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FREE Gay Excerpt; 2013 My Book List; Naked Adore You Parody

Naked Adore You Parody

Author Jon Michaelsen sent me this link earlier this week and I wanted to share. It’s a sensual video parody of Miley Cyrus’s Adore You by model, Brian Hawn. Brian has several Ass-ets worth mentioning. I thought about posting something more solid to welcome in 2014, you know, like good old Joe Konrath did. But then I figured WTF? This naked parody really is a naughty guy with a strong story, my readers don’t really give a damn what my predictions for 2014 will be, and this really is about as good as it gets in life sometimes. So Happy New Year!!

2013: My Book List

Here’s a list of the books I wrote and had published in 2013. I’m putting notes with some to explain things I think are important, and providing links where I can. These little posts actually help keep me organized, because I honestly wouldn’t remember offhand what I did this past year without them. Here’s a link to my full published list.

Pledges  An anthology with Cleis Press edited by Shane Allison
With This Cowboy I Love so Freely A Collection of Western Short stories 50,000 words
Bad Boy Billionaire Books 8 book series:
The Vegas Shark Full length novel
The Wall Street Shark Full length novel
The Actor Learning to Love Full length novel
The Ivy League Rake Full length novel
Silicon Valley Sex Scandal Full length novel
Cowboy in Love Full length novel
Palm Beach Real Estate Scoundrel (not yet published)
Small Town Romance Writer (full length 110,000 word novel not yet published)
Glendora Hill 4 book Series:
Cowboy Christmas Miracle Full length novel
Sheriff and the Outlaw Full length novel (not published yet)
Bruno Gmunder Books German Publisher:
Daddy Knows Best short story in anthology
Straight No More short story in anthology
Cherry Soda Cowboy novella
Fangsters full length novel
Internal Desires novella
Second Chance Series:
Second Chance: Book 1 novella
Second Chance The Littlest Christmas Tree novella
Second Chance Book Three (not yet published)
The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance 50,000 word Anthology edited and published by Ryan Field

I think this is a complete list. It’s been a busy year and I may have missed something, and if I did I’ll update. I’ve also included a few that were published in 2012 to keep each series together in case someone asks me for a link to one particular series. It happens and it’s nice to just give readers one quick link.

FREE Gay Excerpt

This free excerpt is from my newest, yet-to-be-released novella in the Second Chance series. It’s so new I don’t have a title yet. But I will soon. I wanted to post this excerpt to show how this series follows a pattern. Each novella is completely different, with storyline and character development. However, the basic formula is the same, where each character in each story winds up in the same place at one point, and this point is where the main character is offered his second chance to go back and change the events of his life…if he so chooses to do this. I set it up almost like a television series, so readers know there are certain things to expect. At the same time, each novella will have more than a few surprises and a chance for each main character to get his own happy ending…again, if he so chooses.

The one recurring character in each novella is Rory, and he’s part of the excerpt below. He’s the guide each main character meets at the Department of Second Chances. Keep in mind this is still the raw version and there might be a few revises made in the final e-book.


“Not exactly,” Rory said. He grabbed Lance by the waist and lifted him up so he could sit on the table. Then he jumped up and sat beside him. “I haven’t mentioned the real reason you’re here. What just happened was only you getting a chance to live out your fantasy. It’s like a bonus. But it’s not all that important.”

            Lance laughed. “That’s easy for you to say. I just got pumped by more men than I can even count and I need to use a bathroom.” All those men had left him a mess and he wanted to clean up.

            “You don’t need a bathroom,” Rory said. “There won’t be enough time.”

            “What’s next?” He felt a thump in his chest. “I don’t think I can take on any more guys today.”

            Rory turned and sent him a stern look. “The main reason you’re here has nothing to do with sex. You’re here because you’ve been selected to go back to your life and get a second chance.”

            “You’re joking.”

            “I wouldn’t joke about that,” Rory said. “It’s not complicated, so pay attention. You’re going to get a chance, if you want the chance, to return to the most pivotal time in your life. It’s the time when you made a choice, and that choice affected the outcome of your entire life. In most cases, people return to their youths. But your case is a little different because the most pivotal point in your life happened when you were forty-two. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

            Lance didn’t have to think twice. “Of course I know.” He’d led an uneventful life until he was forty-two, and he hadn’t been prepared for what had happened.

            “You don’t have to go,” Rory said.

            “What happens if I don’t go back?”

            Rory shrugged. “I can’t disclose that. I’m sorry. I stick to the rules.”

            “Let me get this straight,” Lance said, “I get a chance to go back and redo my life. I can do things differently if I want to.”

            “Not exactly,” Rory said. “It’s not that simple. If you choose to go back for a second chance there’s no guarantee you won’t make the same choice twice. That’s really up to you. You won’t be aware you’re getting this second chance.”

            “That’s not fair,” Rory said. “Now that I know all the things I know about life I should be able to draw from my experiences.”

            “Nothing in life is fair,” Rory said. “And you’re no exception to the rule. Everyone gets their chances and everyone is treated equally. But sometimes we like to offer second chances where there were unusual circumstances.”

            “I’m not sure I want to do that,” Lance said. “If I do everything the same all over again I’m only repeating myself.”

            “Most people get some kind of sign the second time, so you might not repeat yourself,” Rory said. “It’s not anything obvious, and sometimes people ignore their intuition. But most of the time it works out well. The only risk you run is doing the same thing twice. And if that’s an issue you are by no means forced to take your second chance.”

            “Can I think it over for a day or two?” Lance asked. He knew if he took the second chance he would be returning to the time when he’d first met Sergio. His first partner, Davis, had been away on business so often and he’d been so lonely. He’d always wondered what things would have been like if he hadn’t left Davis for Sergio. Now Rory was offering him a chance to find out.

            “No, there’s no time,” Rory said. “You have to decide now.”

            He thought for a moment. He remembered the passion he’d first experienced when he’d met Sergio. Then he remembered the pain all over Davis’s face when he’d told Davis he was leaving to be with Sergio. He’d never seen a grown man with such a horrified expression since then. And yet, through all the pain, he’d loved Sergio with all his heart.

            “We don’t have much time,” Rory said. “You have to decide.”

            Lance squared his back and said, “What do I have to do?”

            “Close your eyes,” Rory said. “You’ll never remember a thing that happened here.”

