Straight Men Secret Gay Desires; What Scares Tayte Hanson?

Straight Men Secret Gay Desires

Once again, here’s some good clickbait. I don’t really get it because as a gay man I don’t have secret “straight” desires, not one. But here you go.

Thanks to the advent of social media sites like Reddit and Whisper, we are now privy to people’s most intimate thoughts and desires.

More and more straight men have been using these anonymous online platforms to share their deepest, darkest secrets. We’ve seen them open up about accidental visits to gay bathhouses, their love of anal play, and doing gay things while stoned. And it never ceases to fascinate, amaze, and excite to us.

You can read them here.    

Personally, I think it’s a better example of how many closeted gay men and bi men there are. 

What Scares Tayte Hanson

And here’s some more garbage…but it’s fun garbage. It’s all about what scares Tayte Hanson (if you don’t know who the fuck Tayte Hanson is you’re not alone).

He goes surprisingly deep, revealing not-so-secrets such as a versatile belly button (he can make it an innie or an outie) and a love for jumping from staggering heights. We also asked him about his underwear, of course. Spoiler alert: he likes to exercise in jockstraps.

And here’s an example of how “surprisingly deep” Tayte Hanson can go. (That’s sarcasm)

What is a smell you absolutely love? 
I love wood.

Because wood is so “surprisingly deep”.

You can see a video here.  

There are no comments yet, but I have a feeling when they start popping up they’ll be interesting.

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