Burned Lesbian Trailer; Bill Maher Gay Mafia; Tough Mudders Jean Paul Zapata

Burned Lesbian House

A man allegedly attempted to burn down a trailer in Florida because lesbians were living there, and the lesbian couple had eight kids.

The trailer had no fire detectors, and a neighbor from across the street awakened the people inside.

The police report notes the suspect left his home and ‘casually began observing the fire. In fact one of his neighbors had to compel him to assist bringing a garden hose’ to put the fire out. Firefighters were called and the home, according to the police, had ‘considerable damage.’

Surveillance tape from another neighbor show Valenzuela-Villanueva setting the fire.

Good for surveillance cameras. I used to be anti-surveillance camera because I thought they were an invasion of privacy. But they seem to be catching a lot of criminals in the act, which changed my opinion completely. I now have them everywhere and I highly recommend the small investment.

You can read more here.

Bill Maher Gay Mafia

I’ve posted several times about the Brendan Eich issue where he was appointed CEO of Mozilla, it was disclosed he donated to an anti-gay cause that would help stop gay marriage, and he ultimately resigned after a huge firestorm erupted. I also stated I didn’t agree with the way all this went down and I often find myself in situations where I’m not comfortable with what some gay activists say and do and I’d rather not be represented by them. However, for Bill Maher to weigh in on this topic and refer to gay activists as the “gay mafia” is about as insulting as it gets.

After asking the panel for their opinions on the resignation, Maher says: ‘I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.’

 His comments were in response to Sheffield’s observation that Eich made the donation ‘when president Obama was still against gay marriage. So, I don’t think it’s very fair.’

First, in any context, I don’t see how Eich’s donation has anything to do with President Obama’s stand on gay marriage. President Obama, like all politicians before him, took no stand and basically said that he would leave it up to the states. It wasn’t until popular opinion started to change that the President finally started to support gay marriage in public. He, like all politicians, remained dead silent until he knew what public opinion would be. And for those who don’t remember, it was good old Democrat Bill Clinton that gave us DOMA in the first place.

Second, if Eich had donated his money to a group that was against any other minority separate from the LGBT community I doubt Bill Maher would be making these offhanded comments right now. And if Maher had made statements like that and he had referenced another other group, like say the African American community, the heavens would have exploded and Maher would have been released from his contract faster than Paula Deen closed Bubba’s restaurant. And, rightly so.

Bill Maher needs to get his head out of his ass.

You can read more here.

Tough Mudders Jean Paul Zapata


I have posted about LGBT travel writer, Jean Paul Zapata, before because I always enjoy his pieces. And now he’s embarking on one of the toughest challenges of his career: Tough Mudder. In short, Tough Mudders are people who sign up for physical challenges that make boot camp look like kindergarten. It’s a lifestyle for many.

I’m not fearful of the pools of ice, scaling slippery walls, or charging into arenas with low-voltage cables that work like cattle prods pushing people on to the next obstacle. ]

I’m not worried about the mystery obstacle, or the dubiously named Balls to the Wall, Hangin’ Tough or Just The Tip courses.

I am scared of running behind a group of guys wearing the infamous Borat man-kini.

You can read more here. I’ll be following this just to see what Zapata looks like shirtless and covered in mud.

2 thoughts on “Burned Lesbian Trailer; Bill Maher Gay Mafia; Tough Mudders Jean Paul Zapata

  1. Bill Maher confuses me too- at times I totally agree with his stances, but when he lumps all cops together as thugs, he loses me, this adds to my confusion about what the hell this guy is really about. He seems to get high too much, me thinks and can't keep his mouth from running in the wrong direction. Another great blog, Ryan.

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