            Lance closed his eyes and said, “Wish me luck. I have a feeling I’m going to need it. I’m not even sure what I would choose right now, and I’m aware of everything. I loved both of those men very much, and my life wasn’t easy with either of them.”

Homoerotic? Utah Against Marriage; Coke Cuts Gay Wedding Out in Ireland


Trust me, this link is mostly for photos. I can’t post them. But when you get there you’ll see what I mean.

I know a lot of gay men who don’t get this. They see straight men rolling around on a mat, with their arms and legs wrapped around each other, and they think it’s homoerotic.

It’s not. It might look that way. But the straight men doing this (unless there’s something we don’t know) are not even slightly aroused. If you still don’t get this, picture me rolling around on a mat with Rachel Maddow.

I can’t promise you much in this life, but I can promise I will NOT get aroused if Rachel Maddow climbs on top of me.

Photo attribution here

Utah Against Marriage

Last week I posted about a federal judge, Robert J. Shelby, declaring the ban on same sex marriage in Utah unconstitutional.

And now the fight to keep the ban is beginning and this next article states Utah is prepared to spend millions to have the ruling appealed.

‘To go through the court process on an issue that, on a 2-to-1 vote, the people of our state felt was important to have in our constitution, I think is of value,’ the speaker told KSL.

In 2004, voters supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one man and woman.

This is interesting to me for more than one reason. Tony’s brother and his family live in Utah now and we just saw Tony’s niece and her partner (she’s straight; her partner is a man) on Christmas day and they were telling us some of the cultural changes they’ve had to deal with since moving to Utah from the east coast over a year ago. For one thing, they said people in Utah don’t curse. They say “Son of a Bishop” instead of “Son of a Bitch.” Now, that’s hearsay, I know. But it’s not the first time I’ve heard this.

But what also interests me is that Tony’s niece and her partner also stated that they find Utah to be progressive and they never see any hints of homophobia in their circles. They have no reason to lie. So the 2004 vote where the people of Utah defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman makes me wonder. A lot has changed in ten years. And I can’t help wondering how things would turn out if the people of Utah were able to vote on this all over again. Almost every single poll I read in most places it says the attitude toward same sex marriage has shifted in an almost polarized direction, in favor of same sex marriage.

Coke Cuts Gay Wedding Out in Ireland

There’s allegedly an ad not yet released in Ireland for Coke with a gay wedding scene. And Coke decided to cut the scene and now they’ve come under fire. You have to read this carefully and think about it for a moment.

But in Ireland, the gay couple scene is replaced with an image of a young straight, interracial couple walking down the aisle.

They always gear ads like this to the country in which it will be shown. Even though 73% of Irish people support same sex marriage, it’s still not legal in Ireland. Coke wants their ads to reflect this. And I actually do get it this time. If gay marriage isn’t legal in Ireland why show an ad with two men getting married? They aren’t selling a brand to make political statements. They are selling a brand to make money and all they are doing is following facts.

You can read more here.

Robin Roberts Inspires; Pretty Boy Dead Best Book; Wicked Gay Blog

Robin Roberts Inspires

In the summer of 2007 Robin Roberts disclosed she had breast cancer. By August 2007 she had surgery and the follow up treatments she underwent continued into 2008. At the time, I followed her story closely because that same summer Tony was going through his life/death crisis. And the bravery Roberts showed during her own crisis left an impact on me personally and I think helped give me a sort of indirect support to deal with all the things I was going through that summer. She was a huge inspiration to me, and I never forgot that. And once again, Roberts recently became an inspiration to millions of LGBT people in disclosing that she’s a lesbian and has been with the same woman for ten years.

Unfortunately, Roberts was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease in 2012 and it gutted me to hear that after all she went through with breast cancer she had to deal with something else. You’d think once in a lifetime would be enough, but we all know that’s not how it works. Once again, Roberts has showed the same strength, dignity, and grace she showed while battling breast cancer.

On December 29, 2013, Roberts came out on Facebook:

 “At this moment I am at peace and filled with joy and gratitude. I am grateful to God, my doctors and nurses for my restored good health…I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber, and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together.” Roberts and Amber Laign, a massage therapist, have been together for 10 years. This was the first time Roberts publicly acknowledged her longstanding same-sex relationship.

You can read more here. Photo is in the Public Domain.

The support I’ve seen for Roberts has also been inspiring. This isn’t just fandom. It goes way deeper than that.

 Pretty Boy Dead Best Book

I usually don’t post these things because I find that any best book list tends to be fundamentally flawed at best, and highly subjective at worst. In small genres like M/M Romance where there are thousands of wonderful “best” books, best book lists also put writer against writer and book against book in ways I don’t always think are fair. It’s also a way for aggressive book bloggers to promote themselves and garner hits. As a small, humble blogger I absolutely refuse to do these things to exploit authors. I don’t mind doing it to other bloggers. But not to authors.

In the same respect, there are exceptions to every rule. The reason I’m mentioning the book, Pretty Boy Dead, by Jon Michaelsen, is because sometimes book bloggers do get it right and sometimes best books are given the credit they deserve. As it happens, I’m right in the middle of reading Pretty Boy Dead and it’s such a great book I wanted to post something about it. There’s a “best” book post up at the now defunct Jessewave web site, and Pretty Boy Dead is listed as one of the best books of 2013. In this case, I couldn’t agree more with this choice.

You can read more here. Along with Pretty Boy Dead, there’s a list of other best books for 2013. Some I read, some are excellent choices. But one or two leave me wondering…without the ambition to comment further because they’re so bad. Like I said, it’s all highly subjective. 

Wicked Gay Blog

Once in a while I come across a blog that’s for gay men that makes me smile. In this case, it’s a blog titled, Wicked Gay Blog, and you can check it out here.

I’m not going to link to any post right now because I like the whole package as far as blogging goes. I just want to give examples in a general sense to nudge people over there. There are posts about gay news, posts that are more personal, and topics discussed that are geared for gay men without a hint of judgment. And the photos are excellent, too. I have no idea how they get permission to use these photos, but I can only assume they have taken copyright into consideration, they are aware of how litigious people can be nowadays, and they know what they are doing.

They do have ads, but I don’t find them intrusive or annoying. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Bethenny Frankel’s Ass; Anne R. Allen on Writing; Gambian President Gay Hate

Bon Jovi/ Versace

For some reason, this older photo of Jon Bon Jovi started floating around social media over the holidays and it reminded me of a post I wrote last year about photoshopping, body images, and the difference between how celebrity photos are often altered in direct contrast to how fashion designers create what has always been considered artistic images that often border on the abstract. But even fashion designers photoshop celebrities sometimes, and this one photo in particular of Jon Bon Jovi is classic photoshopping at its best.

