitting this one out, so to speak.

You can read the rest here.

He claims he was not molested…just touched by a man.

Madonna and Tea with the Pope

I don’t think Madonna is talking about going to Sunday afternoon tea dance with the Pope.

I think she really means she wants to have tea with him and talk quietly. It sounds sincere. I’m not joking around about this either. Over the years I’ve seen and heard a lot of things Madonna took heat for that weren’t always right.

I have a long relationship with the Pope, with the Vatican, with the Catholic Church, with my excommunication. Anyway, you know, I was raised a Catholic, and no matter what spiritual path I might go down, I always feel some kind of inexplicable connection with Catholicism. It kind of shows up in all of my work, as you may have noticed…

I’ll state the obvious and say that he seems like he’s a much more open-minded individual, who seems to be moving outside of the dogma of the Catholic Church that has been set in stone since the days of Constantine. So I think it’s good.

There’s more here.

This time I actually agree with Madonna. I, too, was raised a Catholic and there’s something about that you can’t dismiss, even when you become estranged from the Church for the most obvious reasons…divorce, being gay and married. A lot of the comments don’t get this, but I think you have to have been raised Catholic to really understand.

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