SCOTUS Rules Gay Marriage Legal Across America

SCOTUS Rules Gay Marriage Legal Across America

It’s not every day history is made in quite this way. In fact, I can only think of a few instances in my lifetime like this. So many people have been waiting, hoping, and even praying that this would one day come to pass. It seems like ages ago when my husband and I were legally married in Vermont, only to return home to Bucks County, PA, where we still weren’t considered legally married.

The White House has tweeted a gif that shows the remarkable pace of legalization for same-sex marriage in the United States: Massachusetts was the first state to legalize it in 2004; by 25 June 2015, 36 states had legalized gay marriage and Alabama was waging a protracted battle in the courts to keep its ban in place.

Starting 26 June 2015, all 50 states will be required to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.

You can read the rest here. 

It’s been legal here in Pennsylvania for about a year, but I’m mostly thrilled for friends in other parts of the US who can now also legally wed.

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