2 thoughts on “Josh Duggar’s Ashley Madison Account; Author Profile Erin O’Quinn; FREE Gay Excerpt: The Scottish Duke…Non-Gays Writing Gay Fiction in Fiction

  1. Thanks for saluting me, Ryan. I feel privileged to be on this page.

    Just to clear up a recent snafu: FB decided I was “hiding” behind the name “Erin O'Quinn,” in spite of the fact that it's common for authors to adopt one or more pen names. This recent “outing” campaign by FB is insidious and unfair, and umpteen thousands of drag queens have suffered on account of it, not to mention fellow/sister authors and many others.

    So…I write mainstream stuff and gay romance also, both under the name Erin O'Quinn. But on FB, I try to keep the two subgenres separate with two different “fan pages.” And I identify by my legal name Bonita Franks, the only name FB will accept. No problem, right?

    I am abashed to receive the praise of one whom I consider a superb author. So hat's off, Ryan Field, and I wish you many sales and much happiness.

    ~Erin O'Quinn aka Bonita Franks

  2. Well, bah humbug. I tried to leave a comment, which was wiped clean by dear old Blogger.

    To repeat the essence of what I have to say: I am humbled to be praised by a superb author. So thank you, Ryan Field, for the spotlight. I hope for your continued success and for all the joy you seek, both in your writing and in your life.

    ~Erin O'Quinn aka Bonita Franks

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