You can view the photo here. The guy looks great for 50 years old. But a photo can hide certain things that you can’t in real life. And 50 year old skin is not the same as 25 year old skin no matter how hard you try. That’s life. Plain and simple. And to take this to a writer’s POV, you can’t write about a 50 year old the same way you can about a 25 year old unless you’re writing paranormal or science fiction.

And this article goes deeper, with a few excellent examples of how celebrities really look before they’re photoshopped. I love the photos of Bachelor Clooney. And frankly, most of the photos “before” don’t look all that bad anyway and I don’t see a reason to photoshop them. This link also comes with a warning. You’ll have to look at before and after shots of Bethenny Frankel’s ass…something I’m sure we can all live without seeing either before or after.

Anne R. Allen on Writing

Unfortunately, I’m a little late with this link, too, due to family things Tony and I have been dealing with in the past few days. But I wanted to post it anyway because I think it’s an excellent example of many short posts I’ve written on the topic of writing rules. In fact, many of the comments in this post made me smile because I used to follow some of the rules when I first started out. And, as a writer who is constantly trying to evolve, I’ve also changed a few of my own opinions at times. And I think that’s why I like Allen’s post so much.

I like this one rule about show and tell because I’ve posted about it more than once.

Authors who follow this rule closely can write such murky stuff you never know what’s going on.

Is this really the best way to present a character? “He wore a helmet with a wide brim, longer in the back to protect the neck, big black boots, a protective coat, and overalls held up with red suspenders. He smelled of ashes and soot.”

Why not just tell us he’s a fire fighter? After three pages of these guessing games, the building has burned down and WE DO NOT CARE.

You can read the rest here. And I highly suggest reading them all. And this goes for those who might be considered critical book reviewers who often comment on writing rules and styles in book reviews. In other words, if you’re going to mention in a book review that the author shows and tells (or anything writing related) you should know the full meaning of how this works and that writers often balance show and tell on purpose, otherwise you’re going to look a little dumb and you won’t even know it…but other people will know.  
Gambian President Gay Hate

My first thought when I read this was that I’m glad I’ll never have to set foot in Gambia. But then I thought how awful it must be for LGBT people in Gambia to have a President who would actually give a Christmas speech and compare being gay to having a social cancer.

The president said homosexuality will ‘never be condoned’ and warned parents to steer children away from ‘alien cultures that could corrupt their minds at this stage of their moral and psychological development’.

Naturally, there are plenty of gay people in Gambia and they’re fighting for their rights. Homosexuality is a felony there and LGBT people can get up to 14 years in prison for being gay.

But it gets worse. This President, this sick idiot, wants to pass laws where it would be legal to behead gays.

You can read more here.

Duck Dynasty Saga; Vampire Diaries’ Gay Role; Gay 4 Pay Pornsters

Duck Dynasty Saga

I know this isn’t fresh news, but I thought I’d post about it anyway. Tony and I have been dealing with family things all week and I haven’t had much time to blog. In any event, creepy looking Duck Dynasty dude, Phil Robertson, is back on the show and this article analyzes a few possible reasons why he’s back after making some of the most hateful comments about LGBT people in recent history.

But what probably helped turn the tide in the Robertsons’ favor was that the debate wasn’t as clear-cut as the network and many in the media initially assumed. Robertson and his supporters argued that his anti-gay statements were an extension of his passion for the Bible. Once that frame gained a foothold — that this fight is about religion, and the freedom to endorse biblical teachings — A&E was stuck in the awkward position of appearing to advocate against both its own star and orthodox Christianity (ironic, considering A&E Networks garnered such goodwill from Christians for taking a chance on its The Bible mini-series on History this year).

Blah, Blah, Blah…

If you ask me it’s all a publicity stunt created to increase ratings in a dying medium: reality TV. We all know by now there is no such thing as reality TV. The good thing is that it’s all on record and it will be interesting to see how they ALL go down in history.

Read more here…  

Vampire Diaries’ Gay Role

In a more positive announcement, this next article says TV show Vampire Diaries will be getting a gay character.

A new hottie is enrolling at Whitmore after winter break! And he’ll be spending time with Caroline! Except he’s so not into her in that way as Luke, handsome and sarcastic, is gay. And also happens to have a sister on campus, one that he will do (or sacrifice) anything to protect.

You can read more here, and see the comments people left.

Gay 4 Pay Pornsters

I don’t think there’s a gay man alive who hasn’t wondered about this. Are male porn stars in gay adult films actually gay or are they really straight guys looking to show off a little and make a quick buck?

Before working at Next Door Studios I had heard of the term gay-for-pay, but I wasn’t really sure what all that label entailed. I, like many gay men, always had a fetish for straight men. The difference was my relationships with straight men didn’t involve money or the spotlight, but usually involved alcohol and some pretend sleeping. Most of these guys are married and have kids now and I was a part of their “experimental phase. ” A phase that they have moved on from and probably have not continued into their adult life.

I think the comment above is one many gay men can relate to. I can. And I never really “got” it either. But the article is interesting and you can read more here.

Reminds me a little of a new book I’m in with German publisher Bruno Gmunder, with a short story titled, Straight No More. You can read more about that here. It’s the kind of gay for you anthology that will leave a lot of people wondering how much is fact or fiction.

Don Weise’s Views; Victoria TX Kicks Gay Dancers Out

Don Weise’s Views 

Don Weise is a publisher/editor who has been working in LGBTI publishing for over twenty years. I’ve worked with him in the past, and he edited my novel, Fangsters, with I met him a while back when he was senior editor at Alyson Publications when Alyson bought the rights to An Officer and His Gentleman. I have never worked with a more gentle editor than Don. I know gentle might sound like an odd word to use, but it’s the best way to describe my experience with him. He’s also a very interesting man and through a series of e-mail exchanges I’ve learned a good deal about more than one topic. Huff Po recently did a great interview with Don where he talks about LGBT publishing, the changes we’ve seen, and what changes still might happen.

DW…I think that with publishing at the big houses becoming so blockbuster-oriented, it leaves little room for midlist titles which is what most LGBT books are. Relatively few will sell over twenty thousand copies. However, that leaves the field open for small presses, gay and otherwise, to bring out more LGBT literature. The readers are definitely there.

