You’d Better Change Your Twitter Photo Header

If you have a Twitter account and you like it to look a certain way, you’d better get there tonight. Because according to this article Twitter will change it for you by December the 12th and you’re not going to like the way it looks.

“Twitter started rolling out its Facebook-a-like header photos to profiles back in September, and users who haven’t yet implemented this new functionality have until tomorrow (December 12th) to upload a suitable image. Otherwise, Twitter is going to force the change upon you, and you’ll be left with a default grey box. This isn’t permanent – you can change your header photo at any time. But, as Twitter says, the grey background isn’t exactly fun.”

I actually do care about these things. I know some don’t. But I think it’s a reflection of the way you manage all social media…especially if you’re an author and other people are looking at your accounts all the time. And even though Twitter can be difficult when it comes to attracting followers…unless you pay some shifty company to get them for you…the followers will come eventually. You just have to be realistic about it. If you’re E.L. James and you’ve sold millions of books you’ll have more followers. If you’re Betty Jane Author and you’ve sold thousands of books you’ll have less.

I think most of the world doesn’t have twitter, nor do they care about Twitter unless they have a specific reason to be there. I doubt most of my discreet readership deals with Twitter. I’m the only one in my entire circle of friends and family who uses it. And I only do it for work and to get information that might be interesting to blog about. But I still don’t want Twitter giving me a header with an ugly gray background.

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