Free Gay Excerpt: Cage James by Ryan Field

Here’s the rest of my excerpt, from the google blog, for Cage James. Some will see this before the post is published tomorrow, but it saves time this way and I don’t think anyone will mind. You can find the full book here on Amazon and other places where e-books are sold.


“Completely alone.”  He wanted to bite Rick’s arm but didn’t want to appear too eager.

“Interesting,” Rick said, moving closer to him.  “I have a feeling you want to give me more than money tonight.”  He reached down with both hands, lifted Cage’s bathrobe up to his waist slowly, and pulled Cage closer to him.

Cage put his arms around Rick’s shoulders and said, “You’ve got it all wrong, man.  It’s not about what I want to give you.  It’s all about what you’re going to give me right now.”  He caressed the back of Rick’s head with one hand and reached down to grab the bulge between Rick’s legs with the other.  His dick was already erect and ready to burst out of his pants.  Cage squeezed it and said, “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you.”

Rick pulled him closer and pushed the bathrobe higher up his back.  He was breathing heavily now, and he spoke with short quick sentences.  “Me, too.  I’ve been thinking about you.”

Before Cage could reply, Rick took him completely in his arms and started kissing him so hard Cage had to hold his shoulders for support.  He was one of those solid broad-shouldered men made of pure muscle and no flab whatsoever.  As he kissed Cage, he started toward formal living room, pushing Cage backward with each step he took.  Cage continued to hold his shoulders, fighting for air with his heart beating in his ears.

When they reached a gold silk Chippendale sofa with a goose feather cushion, Rick pushed Cage onto the sofa and ripped off all his own clothes so fast he tore his shirt.  While Cage watched him undress and he noticed the thick muscles in his legs and thighs, he removed the black robe and threw his arms back over his head.  He’d had a lot of men in his life but there was something about Rick he found hard to explain.  Rick was the straight man fantasy man he’d dreamed about as a gay teenager, the hero he’d imagined would one day come to his rescue, and the big strong straight jock he watched in porn movies fucking other gay men.  The sheer thought of winning a man like this away from other women gave him strong feelings of scathing satisfaction he would never have admitted aloud. 

When Rick was naked, he climbed onto the sofa and turned so his dick would be aligned with Cage’s mouth and Cage’s dick would be aligned with his.  The instant he opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around the head of Cage’s dick, Cage took him all way in and pressed his tongue to the bottom of his thick shaft.  Cage would have sucked his cock in the alley, but Jared had only wanted to fuck.  That night, with the two of them all alone and no other distractions, Cage could now do all the things he wanted to do.

They remained in this position on the sofa for so long they left sweat stains on the silk fabric.  The sex they shared that night didn’t seem planned or forced.  At the same time, it was rushed and desperate, as if they couldn’t get enough of each other no matter how hard they tried.  Each time they did something different the other would repeat it.  When Rick started to lick Cage’s balls, Cage sucked Rick’s balls into his mouth.  When Rick started to lick and rim Cage’s ass, Cage lifted his head and buried his mouth in the deepest part of Rick’s ass.

Even though there was no mistaking the fact that Rick was the more dominant top, he did things to Cage that night that most other dominant top men wouldn’t have done.  He actually sucked Cage’s cock to the point of climax and Cage had to grab his head and tell him to slow down.  He didn’t want to get caught fucking around with Rick in the house, but he didn’t want to push things along too fast.  He wanted that big fat dick up his ass.

At one point, Rick stood up and turned around.  He climbed on top of Cage again and they kissed in that same jagged, hurried way that left Cage breathless and begging for more.  They were drenched in perspiration and Cage inhaled the strong exotic scent coming from Rick’s armpits.  He smelled like a locker room mixed with whatever soap he’d used to shower with that day.  They stopped kissing for a moment so Cage could bury his face in Rick’s armpits and take in as much of him as he could get.  He took turns under each arm and held his breath for as long as he could.  He smelled like no other man Cage had known, he tasted like no other man Cage had known, and he felt like no other man Cage had known.

Rick seemed to enjoy the way Cage worked over his armpits.  He moaned aloud and sighed so many times Cage stopped for a second and said, “I’ll bet you girlfriend doesn’t do this to you.  I’ll bet she doesn’t know how to appreciate the smell of a man the way I do.”

Rick laughed and said, “She makes me shower and wear cologne before we have sex. She doesn’t get it and there’s no point trying to explain it to her.”