I recently had a conversation with an author and we were both saying the same thing. And both of us have done indie publishing, but we both still prefer working with small presses.

You can read the entire interview in full, here.

Victoria, TX Kicks Gay Dancers Out

In a Texas town I’ve never heard of…Victoria…a gay couple dancing together was allegedly kicked out of a “straight” nightclub.

A dance club for heterosexuals (yes, they exist!) in Victoria, Texas is being slammed this week after ousting a gay couple for dancing together during a country music song. The director of operations at Cactus Canyon claims he was trying to “maintain the peace,” though we’re pretty sure he was just jealous of the couple’s superior dance skills.
Full story here:

The owner of the club has since apologized and claims it was all a misunderstanding. ACLU of Texas has offered to assist the couple.

One of the reasons I set my Glendora Hill series in Texas Hill Country is because I know a lot of gay people who live there and I’ve never once heard them complain of discrimination…at least not any more than in any state in the US. Trust me, I have plenty of Pennsylvania discrimination stories from first hand experience. So I think this is an isolated incident, and one that could have happened anywhere in the US. It’s important to point those things out so people don’t misinterpret things.

You can read more here.

Beyonce’s Top; M/M Support for Authors; Dell Blocks Gay Web Sites

Beyoncé’s Top

After handing out more than thirty five thousand dollars in gift cards a few days ago to Wal-Mart customers, Beyoncé has done it again with a new video that surfaced and proven she cares about her fans deeply and that she’s at the top of her game. This time Beyonce made a dying teen’s wish come true at a concert.

Taylon, whose last name and age have not been released, is suffering from inoperable brain cancer and her dying wish was to dance with the mega-star.

After learning of her wish, The Philanthropy Program Partnerships made it happen and organised for the youngster to meet and dance with her idol.

You can read more here. You can watch the video there, too. In this case, you can tell when someone really cares. It’s just all over both of their expressions.

M/M Support for Authors

Here’s an update on M/M author, Eric Arvin, who is going through a serious health crisis right now, and at this moment (I think) undergoing brain surgery. I only have an overview of the medical issues and I don’t want to post anything inaccurate, so I won’t go into detail about them now. But his health issues are serious and I’ve been amazed to see how readers and other authors continue to support Arvin, and his partner, T.J. Klune.

I think most of us have gone through fairly serious health issues with family members, so we know. I’ve been through my share with Tony. And reading and seeing all the emotion and support for both Arvin and Klune has left me speechless more than once. It’s just mind blowing how people in this genre have reacted with so much love. And it really hits home for me because I know what Klune is going through right now. I’ve been there and it’s a strange place to be. To watch someone else go through it isn’t easy. You act and react on instinct and raw nerves. It’s like being in a long term state of shock and you focus on the most important things at hand and everything else seems to diminish. All of this is happening on social media. There’s also a fund set up to help offset medical costs, and all kinds of other things that happen during times like this.

It’s also a little strange for me to watch all this unfold because I don’t know Klune or Arvin very well. I’ve only noticed things on social media and how T.J. Klune seems to have an interesting way with people most authors don’t have. But in my recent release for a book I wrote months ago, Cowboy Christmas Miracle, one of the main characters in the story goes through a serious health crisis in fiction that’s a lot like what Arvin is going through right now in real life. I’d never done anything like that before in a book because I don’t like to go that deep with emotions too often. It’s not only draining to write about, but also tends to darken a romance if it’s not done with care. I gave my characters a happy ending, and I’m hoping the very same for Arvin and Klune.

And, another author I know, Jill Elaine Hughes, spent the holidays in the hospital with her infant. Jill is a seasoned writer who has been around for a long time and she’s written M/M romance and recently a few new adult novels. She’s also a great mom who balances a full time writing career and a family, and I think all moms will agree there’s probably nothing worse than seeing your child hospitalized. And I just wanted to mention her and offer some support, too.

Dell Blocks Gay Web Sites

This is interesting because I’ve seen this discussion over and over again…all my life. Even when something isn’t deemed adult content and is rated G, there are people who think ALL gay content is unsafe and harmful just because it is gay content. In other words, a web site could write and post about LGBT people who are deeply religious, and that content would still be considered not suitable for children.

And now Dell and other companies are feeding into that mindset:

Leading computer companies are helping anti-LGBTI people to block public access to ‘gay and lesbian’ websites – including vital services. The policy, including at Dell, has been condemned as ‘incredibly poor business sense’ and dangerous for vulnerable people.

But more interesting than that, two companies are known to support LGBT people in public and yet they are also supporting a product designed to filter out gay content altogether.

You can read the details here.

I have to think about this one for a while. If I could block and filter the Bristol Palin types of the world I wouldn’t mind them blocking and filtering me.

But that’s not how things work. The bigger picture here is that ALL LGBT content is considered porn in some places, by some people and no one’s blocking the Bristol Palin types. I’ve seen it with books and the way books are sold and categorized. A perfectly harmless little love story with no sex at all could be classified as porn just because of gay content.

FREE Gay Xmas Read Continued…

Here’s the free excerpt, continued from google blogger, with adult only material.


This was the first time they’d discussed financial matters and Nathan was curious. He knew Lance was a state policeman in Baltimore, but he had no idea Lance had problems with money. Up until then, they’d spent the majority of their time together either in bed or getting reacquainted with each other. Nathan didn’t want to probe too hard and he didn’t want Lance to think he was being nosey, so he just quirked his eyebrows and said, “At least you have a paycheck you can depend on. Business has been so bad at the shop I’ve had to start dipping into my savings.”

The TV personality began another recipe and told the viewers they had to use the best chocolate money can buy for these particular chocolate cookies. When she grimaced at less expensive brands of chocolate, Lance took the remote control from Nathan’s hand and switched the channel to Tyler Florence’s cooking show. Nathan didn’t mind. The passively aggressive obnoxious woman was getting on his nerves, too. Nathan had actually tried this particular cookie recipe out and it hadn’t been accurate. He’d followed the recipe to the last ounce of very expensive chocolate and the cookies had turned out dry and cracked around the edges. He’d thrown them all away and started from scratch. He’d revised the recipe by adding less flour, an extra egg, and a cheaper brand of chocolate. And his version of the recipe had turned out perfectly.

