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Here’s the free excerpt, continued from google blogger, with adult only material.


This was the first time they’d discussed financial matters and Nathan was curious. He knew Lance was a state policeman in Baltimore, but he had no idea Lance had problems with money. Up until then, they’d spent the majority of their time together either in bed or getting reacquainted with each other. Nathan didn’t want to probe too hard and he didn’t want Lance to think he was being nosey, so he just quirked his eyebrows and said, “At least you have a paycheck you can depend on. Business has been so bad at the shop I’ve had to start dipping into my savings.”

The TV personality began another recipe and told the viewers they had to use the best chocolate money can buy for these particular chocolate cookies. When she grimaced at less expensive brands of chocolate, Lance took the remote control from Nathan’s hand and switched the channel to Tyler Florence’s cooking show. Nathan didn’t mind. The passively aggressive obnoxious woman was getting on his nerves, too. Nathan had actually tried this particular cookie recipe out and it hadn’t been accurate. He’d followed the recipe to the last ounce of very expensive chocolate and the cookies had turned out dry and cracked around the edges. He’d thrown them all away and started from scratch. He’d revised the recipe by adding less flour, an extra egg, and a cheaper brand of chocolate. And his version of the recipe had turned out perfectly.

“My paycheck isn’t what it used to be,” Lance said. “My divorce wasn’t exactly amicable in the beginning. My ex-wife wasn’t mad at me when I told her I was gay. But the poor woman went through a crisis of her own, ran up the credit cards, and accumulated a lot of debt. We’re still on good terms, but financially it was a mess. And I’m sending alimony and child support to Florida for my ex-wife and my daughter. Not to mention the insurance policy the courts made me get just for alimony in case anything happens to me. We sold the house for much less than it was worth, thanks to this real estate market. We had a small savings, but when it was divided up it didn’t amount to much. And now I’m barely living paycheck to paycheck, working to pay off all the credit cards, pay them support, and pay my own living expenses. I never thought I’d be renting an apartment on St. Paul Street instead of owning a home.” He pulled Lance closer to his side and kissed the top of his head. He took a deep breath and sighed. “I refused to declare bankruptcy. It just goes against my basic principles in life. I’d rather make sacrifices, maintain my credit, and pay off the debts one by one.”

Nathan sighed. “I admire that,” he said. “I also admire that you pay your child support on time. Things will get better, I’m sure. We just have to keep moving forward until they do.”

As he said this, the images on television went completely green. Poor Tyler Florence’s extra large bracioli looked more like a large cucumber than a thick piece of rolled, stuffed meat.

“What happened?” Lance asked, tilting his head sideways at the TV.

“Sometimes the whole screen just goes green on me,” Nathan said, shrugging his shoulders. “I think it gets overheated.” He switched the TV off and climbed up on Lance’s lap. He straddled Lance’s waist and put his arms around Lance’s shoulders. When his back was arched and his ass was pressed to Lance’s crotch, he kissed Lance on the mouth and said, “At least this doesn’t cost anything. Make love to me again.”

Lance reached down and pulled the back of Nathan’s briefs down. He set his palms on the bottom of Nathan’s ass and slapped it gently. “I just fucked you two hours ago,” he said, squeezing Nathan’s ass with his fingertips. “You won’t be able to walk later.”

They’d both recently had HIV tests and both had been declared negative. They’d promised to be monogamous and there was no need for condoms anymore; just like straight couples. And when Lance started entering Nathan raw, Nathan couldn’t seem to get enough of Lance. So Nathan sat back and removed his briefs. Then he straddled Lance’s hips again, kissed him on the mouth, and rotated his ass slowly. “It feels like two years instead of two hours,” he said. “Just once more, please. I don’t care if I wind up walking funny.”

By that time, Lance had a full erection. “You have to do all the work,” Lance said. “I just want to lay back and watch you ride me this time. I don’t want to move a muscle.”