Cage lifted his legs and spread them wide.  “I want you to smell like a man, not powdery and soapy.  I want you to smell like a jock strap that’s been used.  I want you to smell like a locker room right after a football game. I get it.”

Talking this way seemed to ignite something in Rick.  He held Cage tighter and kissed him harder.  When he started rubbing his dick between Cage’s legs he said, “I want to do such fucking bad things to you I can’t even think straight right now.”

“Don’t think straight; let’s fuck,” Cage said.  He knew it was getting late and he didn’t want to get caught fucking Rick on the living room sofa. As it was, he knew he was taking a big chance because Sam could have walked in at any moment. “Do you have a condom?”

“In my pocket,” Rick said.  “On the floor.”

He’d dropped his pants right next to the sofa.  Cage reached down with his left hand, found his pants, and rummaged around until he pulled out a condom.  While Rick continued to kiss him, he opened the condom behind Rick’s back and lifted his legs higher.  He pulled the condom out gently so he wouldn’t drop it and lowered both hands beneath Rick’s body so he could put the condom on himself.  He could tell it was pre-lubricated which meant Rick could enter him faster.

Rick’s body went up a little and Cage rolled the condom as far down the thick shaft as he could.  He guided the head of Rick’s cock toward his hole with one hand and spread the lips of his anus with the other.  The instant Rick entered him his arms went up and he wrapped them around Rick’s shoulders again.  In spite of the fact that Rick moved gently, he was so wide the initial pain traveled through Cage and he moaned aloud.  With each inch Cage took the pain grew more intense until he reached a point where he lost his own erection.

Cage knew this wouldn’t last, and to a certain extent all this pain was part of the pleasure of taking a man like Rick.  When Rick finally went deep and started bucking his pelvis faster, the pain became fullness, the fullness became pleasure, and the pleasure transitioned into the kind of trite, clichéd ecstasy that curled Cage’s toes.

Rick fucked the way he kissed: desperate and fast, as if he couldn’t get deep enough or pound hard enough.  The table next to the sofa wobbled and a little crystal box tapped against a brass lamp.  Without even realizing it at first, Cage made all kinds of vulgar noises most people would have mistaken for agony.

The one thing neither of them did when they reached climax was sigh and whisper sweet things to each other.  They shouted what they wanted and needed to hear that night.  Cage said, “Fuck me you big fucking stud.”  Rick said, “Fuck.  Fuck.  Fuck.  I’m fucking coming, man.”

They climaxed together and Rick rested all his weight on Cage’s body.  He set his head on Cage’s shoulder and said, “Was that like fucking unreal or what, dude?”

Cage ran his fingers through Rick’s sweaty head.  They were both drenched and Cage hated to think about the goose feather silk covered sofa cushion.  “I’ll bet you don’t fuck like that with your girlfriend.”  He tapped Rick’s back and said, “Don’t pull out yet.  Push your dick into me deeper. I like how it feels.”

“What is it with you and my girlfriend?”  Rick asked.  “You seem a little obsessed about her.”

“Because you’re the kind of man I’ve always wanted all my life and never could seem to get for longer than a few minutes at a time,” Cage said.  “Women can have men like you whenever they want and they don’t even seem to appreciate it.  I want you.  I want you all the time.”  He didn’t want to use the word love this soon, but that’s what he felt.

“You’re getting married,” Rick said.

“I’m not going to stay married for long,” Cage said.  “If you just trust me, we can have everything we ever wanted.  I have a plan.  I can’t tell you about it right now.  You just have to trust me.”

Rick pushed his dick deeper and laughed.  “What about my girlfriend? We’ve been together for five years.”

“Dump her.  You know damn well she’ll never make you happy the way I can.  And dump Jared, too.  You won’t need him telling you what to do anymore either.”

Rick lifted his head and said, “It sounds like you’ll be telling me what to do now.”

Cage knew he had a point.  But he didn’t want to acknowledge it aloud.  Some things were better off left unspoken.  He caressed Rick’s cheek gently and spoke in a softer tone.  “Of course not.  I would never tell you what to do.  You’re a big, strong man who can take care of himself.  Now pull your big dick out of my ass and get dressed.  You’ve got to get the fuck out of here before my fiancé and his fucking monkey come home.”


“Don’t ask,” Cage said, spreading his legs wider so Rick could pull out.

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