Steve-O Is Naked; Bobby Cannavale Full Frontal Nude; Johnny Knoxville Sexiest Actor Alive

Steve-O Is Naked

This is one of those posts that fall under the category of male full frontal nudity in a general sense, and mainly because I find the double standards with regard to male vs. female full frontal interesting. More often than not female full frontal is done, where male full frontal seems so shocking and taboo. There are many social and cultural arguments that could be made about this it could be a text book. I even posted about how male full frontal was so shocking in Germany recently, but female full frontal seems to be almost normal. At least Steve-O of Jackass notoriety is helping to break some of the double standards, and without any reservations. And like him or not, he seems to do this with a good deal of humor.

Steve-O, aka Stephen Glover, is star of the hit MTV franchise JACKASS. Steve-O has also appeared on Dancing With The Stars and is currently the host of TruTV’s Killer Karaoke

You can view the photos here. I can’t post them for copyright reasons. And, keep in mind they are NSFW.

A lot of my more judgmental peers who don’t like sex, nudity, or anything erotic in books (or anything) won’t care for this. But I think the topic of male full frontal nudity in itself is something most people find interesting, and not always sexual in nature. Sometimes it’s funny. Other times it’s emotional. Unfortunately, you will always hear someone complain that there’s too much sex in books, movies, or on TV. But you’ll never hear anyone complain there’s not enough sex in books, movies, or TV because that’s considered taboo, too. Well, not around here (smile).

Bobby Cannavale Full Frontal Nude

When I posted about Bobby Cannavale’s full frontal nude scene back in 2012 I had no idea I would get so many e-mails about it…and continue to get them. Cannavale did the scene for Boardwalk Empire. And I remember watching it the night if first aired. It’s an interesting scene because Cannavale is very well endowed, very attractive, and the clip itself is nothing I’ve seen before on TV. But more than that, in like almost any erotic romance ever written this full frontal nude scene from an artistic POV added to the storyline, made the scene more realistic (and interesting), and started a discussion in more than one place about male full frontal nudity.

In my last post about this I didn’t have any links to a clip. This time I do. This link below is simple to use, but you’ll have to turn off your content restriction for that particular web site. It’s simple to do. Just click the green box and the clip will appear. In this case I’m not sure it’s NSFW. This one falls under the category of something more artistic. At least I think so. I’m sure some would disagree.

You can get there from here.

Johnny Knoxville Sexiest Actor Alive

Also part of the Jackass fame and fortune is Johnny Knoxville, one of the most underestimated talents around. Knoxville is the creator of Jackass, and he’s done several films I’ve found hysterical…Bad Grandpa was the most recent I saw. To add to Knoxville’s list of credits, he’s been chosen again as Sexiest Actor Alive by Glam’Mag.

For the second year in a row 2013 and 2014

The magazine has released its annual list of the 100 men who made history hotter, and the honors go to exactly who you thought they would (if you keep up with celebrity news): Johnny Knoxville, the creator of Jackass. For the second year in a row, our gorgeous hottie beat out some other equally hot men for the number one spot! And we can’t say we disagree!

You won’t see me disagreeing with this any time soon. Though I don’t think Knoxville has ever done full frontal nudity I don’t think anyone would mind if he did do it. In the film, Bad Grandpa, which is a dark comedy with a deeper message filmed in real places with hidden cameras, it was both funny and hard to watch Knoxville play the role of an older man because he looked so damn hot in those kaki pants. And yet it was one of the most touching films I’ve seen in a long time because of the relationship between the two main characters.

You can read more here.

Photo Attribution here.

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