“My paycheck isn’t what it used to be,” Lance said. “My divorce wasn’t exactly amicable in the beginning. My ex-wife wasn’t mad at me when I told her I was gay. But the poor woman went through a crisis of her own, ran up the credit cards, and accumulated a lot of debt. We’re still on good terms, but financially it was a mess. And I’m sending alimony and child support to Florida for my ex-wife and my daughter. Not to mention the insurance policy the courts made me get just for alimony in case anything happens to me. We sold the house for much less than it was worth, thanks to this real estate market. We had a small savings, but when it was divided up it didn’t amount to much. And now I’m barely living paycheck to paycheck, working to pay off all the credit cards, pay them support, and pay my own living expenses. I never thought I’d be renting an apartment on St. Paul Street instead of owning a home.” He pulled Lance closer to his side and kissed the top of his head. He took a deep breath and sighed. “I refused to declare bankruptcy. It just goes against my basic principles in life. I’d rather make sacrifices, maintain my credit, and pay off the debts one by one.”

Nathan sighed. “I admire that,” he said. “I also admire that you pay your child support on time. Things will get better, I’m sure. We just have to keep moving forward until they do.”

As he said this, the images on television went completely green. Poor Tyler Florence’s extra large bracioli looked more like a large cucumber than a thick piece of rolled, stuffed meat.

“What happened?” Lance asked, tilting his head sideways at the TV.

“Sometimes the whole screen just goes green on me,” Nathan said, shrugging his shoulders. “I think it gets overheated.” He switched the TV off and climbed up on Lance’s lap. He straddled Lance’s waist and put his arms around Lance’s shoulders. When his back was arched and his ass was pressed to Lance’s crotch, he kissed Lance on the mouth and said, “At least this doesn’t cost anything. Make love to me again.”

Lance reached down and pulled the back of Nathan’s briefs down. He set his palms on the bottom of Nathan’s ass and slapped it gently. “I just fucked you two hours ago,” he said, squeezing Nathan’s ass with his fingertips. “You won’t be able to walk later.”

They’d both recently had HIV tests and both had been declared negative. They’d promised to be monogamous and there was no need for condoms anymore; just like straight couples. And when Lance started entering Nathan raw, Nathan couldn’t seem to get enough of Lance. So Nathan sat back and removed his briefs. Then he straddled Lance’s hips again, kissed him on the mouth, and rotated his ass slowly. “It feels like two years instead of two hours,” he said. “Just once more, please. I don’t care if I wind up walking funny.”

By that time, Lance had a full erection. “You have to do all the work,” Lance said. “I just want to lay back and watch you ride me this time. I don’t want to move a muscle.”

Nathan hadn’t showered yet. He was already pre-lubed from the pounding Lance had given him two hours earlier. So he reached around, grabbed Lance’s dick, and inserted it into his body. He sat all the way back and sighed. Then he smiled at Lance and said, “You’re going to like this.” He tightened his sphincter muscle and started moving up and down. “Just close your eyes and relax every muscle.” When his body went up, he pressed his palms against Lance’s firm, defined abdomen and started riding so fast the bed began to squeak.


Chapter Two


On a cool Saturday in early November, Lance asked Nathan if he wanted to go golfing. Halloween had passed and the feel of the holiday season was in the air. Though Nathan hadn’t played golf in years, he put on his beige slacks, his white polo shirt, and his cross-training shoes and said yes. He didn’t love golf the same way Lance did, but he loved spending time with Lance. And with business the way it was, he had plenty time to spare these days.

In August, Nathan had begun to open the video store around three in the afternoon instead of noon on weekends. By October he didn’t see the need to open before five in the evening. And by November he decided he was closing the video shop for good in January and opening another business in the same location. And with the same mind-set with which he’d opened the video store…a business the community of Martha Falls could use…this time he was opening a cookie shop, with a retail section where he’d be selling all kinds of baking supplies. He owned the property; he lived upstairs; he couldn’t just pick up and leave. So he decided to do something he’d always wanted to do.

He posted Going Out of Business signs in front of the shop and started selling off old videos, DVD’s, and CD’s at very reasonable prices. So far, everyone in the community was looking forward to the change. People told him how happy they were to see he wasn’t leaving the business community of Martha Falls. People who loved to bake stopped in, looked around, and rubbed their palms together in anticipation of the new baking supply shop. The people who worked in the surrounding shops were hoping Nathan’s cookie shop would draw a lot more people into the business community. Though Nathan warned Lance money would be tight for a while and they wouldn’t be going out for any expensive dinners because he’d taken out a huge loan to finance the new business, Lance gave him a hug and a kiss and told him he’d be there to support him any way he could.

So going golfing with Lance was a novelty for Nathan. And this wasn’t just because he hadn’t played golf in ages. Once the new business got under way in January, Nathan new he’d be working seven days a week until he could find employees he could depend on to give him a break.

When Nathan and Lance arrived at the country club, they didn’t turn any heads or cause any whispers because they were together. They were a couple of nice-looking guys in casual clothes out for a day of golf. Though they wouldn’t have held hands and kissed each other in public anywhere, especially not in Martha Falls, they weren’t self-conscious about being seen together either. And since Nathan and Lance had begun their relationship, Nathan seemed more animated than he’d ever been in his life. He didn’t care what people thought anymore. When people spoke to him, he looked into their eyes instead of looking down at his shoes. He lost the thick black eyeglasses and got contact lenses. He stopped wearing so much plaid and flannel and started wearing more fitted, solid shirts. Even his posture seemed to improve. He didn’t slump forward like a human comma. He walked with his chin up and his shoulders squared as if ready for any challenge that came his way.  

 Only he wasn’t ready for the challenge of playing golf with Lance. Nathan had imagined them sauntering up and down the golf course, talking and laughing and joking like they usually did whenever they were out together. But it turned out Lance was one of those serious golfers who barely said two words. He prepared his stance, eyed the distance, and frowned with such intensity it looked painful. If Nathan so much as exhaled while Lance was preparing to hit the little white ball, Lance sent him a glare.

So no one would have been surprised when they saw Nathan reach for Lance’s putter and gasp. He pulled it out of the bag, gaped at it, and pressed his palm to his mouth. At a glance, it resembled any other putter. But when he held it out in front of him there was a noticeable bend in the rod. In order for Lance to use it, he had to twist his body in a sideways turn, tilt his head in a peculiar slant, and bite his bottom lip the entire time.

