Day: March 18, 2014

Lance Bass: Gay President; Trans CrossFit Lawsuit; Adele Can Turn You Gay

Lance Bass: Gay US President

You have to love the voices we give to those without much say. Here in the US it’s becoming a tradition to give them platforms, and with Lance Bass leading the proverbial troupe. In this article he speculates that Franklin D. Roosevelt was probably gay. It could be a joke, but it’s also a fascinating topic that’s been talked about at length with other US Presidents, so the answer is a little surprising…especially when you consider the fact that FDR led one of the most notorious gay witch hunts of the 20th Century called The Newport Sex Scandal.

The former boyband singer was finished judging the Queen of the Universe Pageant when TMZ asked him about his thoughts on a gay commander-in-chief.

‘Statistically speaking, I’m sure that someone in the White House has definitely slept with the same sex. I would definitely go out and say that, yes,’ Bass said.

 There’s been rumors,’ Bass joked. ‘I’m looking at you, Roosevelt.’

You can read more here.

Although he’s off base with Roosevelt, he’s not completely wrong about a gay US President. This article talks about President James Buchanan being gay. And I’ve read several bios on Buchanan that make the same claims.

There can be no doubt that James Buchanan was gay, before, during and after his four years in the White House. Moreover, the nation knew it, too — he was not far into the closet.

Today, I know no historian who has studied the matter and thinks Buchanan was heterosexual. Fifteen years ago, historian John Howard, author of “Men Like That,” a pioneering study of queer culture in Mississippi, shared with me the key documents, including Buchanan’s May 13, 1844, letter to a Mrs. Roosevelt. Describing his deteriorating social life after his great love, William Rufus King, senator from Alabama, had moved to Paris to become our ambassador to France, Buchanan wrote:

I am now “solitary and alone,” having no companion in the house with me. I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen, but have not succeeded with any one of them. I feel that it is not good for man to be alone; and should not be astonished to find myself married to some old maid who can nurse me when I am sick, provide good dinners for me when I am well, and not expect from me any very ardent or romantic affection.

It’s also been rumored that Abe Lincoln had a gay relationship, but never proven with any solid details. And first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, Franklin’s wife, has also had her share of lesbian rumors.

FDR did have a Navy unit that was designed to entrap gay men for committing certain acts. This highly unethical and homophobic incident was called the Newport Sex Scandal. But FDR gay? I’m going to post more about the Newport Sex Scandal soon. Let’s hope Bass was only joking around.

Transgender CrossFit Lawsuit

I posted about transgender, Cholie Jonnson, and how she’s suing CrossFit for allegedly discriminating against her, last week. And there was a recent discussion on the Wendy Williams show about this case that became transphobic. In short, for those who don’t want to check out my link, CrossFit allegedly doesn’t want a transgender woman competing against “women” because they allegedly think Jonnson is genetically built more like a man. Jonnson identifies as a woman, she’s had reassignment surgery, and is legally a woman in the state of California. But Wendy Williams doesn’t agree, and the transphobic comments she makes are a even more shocking than FDR being gay.

Agreeing that Jonsson should not be able to compete in the women’s division, Williams said: ‘This is an unfair advantage… You can take away female parts or male parts or whatever – it’s like Chaz Bono! You know Chaz is a man now, but I bet she still fights like a girl like the rest of us and she’s not as strong as a man who was born a man.’

Toler attempts to provide a legal perspective explaining that Jonsson should be free to compete as a woman, but Pardavila says: ‘Think about it. You look inside – she’s got all guy muscles, and the juices! You know, I’m not a doctor or anything but inside her that’s all there.’

 A video of the segment was posted on The Wendy Williams Show website but has since been removed.

I only have one question.

Who is Wendy Williams and why do we even care about her? I’m not up on my daytime talk shows and I don’t really have a clue.

You can read more here.

On the positive side, many have come out in support of Jonnson and you can count me among them.

Adele Can Turn You Gay

In keeping with the circus theme of today’s post, this gem of an article says there’s a doctor who thinks that listening to Adele music…or any music popular with gays…is going to turn you gay. He suggests listening to Christian music instead.

A retired doctor has claimed the Oscar-winning ‘Skyfall’ singer is on the list of things that men ‘should avoid if they want to be straight’.

Openly gay doctor Christian Jessen, 37, discovered the bizarre claims in a new Channel 4 documentary Cure Me I’m Gay.

