Did Rock Hudson Bed James Dean? Putin And Nobel Peace Prize

Did Rock Hudson Bed James Dean?

In another Hollywood tale of hidden gay romance, an actress who knew both Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson is claiming that Taylor and Hudson made a bet while filming the movie, Giant, about which of them would get James Dean into bed first. According to this actress, Hudson won.

“I had an idea Rock would win but Elizabeth wasn’t so sure. James was troubled but gorgeous,” said Ms Nash, according to the Daily Express.

She reports that Ms Taylor lost her bet just days into the filming of Giant in 1955.

Reports like this about James Dean have been going around for years, and no one will ever know whether or not they are true. But I’ve always found it interesting that so many so-called straight men in Hollywood hid their sexuality so well. Some still do it for the same pragmatic reasons. But what bothers me is that whenever this is mentioned certain fans always go on the attack is if there’s something inherently wrong with being gay. In other words, they wouldn’t find an issue if there were rumors about whether Dean had slept with Taylor, but they go berserk if it’s even suggested that he slept with Hudson…or any other man.

That’s called shame. That’s the thing that has to disappear.

You can read more here.

Putin and Nobel Peace Prize

When I read about Vladimir Putin, President of Russia and anti-gay world leader, being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize I had to double and triple check a few sources to make sure I wasn’t getting a false story. But the first place I read it turned out to be right.

It stated: “Being the leader of one of the leading nations of the world, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin makes efforts to maintain peace and tranquillity not only on the territory of his own country but also actively promotes settlement of all conflicts arising on the planet.”

And then I read where they are comparing President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize to Putin’s nomination.

While announcing the nomination during a press conference in Moscow, group officials said Mr. Putin deserved the Peace Prize much more than President Obama, who won the recognition in 2009.

If you read more about the award, it’s always been the subject of controversy.


  1. I'm a huge, huge James Dean fan. I can see him being gay or bisexual. Either way, he was gorgeous, as were Hudson and Taylor. As you said, we'll never know, but I would say, either were lucky to win the bet. 🙂 Now to go read more on Putin…..

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