Nathan didn’t say anything until Lance was finished taking the shot. He wasn’t even sure whether or not it was called a shot. He hadn’t played golf in so long he’d lost track of the jargon. “Isn’t that putter thing crooked?” he asked. “I don’t know much about golf or putters, but it just doesn’t look right to me.”

Lance smiled and picked up the ball. “I accidentally backed over it with my car a couple of months ago,” he said.

“I see.”

“It’s my lucky putter,” Lance said. “And to replace it would cost a small fortune. I believe in buying the best golf clubs. The putter was one of those things I really couldn’t afford when I bought it, but just had to have it.” He slapped Nathan on the back and laughed. “And now it’s one of those sacrifices I told you about. With all my bills and expenses right now, not to mention a kid to support, I just can’t afford to get another one.”

“But you love golf so much,” Nathan said. He was bored to death. He knew he’d probably pass the next time Lance asked him to play. But the thought of Lance playing golf with that gnarled putter caused a pull in his stomach. 

Lance shrugged. “I’ll live. You do what you have to do in life,” he said, with the same pragmatic tone Nathan had always admired.

Nathan decided to let the subject go. He could see by the way Lance’s lips turned down and the way his tone dropped talking about the broken putter made him uncomfortable. When it was Nathan’s turn to use the putter, he made a few jokes about what a bad golfer he was. He boosted Lance’s ego and tried to make him look like the greatest golfer in the world. And in order to make Lance feel even better, he did something slightly unexpected to take Lance’s mind off the bent putter and the entire tired golf game.

When they reached a section of the golf course that bordered a heavily wooded area, Nathan walked up to Lance and caressed his forearm. Lance had those strong, thick forearms covered with dark hair and hands the size of Frisbees. All Nathan had to do was touch Lance’s forearm with the tip of his index finger and his pants tightened. He looked back and forth to make sure no one was watching them and he lowered his hand to Lance’s crotch. “Do you remember what I once did to you in high school in that wooded section that was beyond the football field?”

Lance smiled. “How could I forget? You were brutal that day. It’s the one time in my life when I literally thought my heart stopped. And I was only eighteen.”

In high school, Nathan and Lance had maintained a secret relationship that lasted their entire senior year. It was a Catholic high school in a small town and they didn’t have many options. At the time, Lance hadn’t been sure about his sexuality and he’d been dating a cheerleader. And Nathan had only cared about getting down on his knees and pulling Lance’s zipper down in dark places. Once, they’d both been so horny they’d gone into the woods during a football game. While the cheerleaders cheered and the football players pounced on each other, Nathan pulled Lance’s dick out of his athletic cup and blew him in the woods.

“I got you back in time to finish playing the game,” Nathan said, licking his lips. “And, you scored a goal and won the game.”

Lance laughed. “A touchdown.”

Nathan shrugged. He cared as much about football terms as he did golf terms.

Lance smiled. “You were a bad boy in high school. But you were very inspiring, I have to say.”

“You were just as bad as I was,” Nathan said. Sometimes he wondered how they’d made it through school without getting expelled. If anyone had caught Nathan blowing Lance in the woods, or the locker room, or under the bleachers, especially Sister Mary…nick named Sister Unforgiving…they would have been kicked out of school and banished from the church before Lance’s dick had a chance to go flaccid in Nathan’s mouth.

Lance reached for a golf club and laughed. “We certainly were very young.”

But Nathan reached for Lance’s dick and tipped his head to the right. “Let’s go into the woods right now. We’re not old. We’re barely twenty nine.”

Lance’s head went up and his eyes widened. He looked around and said, “We could get caught. It’s wrong. And this time we’d get arrested. I can just see the headline now: ‘Maryland State Policeman Charged with Lewd Conduct.’”

Nathan frowned for a second. Then he leaned into Lance’s side and whispered into his ear. “It will only take a few minutes. All you have to do is pull out your big dick and stand there. I’ll do everything else.”

These were almost the same exact words he’d said to Lance back in high school during that infamous football game. Only he’d left the most important part out. Lance had been sitting on the bench watching the football game and Nathan had gone over to him and leaned into his side. At first Lance had refused the offer. He was afraid of getting into trouble and said they’d get together later that night. But when Nathan had smiled and whispered, “If you let me blow you in the woods right now, I’ll swallow,” Lance literally jumped off the bench and ran into the woods. Up until then, Nathan had never swallowed Lance’s come. Lance had always pulled out of Nathan’s mouth just before he came and jerked off on Nathan’s face. At the time, Lance had been begging Nathan to swallow and Nathan had been putting it off.

Lance gazed down at the bag of golf clubs and rubbed his jaw. “Will you swallow?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I’ll go into the woods alone,” Lance said, putting the golf club back into the bag. “And you wait a minute to be sure no one’s watching us. We can’t drag this out.”

Nathan licked his lips and smiled. “I know what I’m doing.” Nathan could suck the sausage from the casing in minutes without a hint of damage.

“I’m already hard,” Lance said, as he turned and loped into the woods.

A moment or two after that, Nathan crossed into the woods, stepping over branches and rocks. The leaves crunched beneath his shoes, the sunlight disappeared and he couldn’t see his shadow anymore. When he saw Lance standing between a tall oak and a sparse pine, with his pants down to his knees, holding his erection, he unfastened his own pants, walked up to where Lance was standing, and went down on his knees in a pile of leaves.

Without wasting a minute, he wrapped his lips around Lance’s dick and started sucking. The vertical hollows in his cheeks indented and his lips protruded. He placed one hand at the base of Lance’s dick so he could suck and jack at the same time, and the other on his own dick so he could come, too. He knew he had to work fast. Though the element of danger involved in this public cock sucking caused his heart to race with delight, he didn’t want to get caught and thrown out of the country club.

He jacked and sucked Lance with a quick, even rhythm. With his tongue pressed to the bottom of Lance’s shaft and his lips pressed to his own fist, his head moved back and forth so fast he had to close his eyes so he wouldn’t get dizzy. They hadn’t had sex that morning and Nathan knew it wouldn’t take long to get Lance off. All he had to do was maintain an even rhythm and suck until Lance started to moan.

In no time at all, just like high school, Lance grabbed the back of his head and started to moan softly. A squirrel jumped from one tree to another. A horn honked back at the club house. A second after that, Lance blasted Nathan’s mouth with a load so intense Nathan felt it hit the back of his throat. And as Nathan continued to suck, he jacked his own load into a pile of dried oak leaves.