In the film, he meets retired doctor John Smid from Texas who offers rehab and orders him to strip his life of things that encourage his sexual orientation.

He throws out Jessen’s Adele CD, telling him: ‘Adele is very popular within the gay community. You have to listen to Christian music.’

As they say in some parts of the US, “not for nothing” but I’m gay and I’m not a huge Adele fan. I’m not a huge fan of torch songs, Broadway show tunes, or even Judy Garland for that matter. Nothing against Adele or the rest. I’m sure Adele is a great woman and she’s worked hard to get where she is. But I wouldn’t stand in line for her, and if you made me listen to her music in a traffic jam I’d get out and walk.

So these people really need to rethink what they are talking about and find out a little more about gay men than the basic stereotypes.

You can read more here.

Craigslist Gay Sex Ad; Carnival American Horror Story; Photos and E-mail

Craigslist Gay Sex Ad

This local Philadelphia story is interesting because I just watched the most recent episode of Shameless where two gay thugs did almost the same thing to an unsuspecting older gay man they met in a hotel while soliciting sexual favors. In this case they got away with extortion and more.

But not in the Philadelphia case. A man tried to blackmail someone he met on Craigslist and in this case the victim only responded to the CL ad. He didn’t actually do anything with the extortionist.

Beisher posted a personal ad on Craigslist soliciting homosexual sex.  The victim responded to the ad in August 2012 and sent Beisher a naked photo of himself.  Beisher found the victim’s telephone number and address and called him the following day, threatening to expose the victim to his wife and family if he did not pay Beisher money.  Beisher called repeatedly to demand that the victim meet him at various locations in Philadelphia to make payments. The victim met Beisher seven times over the course of nine days, making payments ranging from $200 to $400.  The victim paid Beisher a total of $1,950 before refusing to meet him again and reporting him to the State Police.

I only wish the victim had reported this creep sooner. I also wonder how many times this happens and isn’t reported to anyone.

As for Shameless, Tony can’t stand the storyline anymore. But I think it’s authentic and portrays the characters well…and always in a shameless way.

Carnival American Horror Story

It was announced today, without great detail, the next theme for American Horror Story is going to be a Carnival.

American Horror Story writer Douglas Petrie confirms that the setting for the shows fourth installment will be a carnival theme. Read on for the full details.

Fan created posters depicting a creepy carnival tent and various circus performers took the internet by storm well before Ryan Murphy and company were willing to discuss the theme for American Horror Story‘s fourth season. However, writer Douglas Petrie may have confirmed the general theme for the fourth season is indeed a carnival of horrors.

It goes on to state this is a rough idea, probably subject to change. Evidently, a lot of people on facebook wanted to see this and it became almost an online campaign of sorts. One more reason why if you’re interested in pop culture you shouldn’t avoid facebook. It’s not the place for the literary elite and the grandest of our times, however, pop culture reigns supreme as far as information goes.

Although I’ve never set a book in a carnival, I’ve always been interested in the carnival theme and I have written a few proverbial three ring circus erotic romance novels in my time. One had a burping penisAmerican Star.

You can read more here.

Photos and E-mail

I’ve posted about bloggers using photos in blog posts a few times, but I wanted to do it one more time because I think it’s something we all need to think about and take seriously. This article give a far better explanation than I could.

For those of you who are super observant, you may have noticed some changes on my blog over the last few months. Tumblr posts went away. Fiction Groupie disappeared. I deleted most of my Pinterest boards. The Boyfriend of the Week has changed format. And all my previous posts from the past three years — all 700 of them — now have new photos on them.
Copyright laws are all over the place with this.

As for the e-mail part of this post, I’d like to make it clear that like many other people I’ve been hand picking which e-mails I open, which I delete, and which go directly to spam. And I don’t think anyone can be too careful about this anymore either. Even though I back up all my files constantly, I’d rather not deal with some of the scary things happening all over the Internet now and if I can avoid something I will. In this case, it means taking certain precautions. One of which is never opening a suspicious looking e-mail.

So if you have e-mailed me about something and I haven’t replied, please try it again and put something distinct in the subject line letting me know who you are. Or even better, pm me on facebook. I never miss a pm and I’m more likely to get back to you that way. I’m also on goodreads and twitter. I wish there were laws against this kind of spamming but there aren’t.