Nathan hadn’t showered yet. He was already pre-lubed from the pounding Lance had given him two hours earlier. So he reached around, grabbed Lance’s dick, and inserted it into his body. He sat all the way back and sighed. Then he smiled at Lance and said, “You’re going to like this.” He tightened his sphincter muscle and started moving up and down. “Just close your eyes and relax every muscle.” When his body went up, he pressed his palms against Lance’s firm, defined abdomen and started riding so fast the bed began to squeak.


Chapter Two


On a cool Saturday in early November, Lance asked Nathan if he wanted to go golfing. Halloween had passed and the feel of the holiday season was in the air. Though Nathan hadn’t played golf in years, he put on his beige slacks, his white polo shirt, and his cross-training shoes and said yes. He didn’t love golf the same way Lance did, but he loved spending time with Lance. And with business the way it was, he had plenty time to spare these days.

In August, Nathan had begun to open the video store around three in the afternoon instead of noon on weekends. By October he didn’t see the need to open before five in the evening. And by November he decided he was closing the video shop for good in January and opening another business in the same location. And with the same mind-set with which he’d opened the video store…a business the community of Martha Falls could use…this time he was opening a cookie shop, with a retail section where he’d be selling all kinds of baking supplies. He owned the property; he lived upstairs; he couldn’t just pick up and leave. So he decided to do something he’d always wanted to do.

He posted Going Out of Business signs in front of the shop and started selling off old videos, DVD’s, and CD’s at very reasonable prices. So far, everyone in the community was looking forward to the change. People told him how happy they were to see he wasn’t leaving the business community of Martha Falls. People who loved to bake stopped in, looked around, and rubbed their palms together in anticipation of the new baking supply shop. The people who worked in the surrounding shops were hoping Nathan’s cookie shop would draw a lot more people into the business community. Though Nathan warned Lance money would be tight for a while and they wouldn’t be going out for any expensive dinners because he’d taken out a huge loan to finance the new business, Lance gave him a hug and a kiss and told him he’d be there to support him any way he could.

So going golfing with Lance was a novelty for Nathan. And this wasn’t just because he hadn’t played golf in ages. Once the new business got under way in January, Nathan new he’d be working seven days a week until he could find employees he could depend on to give him a break.

When Nathan and Lance arrived at the country club, they didn’t turn any heads or cause any whispers because they were together. They were a couple of nice-looking guys in casual clothes out for a day of golf. Though they wouldn’t have held hands and kissed each other in public anywhere, especially not in Martha Falls, they weren’t self-conscious about being seen together either. And since Nathan and Lance had begun their relationship, Nathan seemed more animated than he’d ever been in his life. He didn’t care what people thought anymore. When people spoke to him, he looked into their eyes instead of looking down at his shoes. He lost the thick black eyeglasses and got contact lenses. He stopped wearing so much plaid and flannel and started wearing more fitted, solid shirts. Even his posture seemed to improve. He didn’t slump forward like a human comma. He walked with his chin up and his shoulders squared as if ready for any challenge that came his way.  

 Only he wasn’t ready for the challenge of playing golf with Lance. Nathan had imagined them sauntering up and down the golf course, talking and laughing and joking like they usually did whenever they were out together. But it turned out Lance was one of those serious golfers who barely said two words. He prepared his stance, eyed the distance, and frowned with such intensity it looked painful. If Nathan so much as exhaled while Lance was preparing to hit the little white ball, Lance sent him a glare.

So no one would have been surprised when they saw Nathan reach for Lance’s putter and gasp. He pulled it out of the bag, gaped at it, and pressed his palm to his mouth. At a glance, it resembled any other putter. But when he held it out in front of him there was a noticeable bend in the rod. In order for Lance to use it, he had to twist his body in a sideways turn, tilt his head in a peculiar slant, and bite his bottom lip the entire time.

Nathan didn’t say anything until Lance was finished taking the shot. He wasn’t even sure whether or not it was called a shot. He hadn’t played golf in so long he’d lost track of the jargon. “Isn’t that putter thing crooked?” he asked. “I don’t know much about golf or putters, but it just doesn’t look right to me.”

Lance smiled and picked up the ball. “I accidentally backed over it with my car a couple of months ago,” he said.

“I see.”