As usual, Lance had to grab the back of Nathan’s head to get him to stop sucking. When Lance’s dick was in his mouth, he had a tendency to lose track of everything. “Come up for air, man,” Lance said, laughing. “I don’t want you to hyperventilate or choke to death.”

Nathan released his dick and sighed. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with the side of his hand. Then he stood and helped Lance pull up his pants. Of all the things in his life that had surprised him the most, meeting up with Lance on Christmas Eve had been the biggest. Though Nathan didn’t know many other gay men, he had a feeling he was one of the lucky ones. “I’m just fine,” Nathan said, pulling up his own pants. “Besides, I can’t think of a better way to go than choking to death on your big dick.” He wasn’t joking either.  

Lance smiled and kissed him on the lips. “That was nice,” he said. Then he put his arms around Nathan and kissed him on the cheek. “You’re not really into golf, are you?”

Nathan’s head went up. Had he been that transparent?

“It’s cool,” Lance said. “I don’t mind. We don’t have to finish the game.”

Nathan shrugged and smiled. “I’m not very good at it.”

Lance patted his ass. “That’s okay. You’re very good at other things.”

“You sure you don’t mind? I should get back to the shop and start going through Christmas decorations this afternoon. In order to spark business in this awful economy, the chamber of commerce is asking all the shops to decorate their stores for Christmas, by Thanksgiving.” For the first time since he’d opened his shop, Nathan was looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. Now that he was with Lance he couldn’t wait to string the lights and hang the wreaths. “You can take a nap and we can order a pizza or something for dinner later. After that, we can either watch TV or I can put on those black leather studded wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs you like so much and you can fuck me outside on the deck.”

Lance gave him a hard slap on the ass and his body jerked forward. “I’ll race you to the golf cart,” Lance said.

Nathan smiled as he watched Lance jog back to the golf course, whistling Silent Night. When he saw the way the muscles in Lance’s back moved and the way his long athletic legs barely seemed to hit the ground, he pressed his palm to his throat and took a quick breath. For the first time in more years than he could recall, he was actually looking forward to the holiday season instead of dreading it. Though the discounted promotional offer from the cable TV company had expired and he barely had enough money to cover the full monthly payments now, he had a warm, light feeling that wouldn’t go away.

Straight No More; FREE Gay Xmas Read; Charlie Sheen Ducky Dynasty

Straight No More

It’s nice to open the mailbox on Christmas Eve morning and find an author copy of a book you weren’t thinking about. And that’s what happened this morning when I found a print copy of a new release with German publisher Bruno Gmunder titled, Straight No More. This book kind of has a “gay for you feel,” and as we all know in real life these things can and do happen all the time. My story is titled Things His Wife Never Did. The book was edited by Winston Gieseke.

You can read more here at Amazon.  This book is available in both print and e-book.

FREE Gay Xmas Read

In 2010 I wrote a 20,000 word novella titled, The Christmas Gift, that was included in a holiday book titled, Well Hung By the Chimney. I haven’t posted any long excerpts, and not even a short one since 2010, so I decided to put a long excerpt up now because I probably won’t be blogging tomorrow. As I’ve done in the past, I’ll put part of the excerpt up here on Google blogger, and I’ll add a link at the end where you can read the rest of it in full on my other web site. Here’s the Amazon link.

Please remember this is the raw version before edits (because it works with Google blogger) and there may be a few errors that eventually went to copy edits and were revised in the final book. But I actually like putting them up this way to show readers how the process goes. I also had to self-censor a few things here. I replaced “certain” words with the word elbow in parenthesis.

When Nathan discovered Lance was an avid golfer, he wasn’t surprised. Back in high school Lance had been one of those all around jock types, always running to football practice, baseball practice, or basketball practice, with a gym bag in his hand and a deep, intense look in his eyes. If Nathan remembered correctly, Lance was even on the track team four years in a row. And he hadn’t changed much in ten years. He still had that fresh watery smell that comes from showering in locker rooms and dressing fast without being fully dry. He still towel dried his thick black hair and let it fall into place on its own without too much fussing around. And he still went the entire weekend with black stubble on his face.

But for some reason, Lance did seem surprised when he discovered Nathan had a premium cable television package and still used his mother’s fifteen year old cast off television in the bedroom and a twenty year old RCA in the living room. Lance just gaped at the old televisions and shook his head without commenting.

In a time when most people had switched to digital flat screens, Nathan continued to make due with the old televisions in spite of their broken speakers and off color tones. When Lance asked him about the TV in the bedroom, Nathan said he didn’t believe in buying new appliances when the old ones were still good. And if a television was in working condition, there was no need to buy new just for the sake of it.

“You’re missing all your favorite cooking shows in digital,” Lance said. Nathan was obsessed with cooking shows, especially baking themed shows.

The day Lance mentioned this TV business they were still in bed, a Sunday afternoon in March. Lance was naked and his slightly hairy, muscular legs were wide open and Nathan was only wearing a pair of black boxer briefs. Lance had one arm around Nathan’s shoulders and one leg across Nathan’s legs. Nathan was leaning into Lance’s chest with the remote control in one hand and Lance’s (elbow) in the other.

“I don’t mind,” Nathan said, never one to count his short-comings. Besides, life was too good to complain. Lance had just (elbowed) him and they were watching that prim and proper TV personality make Christmas cookies. They’d been seeing each other every weekend since they’d met up again on Christmas Eve three months earlier. Lance usually drove down to Martha Falls from Baltimore because Nathan had to keep the video store open on weekends. Lance didn’t seem to mind the hour drive either. He said it was nice to get out of the city to a quieter place.

Lance caressed Nathan’s shoulder and spread his legs a little wider so Nathan could rub the tender spot beneath his (elbow). “I just don’t get it. Why did you bother ordering a premium digital package with these old televisions?”

“I got this fantastic promotional offer for six months from the cable people, and I have good intentions,” Nathan said. “And, these old things can’t last forever. When they die, I’ll get a new flat screen. Besides, I don’t’ want to waste any money right now in this economy. The store isn’t doing well at all and I’m going to have to figure out what to do next with my life.” Then he repositioned his body and squeezed Lance’s (elbow). It was soft now, but still thick and meaty in his palm.

