The Groping Cardinal Resigns; Pope and Trans Prisoners; Russell Tovey’s Sex With Straight Guys

The Groping Cardinal Resigns

This story about a Catholic cardinal who was allegedly groping priests in private while chanting anti-gay marriage slurs in public is amazing. I know I’m repeating myself, but for me it hits home because I personally knew a high ranking bishop and monsignor who lived right here in New Hope for years and lived double lives. They never told any of their gay friends they were high ranking Catholic priests working and fulfilling their job duties. And I know they never told any of their parishioners anything about their private lives. It gets even more complicated because they had a third guy…more than twenty years younger…in their relationship.

For years we wondered what they did for a living because they never actually said what they did. There always seemed to be plenty of money around. They lived well. When their home recently went up for sale and all public records were disclosed everyone found out their true identities with a simple name search. I still don’t know if their parishioners or the Catholic Church knows. But there are photos of them from one end of the Internet to the other performing as priests. It’s an interesting feeling, to be duped that way by people you considered very good friends. I don’t recommend it.

In any event, the Cardinal who resigned is even worse than my story. I don’t think the people I knew ever openly slammed gays. At least not as far as I know.

Prior to the revelation, he had launched a ‘war’ on same-sex marriage in the UK. He likened it to slavery, child abuse and moral degradation.

But he was exposed as a hypocrite, with several priests coming forward to say O’Brien had made unwanted sexual advances towards them in the 1980s. It was also alleged he had a long-term secret boyfriend.

When O’Brien resigned and fled to live in self-imposed exile, the UK lost one of its most homophobic voices and ‘respected’ leaders against same-sex marriage. Without him, same-sex marriage undoubtedly had an easier ride to becoming legal in England, Wales and Scotland.

You can read more here. No further comment from me. 

Pope and Trans Prisoners

The Pope is at it again. He’s having lunch with transgendered prisoners in Naples and it’s making news as if we should all expect something different from him. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s wonderful that he’s doing this on a certain level for humanity in general, but I by no means expect to hear him support gay marriage or equal rights on even the smallest scale. Gays are only welcomed into the church under certain conditions, at least officially anyway. I know the rules are bent often because I went to 12 years of Catholic school. I don’t need any lessons on being Catholic. I have been there personally.

The head of the Catholic Church will visit a local prison in Naples, planning to break bread with 90 inmates including a contingent reserved for LGBTIs and those living with HIV and AIDS.

It is being reported the visit was not intended to include lunch, according to TV2000, but the pope apparently insisted on breaking bread with the prisoners.

You can read more here. I think what bothers me the most about this is that the Pope will do or say something that appears positive for LGBT people all over the world, it will make headlines and millions of gay people will feel so much better about themselves, and then he will slam us with the same old discrimination and shame we’ve been living with for years.That’s good publicity for him, and mixed signals for us.

I’m not falling for it anymore. I wish him well and I do think the majority of what he does has been far better than any previous Pope we’ve seen. We just can’t expect too much from him.

Russell Tovey’s Sex With Straight Guys

Russell Tovey seems to be making interesting comments all over the place these days. Now they are talking about Russell Tovey, from Looking, having sex with straight guys for work related purposes. Although, I think we all have a sex with a straight guy story hidden somewhere. I know I have a few.

Here’s how Tovey deals with it.

‘It’s easier doing those scenes with another gay man than it is a straight man,’ he told Heat. 

”The same way I feel fine doing sex scenes with a woman.

”When I’m doing a sex scene with an actor who is straight, I feel a huge sense of responsibility not to feel like I’m taking advantage or anything.

”Like, I’ll only touch their balls if it says so in the script.’

Tovey also admitted to being conscious of his appearance during his raunchy scenes for ‘Looking’.

There’s more here. I think he’s being too gracious (or he’s full of crap). The straight men I knew never seemed shy about anything. They know what they want and how to get it. Straight men are like that, and that’s by no means a bad thing…for the most part.

The Way We ALMOST Were
A Gay Parody

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