Joey Stefano and Bible Thumpers; Pulling Up Their Pants; Jonathan Bennett and Bette Midler

Joey Stefano and Bible Thumpers

A while back I posted about all male adult entertainment star, Joey Stefano, and how I met him and spent some time with him in the early 90’s. This link will lead you to a few of my posts, if you don’t know anything about Stefano. But the gist of each post is that Stefano, along with a few others, was one of the last big adult entertainment stars of his generation back in the last days of the pre-Internet era. I don’t think we’ll ever see a time like that again.

And this next blog post I’m linking to below talks about how some bible thumper who used to be a gay pornster is “honoring” Joey Stefano. According to the post, written by a biographer named David Bret, the former pornster is Joseph Sciambra. He evidently became a born again Christian zealot of the worst kind, which he claims saved him from the debauchery of all that is wicked and evil, and he posted something to honor the 20th anniversary of Stefano’s death. Just to clarify: when I post about these things I don’t judge or mock Christians. I know most Christians are not like Sciambra.

Here’s part of the post by Bret:

Even the name Scambria sounds dodgy, like something you would get from lifting too many heavy boxes, or not washing around your perineum. I first came across him (not literally, though many others apparently have) when I watched his documentary, “Room 122”, wherein he took us around “the seedy hotel room where Joey died” on 26 November 1994. 

The hotel room was not seedy, and Joey did not die here, but in hospital. The only thing seedy about that room was the person standing in it repeatedly telling us to pray and save our souls. Have YOU ever attempted to raise money for AIDS charities?

You can read more here.  

Bret spelled Sciambra’s name wrong, but that’s beside the point.

Now, here’s a link to Joseph Sciambra’s blog, where he pays what he calls “tribute” to Joey Stefano in a patronizing way. Be warned, though, this particular blog has some of the most offensive examples of homophobia and hate I think I have ever seen. And all, as usual, in the name of religion. Normally, I wouldn’t link to this at all because I don’t like giving out attention to these dangerous bloggers. However, I liked Joey and he can’t speak up for himself any longer.

Here’s one example from the blog:

Author’s note: I especially recommend a devotion to St. Joseph to all those suffering from same sex attraction or any other form of sexual oppression: place your wounded and battered body and mind under his care. 

I recommend anyone reading this guy’s blog to take into consideration the fact that medical science can dispute everything he says. I actually feel sorry for people like this because they seem to be caught somewhere between real spiritual faith and emotional disorder.

I also think, in an ironic way, Joey Stefano would have found Sciambra’s douchebaggery amusing. 

I’m going to post more about Joey Stefano this week in honor of the 20th anniversary of his death.

Pulling Up Their Pants

Norway’s curling team did a video that’s bound to make you smile. They’re standing there with their pants down, trying to pull them up without touching them…on ice. It’s sexy, too, in an innocent non-provocative way. This is SFW.

Here’s one way to burn off some of some extra holiday calories this year. And with thighs like that, it’s got to be hard to convince the fabric to move up.

Funny how something so nonsexual can be such a weird turn on.

You can check that out here. 

Jonathan Bennett and Bette Midler

Well this time Bette Midler didn’t do anything wrong and she didn’t insult anyone. This is all related to her schmaltzy old song, Wind Beneath My Wings. Remember that one? Made you, Oprah, and her best friend Gayle happy cry at the time 🙂

Jonathan Bennett was recently rehearsing to this same song for Dancing With the Stars and he missed a step and wound up with two broken ribs.

 Bennett was working on an interpretive dance to Midler’s mawkish “Wind Beneath My Wings” and while sliding down a bannister (!) he toppled over and fell many feet to make a hard thud on the floor. TMZ reports Bennett broke two ribs and his arm required a sling after the scary tumble. Don’t try this at home, folks.

There’s a photo of him in cute black shorts, and you don’t want to miss the comment section on this one. Here’s the link.  

Cowboy Christmas Miracle

2 thoughts on “Joey Stefano and Bible Thumpers; Pulling Up Their Pants; Jonathan Bennett and Bette Midler

  1. An amazing post, Ryan. What Joey did was in private, so to speak. If people wanted to watch, they bought the films. What this Bible-basher does is public–the problem with these people is that they sometimes get a lot of followers who are just as bed as they are, but who are equally bigoted behind the scenes, infinitely with skeletons on their cupboards. I shared this with my Facebook friends, if that's okay? David Bret

  2. It's so condescending, too. That superior attitude they have really needs to be targeted because not all gay people have the psychological baggage they have. I think that bothers me the most…the fact that they are putting their weakness and issues onto other people. And if and when I get the chance I don't mind going after them. Their entire argument is based on what may or may not be one huge universal fairytale.

    Thanks for commenting.

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