Nathan’s video store had been slowly declining for a long time. People were renting their movies right from their televisions, downloading them from their computers, and joining those Internet video web sites. And Nathan’s little store just couldn’t compete anymore. Oh, he’d seen it coming for a while, but he’d never expected it to get this bad. For some reason he’d been hoping all the new technology would pass Martha Falls by. But he was lucky now if two or three people rented movies on a Saturday night.

“I hear you,” Lance said, frowning while TV personality rolled little balls of chocolate dough, boasting about the extravagant kitchen in her Maine mansion. Lance scowled at the TV screen and said, “I have a friends in real estate who haven’t sold a house in over a year, I have friends in Florida who can’t pay their mortgages, and I’m barely making ends meet since my divorce. And things don’t seem to be getting better.”

Read More Here @

Charlie Sheen Duck Dynasty

Ever since reality TV personality, Phil Robertson, made his anti-gay slurs public, there’s been a firestorm from all sides. I’ve posted about it all here, and I’ve even linked to an objective web site that talks about free speech, here. And now actor Charlie Sheen is coming to the defense of the LGBT community, and Sheen makes strong references to Robertson’s offensive comments in a way that I think most LGBT people took those comments. They weren’t just about free speech and not supporting the LGBT community. Robertson’s comments were some of the most vituperative slurs I’ve ever heard.

Angered by recent comments by Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson likening homosexuality to bestiality, Charlie Sheen has taken to Twitter to launch a blistering attack on the show’s patriarch. ‘You have offended and hurt so many dear friends of mine, who DO NOT have the voice or the outreach that I do,’ Sheen posted yesterday.

That last comment says a lot. Most of the people offended don’t have the outreach Sheen has and it’s just amazing to see Sheen use his power this way. I know he’s straight, but I always found him attractive in many ways. Even more so now, and I’m not just talking about his looks.

You can read more here.

Side Note about Duck Dynasty: Maybe my conspiracy concerns are working overtime, but I can’t help wonder if all this gay hate with Duck Dynasty isn’t a huge publicity stunt in order to improve ratings and gain more of a following. Of course I could be wrong about this, but photos are already surfacing of Phil Robertson and his other cast members that date back to before their Duck Dynasty days. Could they all be fakes? Should they be vetted more thoroughly now. They didn’t have the beards or long hair before the show. One bleached his hair on top. In fact, they look just like everyone else. And all this brings up a few interesting questions about authenticity, ethics, and morality on their part. Do we really believe there is such a thing as reality TV? Do we really believe Duck Dynasty wasn’t a planned, staged commercial venture meant to exploit others? And do we really believe that the people connected with Duck Dynasty would have found any fame or fortune if they had remained the way they were? I’ve had more than a few e-mails from southerners telling me how offended they are by Duck Dynasty because they feel it promotes the worst stereotypes. If there is anything beneath the surface to expose about Duck Dynasty, maybe we should be digging a little deeper instead of only concentrating on the gay slurs made by Phil Robertson.

It actually would be hard to call a boycott on Duck Dynasty because most LGBT people wouldn’t bother watching it anyway.

Gay QVC Proposal; Duck Dynasty & Gay Porn; Slutty Little Xmas

Gay QVC Proposal

I remember when QVC started to gain in popularity about twenty years ago. Once in a while I would hear something or see something and I’d wind up staring at the TV while someone went through more than one hundred ways to use a scarf. And even though we don’t watch much TV anymore, to this day I can still sit and watch QVC until Tony screams for me to change the channel. I was, proudly, one of the original Kathy Levine and Jeff Hewson groupies of the 1990’s. It states here that Jeff had a stroke in 2010, but oddly, that’s all I could find…for the time being. In any event…this is what happened on QVC recently with a gay marriage proposal:

British QVC salesman Will Gowing got quite a surprise over the weekend when his boyfriend asked him to marry him on the air.

Gowing didn’t realize what was happening when a text message popped up on the teleprompter. The other host, Alison Young, asked him to read it. The text was a marriage proposal from Gowing’s boyfriend of over nine years, Steven.

The only drawback to when I had my book, Loving Daylight, sold as a group of Romance novels on HSN a few years ago was that the books were sold on HSN, not QVC. I would have loved to see them on QVC, too.

From GalleyCat: September, 2009

Today, at 8:30 A.M. and 4:30 P.M. (Eastern/Pacific), the Home Shopping Network will welcome Holly Schmidt, the president and founder of the digital publishing house Ravenous Romance, who’ll be bringing the company’s first printed products with her: three sets of six books in the contemporary, historical, and paranormal genres plus a fourth sampler set containing two of each.

At the time I kept that toned down because I was using a pen name, Malia Sutton, and this was a hetero novel with a pg rating. It’s the only novel I ever wrote with that pen name and I started talking about it about a year ago. This is the novel that I wrote in three weeks, and it’s one of the books I look back on with the most fondness, to date.

Duck Dynasty/Gay Porn

In one of the most ironic, amusing twists I’ve seen in a long time, it now seems reality show, Duck Dynasty, has ties to gay porn through the creator of the show, Scott Gurney. For those who don’t know, Duck Dynasty star, Phil Robertson, made gay hate speech last week and I’ve been posting about it here. Scott Gurney, creator of Duck Dynasty, starred in a well-known gay film about the adult entertainment industry that millions of young gay men at the time worshipped.

Gurney starred as a gay-for-pay porn star and meth addict who comes under the obsessive gaze of a male film student turned the titular on-set “fluffer.” For those who may not be aware, a fluffer has the (un)enviable job of “prepping” the porn star before a scene. It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it. Preferably somebody without a gag reflex.
Full story here:

The Fluffer is actually one of my all time classic favorites. You can read more about Scott Gurney here.

I wonder what poor Bristol Palin’s thinking now. Ugh!

You can read even more at Buzzfeed. Andy Zeffer, co-star in The Fluffer contacted the author at Buzzfeed and added more to the story. Evidently, Scott Gurney is straight and not comfortable around gay people, but he didn’t mind taking the lead role in a gay film. It doesn’t get richer than that. Zeffer’s comments about how insulting/homophobic Gurney was to him at the time are worth reading at the link above.

Slutty Little Xmas

I would imagine most people have already begun their holiday, so I thought I’d keep the posts lighter and of a more festive nature, so to speak. And this link to several GIFs are entertaining in a slutty little Xmas way. Or maybe not. I guess it depends on who you are.

In any event, here’s the link.