“It’s my lucky putter,” Lance said. “And to replace it would cost a small fortune. I believe in buying the best golf clubs. The putter was one of those things I really couldn’t afford when I bought it, but just had to have it.” He slapped Nathan on the back and laughed. “And now it’s one of those sacrifices I told you about. With all my bills and expenses right now, not to mention a kid to support, I just can’t afford to get another one.”

“But you love golf so much,” Nathan said. He was bored to death. He knew he’d probably pass the next time Lance asked him to play. But the thought of Lance playing golf with that gnarled putter caused a pull in his stomach. 

Lance shrugged. “I’ll live. You do what you have to do in life,” he said, with the same pragmatic tone Nathan had always admired.

Nathan decided to let the subject go. He could see by the way Lance’s lips turned down and the way his tone dropped talking about the broken putter made him uncomfortable. When it was Nathan’s turn to use the putter, he made a few jokes about what a bad golfer he was. He boosted Lance’s ego and tried to make him look like the greatest golfer in the world. And in order to make Lance feel even better, he did something slightly unexpected to take Lance’s mind off the bent putter and the entire tired golf game.

When they reached a section of the golf course that bordered a heavily wooded area, Nathan walked up to Lance and caressed his forearm. Lance had those strong, thick forearms covered with dark hair and hands the size of Frisbees. All Nathan had to do was touch Lance’s forearm with the tip of his index finger and his pants tightened. He looked back and forth to make sure no one was watching them and he lowered his hand to Lance’s crotch. “Do you remember what I once did to you in high school in that wooded section that was beyond the football field?”

Lance smiled. “How could I forget? You were brutal that day. It’s the one time in my life when I literally thought my heart stopped. And I was only eighteen.”

In high school, Nathan and Lance had maintained a secret relationship that lasted their entire senior year. It was a Catholic high school in a small town and they didn’t have many options. At the time, Lance hadn’t been sure about his sexuality and he’d been dating a cheerleader. And Nathan had only cared about getting down on his knees and pulling Lance’s zipper down in dark places. Once, they’d both been so horny they’d gone into the woods during a football game. While the cheerleaders cheered and the football players pounced on each other, Nathan pulled Lance’s dick out of his athletic cup and blew him in the woods.

“I got you back in time to finish playing the game,” Nathan said, licking his lips. “And, you scored a goal and won the game.”

Lance laughed. “A touchdown.”

Nathan shrugged. He cared as much about football terms as he did golf terms.

Lance smiled. “You were a bad boy in high school. But you were very inspiring, I have to say.”

“You were just as bad as I was,” Nathan said. Sometimes he wondered how they’d made it through school without getting expelled. If anyone had caught Nathan blowing Lance in the woods, or the locker room, or under the bleachers, especially Sister Mary…nick named Sister Unforgiving…they would have been kicked out of school and banished from the church before Lance’s dick had a chance to go flaccid in Nathan’s mouth.

Lance reached for a golf club and laughed. “We certainly were very young.”

But Nathan reached for Lance’s dick and tipped his head to the right. “Let’s go into the woods right now. We’re not old. We’re barely twenty nine.”

Lance’s head went up and his eyes widened. He looked around and said, “We could get caught. It’s wrong. And this time we’d get arrested. I can just see the headline now: ‘Maryland State Policeman Charged with Lewd Conduct.’”

Nathan frowned for a second. Then he leaned into Lance’s side and whispered into his ear. “It will only take a few minutes. All you have to do is pull out your big dick and stand there. I’ll do everything else.”

These were almost the same exact words he’d said to Lance back in high school during that infamous football game. Only he’d left the most important part out. Lance had been sitting on the bench watching the football game and Nathan had gone over to him and leaned into his side. At first Lance had refused the offer. He was afraid of getting into trouble and said they’d get together later that night. But when Nathan had smiled and whispered, “If you let me blow you in the woods right now, I’ll swallow,” Lance literally jumped off the bench and ran into the woods. Up until then, Nathan had never swallowed Lance’s come. Lance had always pulled out of Nathan’s mouth just before he came and jerked off on Nathan’s face. At the time, Lance had been begging Nathan to swallow and Nathan had been putting it off.

