8 Companies Don’t Support Gays; Eminem’s Gay Slurs

8 Companies Don’t Support Gays

I honestly don’t know much about this, other than what I’ve read and posted about Barilla, but according to this article there are 8 other companies that don’t support gay rights. A few like Chick-fil-a won’t surprise you, but several others will.

I stopped eating Domino’s in college when a good friend informed me that they gave money to anti-choice groups. But their pizza isn’t good, so it’s not like I was really giving up anything awesome. However, in addition to not supporting a woman’s right to choose, Domino’s is also not exactly gay-friendly.

Although the company VP of Communications, Tim McIntyre, has been vocal about the fact that the company not only accepts, but welcomes diversity and that they offer benefits to all married couples, both same-sex and otherwise, the chain’s founder doesn’t have the same thinking.]

I’ve never had Domino’s Pizza, so I don’t know what I’m missing. I wonder if the same could be said about the chain’s founder with regard to having a gay experience.

You can read more here.

Eminem’s Gay Slurs

From what I’ve heard, rap music revolves around a certain type of sub-culture…or mindset…that has nothing to do with race, religion, or what we normally think about when something politically correct comes up. In other words, I’ve heard African American rappers defend the use of the “N” word more than once, and they don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing. A good deal of rap music is offensive to many people, not just gays.

And now there’s new release out by Eminem that allegedly contains slurs against gays. I haven’t heard it yet so I can’t comment on it. But this article goes into more detail.

More than six minutes long and chockfull of lightning-fast braggadocio, “Rap God” — off the upcoming album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” — includes Eminem boasting in the first verse about how he’d like to “break a motherf—-r’s table over the back of a couple faggots and crack it in half.” Later on in the second verse, the rapper includes the following description in a long riff on different kinds of “boys”:

You can read samples of the lyrics at the link above.

I have to be honest here, in spite of the fact that I would never use words or phrases like this, I think Eminem has every right to do what he wants to do and I have the right to either choose to listen to him, or not to listen to him. I feel especially strong about this in light of the recent Amazon book bans, where Amazon has taken it upon itself to judge not only freedom of speech, but also what we should or should not read. And I’d like to know how a company can grow so powerful that they have the ability to challenge the basics of the US Constitution, and at the same time blatantly challenge FTC regulations with fake book reviews. More to follow in another post.

But if Eminem wants to offend gays he should be able to. Just like I have the right to freedom of speech to tell Eminem to go fuck himself.

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  1. I listed to his single and it contained his usual stuff, just more of it. He is extremely talented, AND extremely offensive to everyone, and has been for years. I can't think of a song of his that DOESN'T talk about him doing some sort of violence toward women, as well as to all kinds of other groups of people.The reason I listened to any of his songs at all is because I was on a mission to hear every one of the Rolling Stones' Top 500 Songs list. There were quite a few of Eminem's songs on there. It's a diverse list.I completely agree with you. I cherish his right to be a big jerk, and I cherish my right to not listen to him.

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