Lance gazed down at the bag of golf clubs and rubbed his jaw. “Will you swallow?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’ll go into the woods alone,” Lance said, putting the golf club back into the bag. “And you wait a minute to be sure no one’s watching us. We can’t drag this out.”

Nathan licked his lips and smiled. “I know what I’m doing.” Nathan could suck the sausage from the casing in minutes without a hint of damage.

“I’m already hard,” Lance said, as he turned and loped into the woods.

A moment or two after that, Nathan crossed into the woods, stepping over branches and rocks. The leaves crunched beneath his shoes, the sunlight disappeared and he couldn’t see his shadow anymore. When he saw Lance standing between a tall oak and a sparse pine, with his pants down to his knees, holding his erection, he unfastened his own pants, walked up to where Lance was standing, and went down on his knees in a pile of leaves.

Without wasting a minute, he wrapped his lips around Lance’s dick and started sucking. The vertical hollows in his cheeks indented and his lips protruded. He placed one hand at the base of Lance’s dick so he could suck and jack at the same time, and the other on his own dick so he could come, too. He knew he had to work fast. Though the element of danger involved in this public cock sucking caused his heart to race with delight, he didn’t want to get caught and thrown out of the country club.

He jacked and sucked Lance with a quick, even rhythm. With his tongue pressed to the bottom of Lance’s shaft and his lips pressed to his own fist, his head moved back and forth so fast he had to close his eyes so he wouldn’t get dizzy. They hadn’t had sex that morning and Nathan knew it wouldn’t take long to get Lance off. All he had to do was maintain an even rhythm and suck until Lance started to moan.

In no time at all, just like high school, Lance grabbed the back of his head and started to moan softly. A squirrel jumped from one tree to another. A horn honked back at the club house. A second after that, Lance blasted Nathan’s mouth with a load so intense Nathan felt it hit the back of his throat. And as Nathan continued to suck, he jacked his own load into a pile of dried oak leaves.

As usual, Lance had to grab the back of Nathan’s head to get him to stop sucking. When Lance’s dick was in his mouth, he had a tendency to lose track of everything. “Come up for air, man,” Lance said, laughing. “I don’t want you to hyperventilate or choke to death.”

Nathan released his dick and sighed. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with the side of his hand. Then he stood and helped Lance pull up his pants. Of all the things in his life that had surprised him the most, meeting up with Lance on Christmas Eve had been the biggest. Though Nathan didn’t know many other gay men, he had a feeling he was one of the lucky ones. “I’m just fine,” Nathan said, pulling up his own pants. “Besides, I can’t think of a better way to go than choking to death on your big dick.” He wasn’t joking either.  

Lance smiled and kissed him on the lips. “That was nice,” he said. Then he put his arms around Nathan and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re not really into golf, are you?”

Nathan’s head went up. Had he been that transparent?

“It’s cool,” Lance said. “I don’t mind. We don’t have to finish the game.”

Nathan shrugged and smiled. “I’m not very good at it.”

Lance patted his ass. “That’s okay. You’re very good at other things.”

“You sure you don’t mind? I should get back to the shop and start going through Christmas decorations this afternoon. In order to spark business in this awful economy, the chamber of commerce is asking all the shops to decorate their stores for Christmas, by Thanksgiving.” For the first time since he’d opened his shop, Nathan was looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. Now that he was with Lance he couldn’t wait to string the lights and hang the wreaths. “You can take a nap and we can order a pizza or something for dinner later. After that, we can either watch TV or I can put on those black leather studded wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs you like so much and you can fuck me outside on the deck.”

Lance gave him a hard slap on the ass and his body jerked forward. “I’ll race you to the golf cart,” Lance said.

Nathan smiled as he watched Lance jog back to the golf course, whistling Silent Night. When he saw the way the muscles in Lance’s back moved and the way his long athletic legs barely seemed to hit the ground, he pressed his palm to his throat and took a quick breath. For the first time in more years than he could recall, he was actually looking forward to the holiday season instead of dreading it. Though the discounted promotional offer from the cable TV company had expired and he barely had enough money to cover the full monthly payments now, he had a warm, light feeling that wouldn’t go away.

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